Top Club: Stamford just miss quarter-final spot

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Stamford's team in the Top Club competition came very close to progressing to the quarter-finals when they lost to highly-rated Kingsthorpe at Northampton, despite having to make last minute changes.

Their mixed rinks of pairs, triples and fours all had a chance of winning with 14 of the 18 ends completed. 

But they just failed to capitalise on a golden opportunity and only the triple of John Holroyd, Shirley Suffling and Bob Warters prevailed with a last bowl 19-15 victory over the rink skipped by England Under 25 captain Connor Cinatto, after trailing 2-12 at seven ends.

Team captain Paul Bailey had earlier been put on the back foot when respective pairs and triples skips Tristan Morton and Jonathan Earl withdrew only hours before the match, leaving him having to quickly rearrange his options.

Elizabeth Wallace switched from leading in the fours to play the women's singles but after leading in the early stages against Debbie Watkins fell 3-16 behind and finally lost 8-21. In the men's 2-bowl discipline Kingsthorpe captain Ben Sharpe gave Adam Warrington little chance to show his form, running out a 21-3 winner.

Elizabeth's husband Martin had planned to attend as a spectator but finished up playing with a set of violet-coloured bowls borrowed from fours rink-mate Helen Holroyd and the pair performed heroics alongside Christine Ford and Paul Bailey, only succumbing to their experienced opponents 12-17 in the closing stages.

In the pairs, Katie Bailey and Martyn Dolby fell 3-10 behind after seven ends against Katie Smith and England regular Jamie Walker but fought back gallantly to tie the match with just a handful of ends to play only to concede 14-15 to a Walker barrage of heavy bowls.

Kingsthorpe won the match 14-4 (89-56) and will be home to Ipswich in the quarter-finals.

Sleaford Tsunami hits Stamford

posted 12 Dec 2018, 10:06 by Keith Rippin

First of all apologies for the delay in publishing this report of our latest weekend fiasco, sorry friendly, against the Sleaford Sloggers. The reason being the difficulty in finding the words, without repeating oneself, to describe the hours leading up to the fiasco, sorry friendly.

After our captain Maggie (the Hounder) Holden had confirmed eighteen players with their captain on the Tuesday.  No problem Maggie, nice to hear from you Maggie, look forward to seeing you again Maggie.  She heard her phone ringing at 11.45 (at night!) leapt out of bed, well ok rolled out, tripped over the cat, dashed to the phone. Too late, message- Hello it s Sleaford, we’re one short, can you get anyone to play for us. It wasn t their captain, or if it was she had changed her voice from a soprano to a bass baritone since they last spoke. Could have been the cleaner, who knows.

Anyway our Maggie phoned back. You’ve guessed it no answer, no answer phone, nothing. Give up, back to bed with another gin and tonic. Next morning phone call to Margaret (I ll play anytime, anywhere) Andrews.  Of course I will she says followed by ‘what rink am I on’?. We don t decide that until just before the match starts Margaret.

Saturday morning 10am, the phone rings, it s Alan Romaine saying he can play if we’re short. Unbelievable.  Thanks Alan, but we’re ok. One thirty at the club, in breezes the afore mentioned Sloggers and their captain, such a nice lady, Carol. Hi Maggie, you ok, we’re another one short! Yes I m fine, says Maggie with that well practised grimace. Phone call to Alan, another of our well accomplished stars playing for them, there s something not right about all this.

Anyway all is well, a quick count up, Ian Hall hasn’t arrived. Phone call reveals he can’t play because he’s had to look after his grandchildren. Maggie bites her lip. The nice Sleaford captain Carol agrees to drop out and leave her rink to play pairs. Right the bell rings and off they go. Hold on a minute, there s only five players on rink one spots an eagle eyed spectator in the crowd, well three’s a crowd ain't it! Maggie bites her other lip. Who s missing, who cares! Put Carol back on her rink and swap Margaret Andrews back on to our side.

