Hymns and Praises


What is a hymn? 什么是聖诗






A hymn is generally described as prayer or praise to God, set to choral music, with beautiful lyrics and a harmonistic melody, in stanzas, and meant to be sung by a congregation. In this sense, the hymn is a blueprint for most Western music. Most popular songs have verses and a chorus, sung with a defined melody line. They take this directly from the hymn form, although not every hymn has a chorus.

The hymn found its origin in Jewish worship as Psalms were sung in the Temple and synagogues. After the Renaissance, the number of hymns increased dramatically. Some famous composers made a number of wonderful works which are still very popular nowadays. Some have become popular among non-Christians, too.

From the end of the last century, because of the influence of rock-and-roll, some new Christian songs have been composed. Some publishers also took the occasion to put out new song books. Anyhow, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is proclaimed.

Because of copyright laws, we can't provide any hymns or praise sheet music online. However, we are going to share the music we made and the songs that our volunteers sang with you.