2014-2015 Field Season

Nov. 1 – Nov. 16       MDRS Crew 142Mars Arctic 365 - Team Finalist #1 (Organized by Dr. Robert Zubrin)

Nov. 15 – Nov. 30     MDRS Crew 143Mars Arctic 365 - Team Finalist #2 (Organized by Dr. Robert Zubrin)

Nov. 29 – Dec. 14     MDRS Crew 144Mars Arctic 365 - Team Finalist #3 (Organized by Dr. Robert Zubrin)

Dec. 13 – Dec. 28     MDRS Crew 145Mars without Borders (Commander Dr. Susan Jewell)

Dec. 27 – Jan. 11      MDRS Crew 146Mission Red Planet (Commander Nick Orenstein)

Jan. 10 – Jan. 25       MDRS Crew 147Team ISU (Commander Romain Charles)

Jan. 24 – Feb. 8        MDRS Crew 148Team RAR-2 (Commander Lucie Poulet)

Feb. 7 – Feb. 22       MDRS Crew 149Tharsis Project (Commander Paul Bakken)

Feb. 21 – Mar. 15     MDRS Crew 150Team Peru (3 week rotation) (Organized by Dr. Alexander Diaz)

Mar. 15 – Mar. 29     MDRS Crew 151International Emerging Space Leaders (ERUA, Supaero, York)

Mar. 28 – Apr. 12     MDRS Crew 152-A & MDRS Crew 152-BLonestar Highlanders (Organized by Dr. April Andreas)

Apr. 11 – Apr. 26     MDRS Crew 153Mission to Mars UCL (Commander Bastien Mathurin)

Apr. 25 - May 16     MDRS Crew 154

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Congratulations to all of the teams who competed in the 2014 University Rover Challenge May 29th - 31st! Check out the URC 2014 Images.

MDRS Loses a Member of Its Family

We announce with great sadness the passing of John Barainca (1935-2015), one of the founding members of the Mars Society and a dedicated supporter of the organization's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). John played a key role in establishing the MDRS facility by helping select its location in Utah and working as part of the crew that built the station. He served as long-time Hab manager, volunteering countless hours to repair and improve the station, manage its field seasons and train its crews. In addition, John participated as part of the MDRS astronomy team.

The Mars Society & MDRS Management Staff (04.04.15)

2015-16 Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Crew Application

Looking for an opportunity to be involved at MDRS next field season?

See below for the application for the 2015-16 MDRS crew rotations.  We are also looking volunteers to serve as part of MDRS Mission Support.