Thirty pieces of silver

The money Judas Iscariot received for betraying Jesus to the authorities. Helater threw the money into the Temple of Jerusalem, and the chief priestsbought the “potter's field” with it, to be used as a cemetery for foreigners.

Meaning of this idiom:

  1. This money is referred to as “blood money” — money received for thelife of another human being.

    1. “Thirty pieces of silver” is also used proverbially to refer to anything paidor given for a treacherous act.

有一个称为加略人犹大的,去见祭司长说, 我把他交给你们,你们愿意给我多少钱。他们就给了他三十块钱。 从那时候,他就找机会,要把耶稣交给他们。




  1. 血钱 - 出卖别人性命所得到的钱;

  2. 背信弃义