Applications of the three job motivation scales did not give great research findings. However the scales are of a considerable practical importance. In Slovenia they are regularly used in organizational climate research, for routine job satisfaction measurement and for screening of priorities in companies. It has been shown that items in scales are quite independent among themselves, each giving us important new information.

The Job Motivation Scale gives us with its 15 job motives an insight into the motivation of an associate. Different groups of employees have different priorities, and also individual differences are great. Peple, who work on siple jobs value most high salary, good labor conditions and security of employment, expert workers value on the other hand creative, interesting job and freedom. Again different are priorities of candidates for jobs. If difference between the described present job and the desired job is expressed with one index, this indirect score of job satisfaction correlates with the direct score, obtained with The Job Satisfaction Scale with 0.37.

The Job Satisfaction Scale is an instrument, which is regularly used in routine organizational climate research in Slovenia. In 1999 the scale was applied on 5094 workers in 54 Slovenian companies and it gave a neat normal distribution wit the average score of 2.95 and the standard deviation of 0.70. The average satisfaction in the lowest company was 2.16 and in the highest 3.55. The job satisfaction profile of 5094 worhers is shown below.

The Company Values Scale is a briliant instrument for screening priorities in companies. We are usually interested which areas in the company are declared as being most worth of investing energy. If the difference between the present and the desired status is too big it is unlikely that the company will be able to realise it's vision, if it is too small, usually also the motivational energy for changes lacks.