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Crew 165

Crew Photos

Pamela Nicoletatos - Commander

Private Home-Based Educator: Junior and High School Levels.

• PADI Advance Scuba Diving Certification
• ITTT TESOL Certification
• TITC English for Young Learners
• Inclusive Learning program Completion
• Early Childhood Education Certification
• Additional studies and certifications in Astronomy, Astrobiology and Exoplanetary Sciences.

Enjoys travel, hiking, and being a “gym rat”. Massive science fiction fan, avid Trekkie and Star Wars enthusiast. Lover of all things Geek!

Ken Sullivan - Executive Officer

Helicopter air medevac pilot, NASA Astronaut applicant and Mars Society MDRS CapCom Coordinator. Extensive background and certifications with all things mechanical concerning aircraft. Helicopter contract operations in Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait in 2004 and 2005. Farming and ranching, while earning a Dixie State College degree. Ken holds previous 911-response work, including ACLS for a population base of a million people. Now prefers flying an ambulance instead of driving one.

Hide your chocolate around him, …seriously.

Tomoya Anthony Mori - Crew Journalist

Student at Brown University, Providence, RI Astronomy B.A, Class of 2016

Tomoya currently studies Astronomy at Brown University, but he hopes to explore beyond the scope and study interdisciplinary studies in space exploration and multimedia.

He is a freelance writer for WIRED Japan and Air&Space Magazine, an amateur photographer and a space documentarist. Starry night sky and Japanese curry are all he needs to survive.

Eriko Moriyama - Crew Astronomer / Engineer

Currently works as an engineer at Space Systems Development Corporation, Japan

Degrees: Master of Science in Space Studies, International Space University Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Physics, University of Arizona

Eriko is interested in anything related to space, especially technologies of Environment Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) willing to that many people can obtain access to and habitability in space. She is working on developing the ECLSS simulator called SICLE.

Compared to the scale of the universe, small height (only 146 cm!) is not a matter!!

Masashi Hiraki - Green Hab Officer / Crew Biologist

Horticulture, Chiba University, Japan.

Masashi studies Horticulture, mainly ecological science, at Chiba University, he have interests about nature, for example conservation nature activities, hunting for reducing animal damages, eating everything and SPACE! Sometimes he can’t speak English, and feel depressed by something, PLEASE SUPPORT and GIVE Sweets, he will get well immediately!

Ryoko - Crew Biologist / HSO

Ph.D. in Pharmacology

As a life scientist, Ryoko has explored the great mysteries of the biology of the human body, the internal space, to find an answer to the question “what is life?” But she has noticed that one of the important answers for this question might be in "outer space". To find this answer, she tried to apply for an astronaut examination in 2008. But she failed, because her height was 2 cm short of the medical standard required in the application.

Fortunately, a chance has come for this little woman to go to “Mars”! She is going to participate as a crew Biologist, and research the distribution of bacteria in the soils that a Rover will harvest, to reveal the contamination levels of bacteria derived from human activities on “Mars”. Also, as a Health and Safety Officer, she will manage the crewmembers’ health and promote a clean HAB environment. Her management strategy will be based on the Japanese domestic lifestyle, which will be adaptive and sustainable on Mars. These valuable experiments will surely take her to the real outer space someday, to find a true answer to her important question. The photos depict the day when she first walked, and she grown-up with the dreams of flying to space!
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