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Draws for 2018-19 Lincs IBA competitions

posted 16 Sep 2018, 11:45 by Stamford Indoor Bowls   [ updated 19 Sep 2018, 09:40 ]
The draws have been made for the qualifiers for the Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association disciplines to be played internally at Stamford IBC in the forthcoming weeks.

With current county singles champion Stephen Harris now representing Spalding and unable to defend his title in Stamford colours, local bowlers are looking to still make a good show in the inter-club knock-out stages, with Stamford by far and away the best represented in the local qualifiers.

Christine Ford and Martyn Dolby are hoping to go one better in the mixed pairs having lost to Horncastle in last year's final but will first have to overcome Jeff and Jeanette Bourne in the qualifying first round.

Elsewhere the women are represented on equal terms against the men in the Open sets singles through Ford, Shirley Suffling, Denise Mackie, Helen Holroyd and Pat Jones.

The county semi-finals will be held at Horncastle on March 30 and the finals at Boston on April 28.


Lincs County singles (6 to qualify, 21-up): Group A -J Holroyd v M Hebden or A Speechley; Group B - J Pearson or J Hebden v G Oliver or K Gentry; Group C - D King or T Barwell v W Aspinall or G Cameron; Group D - M Humphreys v R Allam or A Romaine; Group E - M De Camp or O Aspinall v M Ramsden; Group F - A Warrington or T Christie v C Ballard. First round matches must be played by November 11, final qualifiers by December 9.

Lincs IBA Open Singles sets (6): Group A - H Holroyd or A Romaine v P Jones or M Ramsden; Group B - O Aspinall or J Holroyd v J Hebden or A Speechley; Group C - W Aspinall or M Humphreys v C Ballard or A Warrington; Group D - J Pearson or M Hebden v K Gentry or G Oliver; Group E - C Ford or R Allam v K Rippin or S Suffling; Group F - De Mackie or D King v T Barwell or G Cameron. First round matches by November 11.

Lincs IBA Open Over 60 singles (4 to qualify, 21-up) Group A (first round by November 11 - M Dolby or A Speechley v M De Camps or A Romaine, T Barwell or K Vinter v D Mackie or K Rippin. Winners play-off by December 9. Group B - G Cameron or S Suffling v B Warters or C Watson (winners by December 9; Group C - M Ramsden or R Allam v P Jones or J Bourne (winners by December 9); Group D - D King or C Ford v J Pearson or K Gentry (winners by December 9).

Lincs IBA men's pairs (3 to qualify): Group A - Bailey or N Wright v R Allam or M Hebden, winners to play G Oliver or C Watson; Group B - K Vinter or T Christie v C Ballard or J Holroyd; Group C - K Rippin or B Warters v M Ramsden or T Barwell. First round matches by October 14, second by November 11.

Lincs IBA Men's triples (3): Group A - R Allam or C Ballard v C Watson; Group B - M Ramsden or K Vinter v J Holroyd; T Barwell or N Wright v M Hebden. First rounds by November 11.

Lincs IBA mixed pairs (3): Group A - D King or T Barwell v R Allam; Group B - M Humphreys or P Bailey v J Holroyd or C Watson; Group C - A Speechley or C Ballard v J Bourne or C Ford. First round by November 11.

Lincs IBA men's fours (2 qualifiers): N Wright or T Christie & C Ballard or TBC. (winners by December 9).