Finally, who said it s not the winning but the taking part that counts. Can’t tell you what the rink scores were or what the final score was because I, that’s me, lost the score cards, but we won. Who said bowls was boring, what a great day


Seniors Double Rink reaches last 32

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 Stamford A's home rink, 24-15 winners over Sleaford A, from the left: Dave Hudson, mick Owens, Martyn Dolby and Peter Edwards (image by Alan Romaine)

SIXTEEN shots in the first six ends by Martyn Dolby's home rink, while conceding only one, quickly put Stamford A in the driving seat in their Over 60 Double rink third round match against old rivals Sleaford A on Tuesday morning.

And with Jeff Newson's quartet simultaneously holding their ground at Sleaford it mean Stamford led overall 27-17 after ten ends.

Both Stamford rinks suffered a blip in the second half, as Sleaford got within four shots overall but six shots by Dolby's rink in the last four ends put the result beyond doubt.

Stamford play the next round (last 32) on January 8 against former title winners Lincoln - comfortable 43-21 winners over Sleaford B.

Result (Stamford names only)

Over 60 Double rink: Sleaford A 32 Stamford A 41. Home - D Hudson, M Owens, P Edwards, M Dolby won 24-15; away - B Warters, T Scarr, Roger Martin, J Newson drew 17-17.


Stamford Men's B team have a chance to move up into the promotion reckoning on Saturday when they entertain Skegness (2pm).

They are currently on 36 points - 26 behind leaders Boston B from whom they have already taken a maximum 18 points. So another maximum would take them with eight of the leaders. No pressure, then!

Stamford B team (home to Skegness): T Barwell, D Veasey, D Middleton, K Gentry; R Blake, D Henshaw, D Heffernan, M Owens; D Bruce, K Rippin, M Hebden, T Christie; D Howarth, A Lonslow, A McNaughton, D King; R Graham, M Cullingworth, R Montgomery, A Barnes. Res M Hewitt, T Mackie.


Stamford face a star-studded Kingsthorpe  at Northampton on Sunday (10am) in a third round match in the Top Club competition which demands four disciplines - men's and women's singles, and mixed pairs, triples and fours.

Stamford : Singles - Adam Warrington and Christine Ford; pairs - Katie Bailey & Tristan Morton; triples - John Holroyd, Shirley Suffling & Jon Earl; fours- Elizabeth Wallace, Helen Holroyd, Bob Warters, Martyn Dolby.

Smashed Plates! Double defeats in Denny and Yetton

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Stamford's Over 60s team are top of the Lincolnshire League Division Two. They are pictured after their latest win at Skegness. Full story below. (image by Janet Lonslow).

Hopes of progress for Stamford men in the national Denny Plate inter-club competition were cruelly dashed against Boston - just two shots separating the teams after 84 ends of bowls.

For the Stamford women, competing simultaneously in the Yetton Plate against Church Gresley from Derbyshire, the margin was more convincing with a 15-shots Margin after 21 ends of intense competition.

For the men against Boston, there were many twists and turns among the two rinks playing at home and the two away before it was left to the rink skipped by Jeff Newson at Boston to try to salvage a tied score and force an extra end.

With three of the four rinks completed - and the telephone lines open and on hold between the two venues - Stamford trailed by three shots overall, Tristan Morton's rink having secured a 26-17 victory over Jonathan West including picking up a game changing six count on the 15th end.

It finally left Newson with one bowl to deliver an almost impossible shot- remove a Boston bowl from the rink while keeping his own in the count for three shots to force an extra end.

It proved just out of reach and Stamford fell short by two shots.

Earlier at Stamford, Jon Earl's rink fell 11-19 adrift before picking up 10 in the last six ends to win 21-19 while on the adjoining rink, skipped by Martyn Dolby, they led 18-11, only to concede a crucial five on the penultimate end in a 22-19 win.

Results (Stamford names first) : 

Denny Plate: Stamford 79 Boston 81. Home - D Hudson, M Humphreys, P Edwards, M Dolby beat N Dunnington, T Powell, A Tomlin, S Whyers 22-19; W Aspinall, J Holroyd, A Warrington, J Earl beat A Field, R White, G Parker, L Feary 21-19; away - P Dalliday, B Warters, J Harford, T Morton beat B Reeson, A Hodgson, R West, J West 26-17; R Allam, T Scarr, Roger Martin, J Newson lost to I Clark, G Hardstaff, P Flatters, R Vinter 10-26.

