The Job Satisfaction Scale consists of the same job motives as The Job Motivation Scale. But while the strength of job motives can not be rated with an absolute scale (only relative - by ranking) job satisfaction can be. In The Job Satisfaction Scale a simple 5-point scale is used. Rating 5 means high satisfaction with the particular item, 3 means a neutral point and 1 means high unsatisfaction. In comparison with The Job Motivation Scale in The Job Satisfaction Scale motives are expressed in a neutral way. In the first scale one must rate how important for him/her is high salary, in the second he/she rates the level of satisfaction with salary. Let us list again all 15 items of job motivation/satisfaction:

labor conditions

promotion opportunities



relations with associates

employment security

development of expertise

freedom at work

job reputation

taking part in decisions

creative job

job safety

immediate superior

comfortable job

interesting job

In addition to 15 scores of job satisfaction on separete motives the average score on the scale gives us also the global job satisfaction of an individual. Cronbach alpha index of reliability is 0.89.