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Membership form


                                                      TAURANGA  RADIO  SAILING CLUB


                             Annual Subscription Notice  -   1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018                   


06 July 2017


RE:       Tauranga Radio Sailing Club Membership Annual Subscription:


Membership form and subscription payment details required for the next 12 months are attached.

Please complete and return these forms and payment to confirm your membership and boat details for the following year as soon as possible.


We are requesting people to get their payments in early so all can be organized and ready before any major events in the upcoming year, including but not limited to the NZ National Championships held in Christchurch in Early October.


Please complete and return these forms and payment to confirm your membership and boat details for the following year by 1 September 2017


Your fee is composed of several parts.

  • Tauranga Radio Sailing Club(TRSC) Annual Membership :               $15
  •  Levy per member to NZ Radio Yacht Association                             $10.00
  •                                                                                            TOTAL     $ 25.00                                                                                                  
  • IOM, Marblehead, EC12, RG65, Canterbury J and Mini 40 registered owners only, please add $1.00 for each registered hull and you will receive “18”sticker for each boat..

·         All members please provide the details of your boats on the membership form attached for the club records.


Family/husband and wife membership  –  please add $5 for the additional family member.

Eg: 2 people would pay $15 for first person, $5 for second person, 2 x $10 RNZYA fee + $1 per each boat registered and owned by the couple.


We look forward to your continued support and seeing you at our sailing venues for another successful year of sailing enjoyment and company with the Tauranga Radio Sailing club and

associated groups in Waihi and Rotorua.


Payment Methods

PREFERRED   -  Please mail the information form (only) to:

Hon. Treasurer                                                                        or email to:  tgarsc@gmail.com

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

1436B Cameron Road,


Tauranga 3112

AND  pay your subscription to the account of TAURANGA RADIO SAILING CLUB at KiwiBank, Greerton, Account Number 38-9017-0871700-00

Please include your Name & Hull Number(s) in the reference.


LESS PREFERRED  - Hand your form and payment to Gary Denniston, Ken Fox, or Richard McNeilly on a Wednesday afternoon or a Saturday at the Lakes.  



If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact either Gary Denniston (Club Commodore) or myself.



Richard McNeilly

Ph 543 3071                021 041 0716               E-mail : tgarsc@gmail.com


Gary Denniston

Ph 543 0993                                                       E-mail: gary.denniston@outlook.co.nz


Application for Membership/Renewal of Membership

1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018

One form for each registered boat please















Description of Yacht






Hull or Registration Number (if any):

e.g. NZL 746 (3 or 4 digits)


Sail Number (if any):










I agree to join/renew my membership of the Tauranga Radio Sailing Club and to observe its rules and code of conduct and the rules of the NZ Radio Yachting Association and to sail in accordance with the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and the IOM Class Rules.



Signature:        __________________________



Dear Visitor/TRSC Member


It is a great pleasure to welcome you here at The Lakes.  We hope you will come back again and decide to join our club.


You will find our members friendly and helpful.  Some will offer you a sail with their yachts.  Don’t hesitate to take up the offer.  Radio-controlled sailing is a fascinating pastime which can even become addictive!


There are just a few things we would like you to be aware of:

  1. It’s a sport and we do it for fun, which isn’t to say we aren’t competitive but, just like other sports, “What happens on the field stays on the field”.  Even the best and most experienced of us make mistakes so a quick “sorry” and a penalty turn is all that is required.
  2. We all try to sail according to the official International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing.  These are not difficult and you are encouraged to become familiar with them.  The yachts are quite fragile.  If everyone obeys the rules the chances of damage are minimised.
  3. One of our senior members is the RO (Race Officer) each Saturday.  He or she controls proceedings entirely and has the power to disqualify members for bad behaviour and language.
  4. Our club structure is rather informal but we are affiliated to the NZ Radio Yachting Association.  The TRSC subscription is $25.00, NZRYA levy is $10  plus $1.00 for each boat you register.  Club and NZRYA membership is 1 October  - 30 September.
  5. TRSC holds regattas involving outside sailors from time to time.  These call for some input from club members and everyone does their share.
  6. If you decide to join up, an application form is attached.  Please give this to Richard McNeilly, Gary Denniston or Ken Fox with either a cheque, direct bank deposit or post it to the address shown.

Welcome again, please come back and don’t hesitate to approach any of our members for advice or encouragement.


Gary Denniston