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Wheelchair Bowling

posted 5 Jul 2018, 12:11 by Keith Rippin   [ updated 9 Jul 2018, 02:57 by Stamford Indoor Bowls ]
Reading about the fact that Stamford Indoor Bowls Facility recently hosted a national disability training day back in May, Pally Marsdunn contacted the club to see if it would be willing to let her father have a go.  Now her father has recently moved to Stamford so that he can be nearer his daughter.

No problem you may think until it transpired her father is 82 years old, registered blind and has had both legs amputated below the knee.  Club Chairman, Keith Rippin, said no problem I know just the man for the job, our head coach, John Little, has just undertaken training course to assist disabled bowlers and to becomes one of three coaches at the club who can cope with circumstances like these.

So Hugh Dunn duly turned up at the bowls club only to inform the coaches that he too had been a coach but in athletics, in Northern Ireland, where he had reached the pinnacle in coaching, a level FIVE certificate.  In fact this proved to be an advantage rather than a hindrance as he was well aware of how we needed to assist him and was a star pupil on the day.

Having one disability can be challenging enough to some people but it might be thought that having two, such as Hugh has, could be so debilitating that it would not be possible to participate in the game. NOT SO as bowls is game that can be played by people of all abilities to a level that they feel comfortable with and so it was with Hugh, who enjoyed it so much he is going to come back for another go.  In fact he is determined he is going to master it as he believes it is something he can do.

Above: Hugh being carefully watched by his daughter.
Right: Coach, John Little showing him the line to take.
Below: Hugh's congratulated by John Little for his first efforts