For the Stamford women it was always going to be an uphill struggle against their opponents from Swadlincote when the respective combined scores came through of 15-32 and 28-49 at the fifth and tenth ends.

And although the rinks skipped by Denise Mackie at home and Glenys Edwards, away won 21-16 and 23-17 respectively the struggles of their other rinks were reflected in the overall scores.

Result (Stamford names only):

Yetton Plate: Stamford 71 Church Gresley 86. Home - J Want, J Robinson, C Warters, D Mackie won 21-16; R Roberts, F Rogers, P Birch, M Bloxham lost 12-28; away - J Brennan, P Jones, S Suffling, C Ford lost 15-25; E Wallace, M Holroyd, H Holroyd, G Edwards won 23-17.


Stamford's over 60 seniors' Lincolnshire League side retained their top spot in the second division with a 14-4 victory at Skegness. It keeps them six points clear of nearest rivals Lincoln B who took 16 points from their C team and have a game in hand.

Top rink was that skipped by John Little, making his senior season debut with Ron Blake, Derek Veasey and Keith Rippin. They won 28-9 and were chiefly responsible for the convincing 99-84 scoreline.

Credit also to the rinks skipped by Mick Owens and Trevor Christie, who claimed 22-17 and 18-17 wins respectively, the latter winning the last six ends from an 11-17 deficit.

Results (Stamford names only): 

Lincolnshire Over 60s League Division Two: Skegness 84 (4pts) Stamford 99 (14). A Romaine, D Henshaw, D Bruce, K Vinter lost 16-17; R Blake, D Veasey, K Rippin, J Little won 28-9; A Lonslow, D Miller, D Heffernan, T Christie won 18-17; D Howarth, M Hawkes, A March, Richard Martin lost 15-24; T Barwell, J Bourne, T Mackie, M Owens won 22-17.


Alan Romaine and Tony Barwell were outstanding in qualifying for the final stages of the Lincs County pairs. They beat Bob Warters and Tristan Morton (deputising for Simon Law) 15-14, Barwell drawing with pinpoint accuracy for a second shot when an extra end look almost inevitable.


Scunthorpe has never been a happy hunting ground for points in the Lincolnshire League for Stamford teams and so it proved once more when the mixed team travelled north by coach in search of success to bolster their Division Two aspirations.

Christine Ford's players, however, returned empty-handed - beaten on all rinks by a home side, who knew all the idiosyncrasies of the surface and took full advantage.

The team's next match is at Lincoln on December 23.

Result (Stamford names only):

Lincolnshire Mixed League Division Two: Scunthorpe 124 (18 pts) Stamford 64 (0). J Dye, T Mackie, D Mackie, K Rippin lost 13-19; M King, J Suffling, S Suffling, D King lost 11-26; Mick Smith, V Du'Kett, P Jones, A McNaughton lost 10-33; E Wallace, A Lonslow, M Wallace, C Ford  lost  13-24; J Lonslow, C Warters, M Dye, B Warters lost 17-22.

FOOTNOTE: Father and daughter Paul and Katie Bailey are out of the national mixed pairs - beaten by Spalding's Lauren Finbow and Jordan Philpott 16-8.

Setback for women against Boston

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Stamford Women's Trudy Bates League team (from the left): Stella Henshaw, Chris Ford, Peggy Birch, Flick Rogers, Shirley Suffling, Alison Lea, Janet Dye, Margaret King, Sue Gentry, Glenys Edwards, Pat Jones, Rosemary Roberts, Denise Mackie, Margaret Broadbelt, Margaret Andrews, Maggie Holden, Helen Holroyd, June Brennan, Janet Lonslow, Carol Warters. Pictured below in action: Margaret King (images by Alan Romaine).

Stamford's womefn bowlers suffered a setback to the Trudy Bates Lincs A League aspirations - comprehensively beaten by Boston 84-107, claiming only four of the 14 points at stake.

Only the rinks skipped by Helen Holroyd and captain Glenys Edwards emerged with credit in a disappointing overall performance.

