Alantbitter / Orange Elecampane Bitter

Orange Elecampane Bitters

The orange blends well with the pungent bitterness of the elecampane root while the ginger and pepper give it a little spice.

20 grams elecampane (dried or fresh)

10 grams roasted dandelion root (dried or fresh)

10 grams fresh minced ginger

5 grams licorice root

3 cloves

3 grams cracked black pepper

1 orange

1 vanilla bean pod

brandy or vodka

Place the roots, minced ginger, licorice, cloves and pepper in a quart sized jar.

Cut up a whole orange and add it to the jar.

Slice open the vanilla bean pod and then mince it finely and add to the jar.

Fill the jar with brandy or vodka. Cover and shake well.

Keep this on your counter, shaking occasionally. Taste it from time to time and strain when desired. I thought mine was best after about two weeks.

This will keep indefinitely.