Kruidenbedrijven wereldwijd

Boeren, groothandel, exporteurs, zaadhandels, winkels. Wereldwijd zijn honderdduizenden mensen bezig om kruiden te telen, te verkopen, te verwerken, te adviseren en vooral te gebruiken. Hier een voorzichtig, bijna hopeloze poging om deze krioelende massa's kruidenmensen weer te geven. Een begin.

Sanjivini herbals; quality Medicinal Plants Exporter from India.

Starting with the cultivation, collection and export of medicinals plants in 1995, today Sanjivini become customized manufacturer and exporter of medicinal plants for specific purposes to companies worldwide.

Whether it is in healthcare, cosmetics, food, personal care or other areas, herbs and herbal extracts are fast finding numerous applications and their benefits are being understood worldwide. Due to their therapeutic properties, medicinal plants have held a place of reverence in India since time immemorial and are used extensively in daily life. The climactic conditions and verdant tropical forests make India the ideal place for the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Our Medicinal Plants are strictly grown under ORGANIC conditions, HYGIENICALLY collected and packed. These are rich in active principles We market India 's finest spices, which are known world over for its best quality. We have the plantation and harvesting arrangements with the farmers to ensure regular supply and best quality of spices.

We are having an previous experience of 10 years as manufacturer and exporter of medicinal plants. What has changed is the range of products we have introduced over time to serve every need in the industry; What hasn't changed however is our commitment to quality and customer support.

Medicinal Plants Exporter

Implantée au cœur de la Drôme depuis sa date de création en 1989, la société FYTOSAN est un spécialiste reconnu de l’extraction végétale de la filière biologique. Notre situation géographique nous permet de profiter pleinement d’une région de cultures traditionnelles de plantes aromatiques et médicinales, éloignée de toute source de pollution. Fabricant d’une large gamme d’ingrédients cosmétique, pharmaceutique et agroalimentaire, notre société partage, à travers ses clients et ses collaborateurs, les valeurs de respect de l’homme et de son environnement tout en intégrant les normes de qualité les plus exigeantes, contribuant ainsi à la notoriété de ses produits.FYTOSAN - Herbal Extracts


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