Corylus avellana / Hazelaar gemmo

Therapeutic actions gemmotherapy

  • Antisclerotic remedy that breaks up sclerotic tissues

  • Lung-drainer, can restore elasticity of the lung through its anti-sclerotic action*

  • Anticoagulant, normalising thrombus formation

  • Stimulates erythropoiesis and granulopoiesis

  • Active on hypotonic sclerotic people

Clinical indications gemmotherapy

  • Respiratory system: restores elasticity of the lungs*

  • Hepatic system: prevents fibrosis from progressing to cirrhosis. Hepatic steatosis (fatty liver)

  • Facilitates the synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis) in marrow.

  • Circulatory system: active in arteriosclerosis and circulatory stasis, which lead to the occurrence of varicose ulcers. Hypocoagulant, effective in thrombosis and reducing cholesterol.

  • Nervous system: useful in depression, neuro-vegetative imbalances, dyspepsia. Also efficient for headaches of hepatic or circulatory origin.

  • Renal system: useful in the resorption of edemas of the lower extremities

  • Reduces scar tissues, cellulitis


↑ Ledoux Frank and Gueniot Gerard (2012) Phytembryotherapy: The Embryo of Gemmotherapy, Editions Amyris, Spain.