Proper Manners, Customs, and Culture in the United State, Part II

美国的文化、习惯和礼貌 之二

餐 桌 礼 仪

现在列出一些与美国人一起用餐时的建议。这些建议无论对在家里用餐或者在餐厅用餐都是有用的。如果你刚来到美国,就遇到美国人请你到家里晚宴,一个比较礼貌 的做法是带一瓶葡萄酒,或者一盒巧克力,或者你从国内带来的一个小礼品,给请你晚宴的主人。这样的小礼品不必昂贵,只要表达一些意思就好。美国人都对礼品 的意义看得比礼品的价格重得多。


Table Manners

Here are some suggestions about dining with Americans. These will be true whether you are eating with them in their home or at a restaurant. If you are invited to an American’s home for dinner it is polite to bring a wine, a box of chocolates, or something from your country as a gift for your host. It does not need to be expensive. Americans appreciate the thought of the gift more than the price tag.