Stamford & District IBA will again be hosting the "Nigel Kettle" Open Singles event using the "Open Singles Circuit" format on Sunday 1st October 2017.
The most local players will be required to play early rounds on the evening of Saturday 30th

The draw is now complete but reserve entries are being accepted.
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Nigel Kettle Open Singles 2017 Draw:

Sat 30th Sep 1st Round
18:00 RICHARD ALLAM (Stamford) v PAUL OKE (Sleaford)
18:00 BOB WARTERS (Stamford) v JEFF PITT (Peterborough)
18:00 ANDY SPEECHLEY (Stamford) v ALEX WALTON (St Neots)
18:00 ALAN ROMAINE (Stamford) v ROB GREENWOOD (Huntingdon)
19:20 RICHARD SUMMERS (Norfolk)
v ROD WEST (Boston)
19:20 CHRISTINE FORD (Stamford) v SHEROD WINTERTON (Charnwood)
19:20 TONY BARWELL (Stamford) v RON FLOWERS (Boston)
19:20 SHIRLEY SUFFLING (Stamford) v DAVID BRISTOW (Sleaford)

Sun 1st Oct 1st Round
08:30 GRAHAM SMITH (Spalding) v CHRIS BALLARD (Stamford)
08:30 JORDAN PHILPOTT (Spalding) v JIM PULLEN (Lincoln)
08:30 KEVIN RANDS (Lincoln) v HOWARD SHIPP (Huntingdon)
08:30 JAMIE WALKER (Kingsthorpe) v BRENDA BARLOW (Lincoln)
08:30 PAUL ROBERTS (Sleaford) v JAY TRAVIS-JENNER (Stamford)
08:30 SCOTT WHYERS (Boston) v GARY MORRIS (Skegness)
09:50 STEPHEN HARRIS (Stamford) v WENDY BROWN (Scunthorpe)
09:50 GORDON WOOD (Lincoln) v SIMON REESON (Louth)
09:50 MALCOLM JACOBS (Bromley) v GEOFF MOORE (Christie Miller)
09:50 JAQUELINE HENDERSON (Erewash) v MARTIN SHEPHERD (Chipping Norton)
09:50 T WELLS v KEITH WALL (Shrewsbury)
09:50 ADAM MEADE (White Oak) v ED ELMORE (Ely)
11:10 PAUL MAYNARD (Foxhill) v LEA BLACKHAM (Ipswich)
11:10 PAUL SHARMAN (Carterton) v MICHAEL KNIGHT (White Knights)
11:10 GARY R SMITH (Durham) v ADRIAN BIRD (Scarborough)
11:10 RYAN ATKINS (Malvern) v MIKE SMITH (Norfolk)
11:10 SCOTT EDWARDS (Oxford) v MALCOLM WRIGHT (Durham)
11:10 MARTIN HEITZMAN (Ipswich) v JASON NORRIS (Blackpool)
12:30 NIK ELPHICK (West Berks) v JACK BIRD (Scarborough)
12:30 LEE ROWLAND (Ipswich) v DONNA KNIGHT (White Knights)
12:30 JORDAN MOORE (Christie Miller) v PAUL REYNOLDS (Herga)
12:30 STEWART DOUGLAS (East Lothian) v EMMA COOPER (Adur)

2nd Round
13:50 ANDY WARE (Ely) v S29
13:50 STEVE FARRANT (Huntingdon) v S30

There are three types of competition that can be entered by club members.  These are National Competitions held by The English Indoor Bowling Association Limited, County Competitions held by the Lincolnshire Indoor Bowls Association and local club competitions.

Entries for the National Competitions for 2017/2018 need to be submitted via the club together with payment by 12 April 2017. NOW CLOSED
Cheques should be made payable to Stamford & District I.B.A.

Entries for the 2017/2018 Lincolnshire IBA men's county competitions need to be with Mike Ramsden by 20 April 2017.  NOW CLOSED
Please hand completed form with the required entry fees into the office at the club as soon as possible.  Cheques should be made payable to Stamford & District I.B.A.

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19 Jul 2017, 03:45