'Holding Down the Fort' is a Big Job

“Holding Down the Fort”意思是一项重要的工作



如果有人让你hold down the fort,那么你需要在那个地方负责,当管理者不在时,你要负责那个地方。换句话说,你负责!你是首领!

例如,有一次我和一个朋友在我家准备聚会。但是我接到我哥哥的紧急电话,他需要搭车。所以我的朋友在家里hold down the fort,欢迎聚会的客人,而我去帮助我哥哥。

有时我们只说hold the fort。这也意味着留下来照顾事情。再次强调,无论谁hold down the fort都是指负责的。他们对所发生的事情负责,并可能对他人的安全负责。


玛丽昂是这个团体中最负责的人。所以我们让她留在家里hold down the fort。


在美国肯塔基州,有一个著名的堡垒 - Knox堡垒。Fort Knox是一个在美国得到保护的地方。为什么需要得到保护?因为Fort Knox是一个保存了很多黄金的地方。

不用多说,它一定是受到了严密的保护。因此,当我们想描述一个很难进入的地方时,我们可以将其与Fort Knox相比较。像Fort Knox这样的地方通常是因为被锁上或受到严密保护而无法进入。我们也可以说一个地方像Fort Knox一样安全。


A: 嗨,山姆!你来我这里有什么事情?

B: 嗯,Maxine在家里看守("hold down the fort"),所以我想过来看看你是否想一起出去玩。

A: 当然!我们在附近散步怎么样?我今天一整天都坐着,想走走。

B: 好的,那我们走过街角的那个建筑工地吧。

A: 他们已经在那个房子上工作几个月了,我很好奇他们的装修。

B: 或许我们可以偷偷溜进去通过里面的窗户看看。

A: 那是个非常糟糕的主意。这个房产被锁得比福特诺克斯还要严密,并且可能安装了很多安保摄像头。如果你溜进去……你就自食其果了。

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fortified – adj. 加固的,使更安全的

barrier – n. 阻碍物,障碍物

inaccessible – adj. 不可进入的,难以到达的

construction – n. 建筑物,结构物

renovate – v. 修复,翻新,重建;renovation – n. 翻新,修缮


A fort is a place of protection. It is a fortified structure with strong walls and doors, complex locks, barriers, and other security features. It is used as a defense. It is a place often protected by soldiers and occupied by officials. Someone always is in charge or responsible for a fort.

And that is where our expression comes in.

If someone asked you to hold down the fort, you are responsible for a place while those who supervise it are away. In other words, you are in charge! You are the chief!

For example, once a friend and I were at my house preparing for a party. But then I got an emergency call from my brother who needed a ride. So, my friend held down the fort at home and welcomed party guests while I helped my brother.

Sometimes we just say hold the fort. This also means staying behind to take care of things. Again, whoever is holding the fort is in charge. They are responsible for what happens. And they may be responsible for the safety of others.

For example:

Marion is the most responsible of the group. So we left her at the house to hold the fort.

There is another way we use the word “fort” in an expression.

In the American state of Kentucky, there is a famous fort – Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a protected place in the United States. Why is it protected? Fort Knox is a place where lots of gold is kept.

Needless to say, it is heavily guarded. So, when we want to describe a place that is hard to get into, we can compare it to Fort Knox. A place that is like Fort Knox is inaccessible usually because it is locked or heavily guarded. We can also say a place is as safe or as secure as Fort Knox.

Now, let’s hear these two expressions used by two friends.

A: Hi, Sam! What brings you to my place?

B: Well, Maxine is holding down the fort at home. So, I thought I’d stop by to see if you want to hang out.

A: Sure! How about a walk around the neighborhood? I feel like I’ve been sitting all day.

B: Sounds good. Let’s walk past that construction project down the street.

A: They’ve been working on that house for months. I’m curious about the renovations.

B: Maybe we can sneak into the place and look in the windows.

A: That’s a really bad idea. The property is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and probably has many security cameras. If you sneak in … you’re on your own.

Source:  https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/holding-down-the-fort-is-a-big-job/7017038.html


Words in This Story

fortified – adj. made stronger or more secure

barrier – n. something material that blocks or is intended to block passage

inaccessible – adj. not accessible, not reachable

construction – n. something built or put together

renovate – v. to make like new again : put in good condition: renovation – n. the act of making new again

sneak – v. to go about in a sly or secret manner

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