"You know it's not going to stop, it's going to keep raining," sign from one woman in group, "At least you got a dry spot in the meantime," sign from another woman in same group.
When the outpouring occurs it is not going to stop, it is going to keep raining, keep pouring out. We are in a dry spot in the meantime as we await the start of the outpouring.

Are you not saying that, 'Still four months is it, and the harvest is coming'? Lo! I am saying to you, Lift up your eyes and gaze on the countrysides, for they {the fields}, are white for harvest already." John 4:35 
"Go into all the world; herald the evangel to the entire creation." Mark 16:15

New Watch Dates: May 22 2018

Welcome traveler to my website. Here I speak the truth that has been hidden form you about what God is really like. 

God is Love

God loves you, your family, your friends and your pets. It does not matter who you are or what you have done, the mistakes you have made, God still loves you. God’s love is truly unconditional, he loves you no matter what. Do  not worry about what you have done, or the mistakes you have made, for God loves you no matter what you have done. 

Worried about those people who do not know about God? Worried about those people who do not turn to God before they die? Wondering if God will truly condemn all those who do not believe? Wondering what happens to the animals? 

Do not worry, about family, friends, loved ones, or those who have died with out believing, for God is not going to condemn them or anyone. There are loads of people out there who do not believe, you truly think God would condemn them all because they do not believe in him? 

Stop worrying about you, your mistakes, your family, your friends, or your pets, because God loves them all, no matter what you or they have done. 

God has a glories plan for you, and your loved ones, you will experience the love of God, you will get a new body, an immortal body, and a glories place to live. 

Find out God’s glories plan for you, your family, your friends, and your pets. Along the way your will find out about God’s plan for all mankind and all animals. 

But What About All that Stuff that Nearly All Churches Teach?

Find out the truth for yourself, not what you are told. About what God is really like, not want you have been told by the church. 

Nearly all churches wrongly teach that anyone who is not a believer will not be saved or have salvation. Fear not if you do not believe, if you do not go to church, if you do not pray, if you have not be baptised. God loves you, even if you have done none of these things. 

If you are a believer from the traditional churches and you have friends and family who are not believers, you will must likely fear that they may be lost forever, that they will end up in hell or annihilated. You may have friends or family that have died unbelievers, who you believe are lost forever, you may even think that they are even now burning in hell, that they will be in hell forever or one day be annihilated. 

Ever wondered about babies, children or the unborn, who die before they get the chance to grow up. It is unimaginable the horrors that they would face if it is as the  traditional orthodox churches teach that they go to hell. Surely a loving God would not send babies and children to hell. 

What about good people who are not believers, who die as unbelievers? What of Doctors, nurses, animal lovers, volunteers, fire-fighters, policemen, who don’t believe? What of those who never heard of Christ?   

Fear not for your loved ones, fear not for babies, children or the unborn, God is not going to condemn these ones to hell or annihilate them. Fear not for the good people of the world, God will not condemn them to hell or annihilate them either. For God will not condemn anyone to hell or annihilate them. 

Don’t get me wrong unbelievers will face judgement, but they will not be sent to burn in hell or be annihilated. 

This website tells of the Love God has for the whole human race and for all of creation. The Love God has for one & all. Find out the truth about God’s Love for All Mankind and for all the beings he created. 

Don’t believe everything you are feed by the traditional churches, find out the truth for yourself. Free yourself from traditional orthodox and study the scriptures for yourself to see what they really say. 

I am Mark Farquharson the create of this site, and the writer of much of the stuff here. 
Defender of the Truth and Faith
Revealing the True Evangel
Revealing the Truth, “That God Loves Everyone”
Revealing the Truth, “That God Loves All Animals”

Updates  March 4, 2018

New Watch Dates: 

Updated: Alan Wood Park to Three Kings March 3 2018
Updated & renamed: Numbers Bridge to Mt Eden Stadium  Feb 24 2018
Updated & renamed: Numbers Bridge to Coyle Park or MOTAT Feb 24 2018