Aloe vera

Aloe Vera Plantation

    • Planting material: Aloe vera Barbadensis Miller plant (variety Suckers)

    • Spacing: 1m x 0.5m (area 0.5Sqm)

    • Population: 20 000/ha

    • Planting: make ridges of 0.2m wide at a spacing of 0.9m. Plant the plants at 0.5m spacing on the ridges.

    • Maintenance: Fled irrigation once in 10 days during summer or drip irrigation once in 2 days and mauring (bio) is required @ 15 MT/ha/year. No major pest and disease. Inter cropping is nod advisable.

    • Harvesting: Starts 12 months after planting

    • Harvesting cycle: once in 4 months (3 cutting/year)

    • Life: 5 years (from 8th month the suckers arising from the base can used for further area expansion/that has to be removed. At the end of 4th year allow 1 sucker to continue the harvesting after 5th year.)

    • Yield: 80 - 100 MT/ha/year

    • Recovery: 35 -40 %

    • To operate a unit with 1MT/day (fresh leaf) capacity it is required to have 6 ha with an age difference of 20 days.

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