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Try bowls at FREE open sessions

posted 3 Sep 2019, 03:46 by Stamford Indoor Bowls   [ updated 12 Sep 2019, 01:57 ]
Stamford's six rink arena all set to attract new bowlers

POTENTIAL bowlers will have a chance to try the sport when Stamford Indoor Bowls Club opens its doors for its annual introductory mornings on successive Saturdays on September 14 and 21.

The free sessions from 9am to noon will be supervised by coaches and experienced players keen to introduce a sport which is both relaxing and competitive and can be played by all the family - from eight to 80 and beyond.

The club, which has a state of the art six-rink arena off Exeter Gardens, is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and is now established as one of the best in Lincolnshire, its membership includes a number of players who play for their respective counties, are national champions and two who are current England internationals

Equipment is provided for the sessions which can lead to regular coaching held on subsequent Saturday mornings throughout the winter. The club also has an after school junior academy which meets at 4.15pm on Thursdays.

Says press officer Bob Warters: "While the club is keen to attract new bowlers, especially those who are or have been competitive in other sports, we are also a safe haven for those looking to play bowls for recreation, seeking companionship and make new friends."

Stamford IBC re-opened for its winter season on Monday (Sept 9). However, while some daytime rinks will be available for booking (call 01780 756452) those looking to practice on Friday (6.30pm) should turn up and arrangements will be made if required, to share some pre-booked rinks.

Domestic leagues should be in full swing from September 16.


Stamford IBC management committee is taking a fresh look at updating the club's bye-laws for its 600-strong membership in an effort to improve standards. The revised rules will be ratified at its next meeting on September 19. 

Grey or white trousers (or skirts for women) or EIBA-approved shorts or tailored shorts for all in grey or white - may be worn but jeans, leggings or jeggings are prohibited.

Club registered, plain white polo shirts or shirts that are white with coloured piping may be worn together with coloured  bowls manufacturers shirts. County or other team regulation shirts may be worn as long as the same is worn by all members of the team.

EIBA-approved flat soled bowling shoes (of any colour) may be worn on the green but not to enter the club.

Smart casual clothing may only be worn for lunchtime roll up sessions (Tuesday to Friday) or when there are no other scheduled fixtures. 'Greys' are compulsory for roll ups on spare rinks alongside other scheduled sessions.

Other bye laws include the banning of cycles in the building and dogs - other than assistance dogs.


Lincolnshire Indoor Bowls Association has amended an earlier ruling by agreeing that in county leagues, where whites are worn, shorts are NOW allowed but they must be those sold by Bowls Manufacturers.

If a team has EIBA registered trousers/shorts, these can also be worn, but the whole team must either wear these or whites, a team cannot mix. 

Individual  clubs - including Stamford IBC - who have already adopted the wearing of shorts in line with the English Indoor Bowling Association, can reserve the right of members to wear shorts (EIBA registered or non-manufacturer tailored grey) in LIBA individual qualifying events.

Having qualified for the knock-out stages bowlers must adopt LIBA rules on dress.

Coloured Bowls Manufactured shoes may be worn in all LIBA leagues and competitions.