Cocos nucifera / Cocosboom

Coconut (C. nucifera) oil was shown to have antiseptic effects and is used as an efficient, safe skin moisturizer. This suggested that its traditional use as a lotion in many parts of America is well founded. Its selective antibacterial effects [56] also make it useful for topical applications in wound healing. Other studies have suggested that extracts from C. nucifera husk fibers could be useful in the treatment of leishmaniasis. In traditional Mexican medicine, C. nucifera has been used to treat trichomoniasis, dysentery, and enteropathogens. These uses are consistent with its antimicrobial effects. Moreover, recent pharmacological studies have demonstrated that extracts of C. nucifera could be used as an alternative method to treat drug resistant enteric infections. In vivo assays demonstrated that C. nucifera extract had low toxicity, and that it did not induce dermic or ocular reactions [57]. Thus, considering its potent antioxidant activity and low toxicity, husk fiber extracts of C. nucifera have potential in the treatment of oral diseases [61]. Furthermore, its aqueous extract may be a source of new drugs with anti-neoplastic and anti-multidrug resistance activities. It is of great interest for cancer therapy to identify new compounds that are able to overcome resistance mechanisms and lead to tumor cell death.

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