Result: (Stamford names only):

Lincs Trudy Bates League A: Stamford 84 (4pts) Boston 107 (12). j Brennan, M Holden, C Warters, D Mackie lost 10-27; J Lonslow, M Andrews, P Jones, H Holroyd won 28-14; R Roberts, J Dye, S Henshaw, P Birch lost 9-25; M King, A Lea, S Suffling, C Ford lost 13-26; F Rogers, S Gentry, M Broadbelt, G Edwards won 24-15. 


No joy for Stamford's senior women in the Mason's (Over 60s) Trophy double rink competition. The 'B' team were beaten 46-30 by Spalding, who now play Stamford A who received a walk over from March IBC.

Result (Stamford names only): 

Mason Trophy: Spalding 46 Stamford B 20. Home - J Brennan, M Broadbelt, S Suffling, C Ford lost 18-21; away - J Want, S Henshaw, C Warters, D Mackie lost 12-25.

In their first round national Over 50 triples, Bob Warters, Cliff Watson and Keith Rippin beat Ray Keating's rink 22-16.

Stephen Harris picked for England Under 25s

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Stamford and Blackstones bowler Stephen Harris (22) has been called up for his first England Under 25 cap and will compete in the international series against Scotland, Ireland and Wales at Aberdeen in February.

His sister Louise (20) also competed in the England women's Under 25 final trial, held simultaneously at Rugby Thornfield IBC at the weekend, but alongside fellow Stamford IBC bowler Helen Holroyd (23), failed to make the final selection.

For Stephen, the nomination to play for his country as lead in a rink which includes players from Yorkshire, Kent and Cambridgeshire, it is the culmination of a decade of rising success as both a junior and fully fledged senior.

In April he retained the Lincolnshire indoor singles title and in September reached the final of the prestigious Stamford Open singles, beating current world No.1 Greg Harlow in the semi-final.

He was also a member of the Lincolnshire side that won the English inter-county Liberty Trophy title earlier this year.

While playing his domestic leagues and competitions at Stamford, Stephen has also joined the Spalding indoor club this year, where he plays national competitions and leads in the pairs for fellow international Graham Smith.

Lincs competition qualifiers almost complete

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All but a handful of matches have still to be played in the domestic qualifying rounds to complete Stamford's quota of entries into the knock-out phases of the Lincolnshire indoor championships. They must be completed by next week.

Among the latest qualifiers are father and son Mark and James Hebden whom, together with Mark's father-in-law Trevor Christie, beat Bob Warters, Neil Wright and Jeff Newson, substituting for Adam Warrington. Cliff Watson, Peter Edwards and Roger Martin had already qualified in this event.

However, the family team with Paul Galloway, were beaten 17-13 in the final fours qualifier by Wright, Warrington, Mick Linnell and Mike Humphreys. The other qualifiers are Owen and Wayne Aspinall, Garry Knights and Chris Ballard.

Through in the men's singles (to be played at Lincoln and District on February 9) are John Holroyd, Derek King, Alan Romaine, Mike Ramsden and Ballard.

In the Over 60s singles, Martyn Dolby and Warters - both former winners of the title - together with Richard Allam and Christine Ford, will represent the club at Boston on February 17, with Ford, King and Keith Gentry booking places in the Open sets singles at 
Sleaford on February 16.

In the mixed pairs, John and Moira Holroyd, Derek and Margaret King and Chris Ballard & Helen Holroyd, who put out last year's losing finalists Chris Ford and Martyn Dolby, have made it through to the knock-out rounds, where opponents from Spalding, Sleaford, Grantham and Skegness are possibilities.

County semi-finals are at Horncastle on March 30 with the finals at Boston on April 28.

In the Lincs IBA women's knock out for a place in the semi-finals, Louise Harris will represent Stamford in the singles at Horncastle in February 24. June Brennan and Christine Ford will play in the pairs at Grantham on January 29.


Stamford's Top Club team are likely to face their stiffest opposition yet when they travel to Northampton on December 16 (10am) to play a Kingsthorpe side littered with England internationals.

However, captain Paul Bailey is confident his side can put up a good performance with Tristan Morton combining with Paul's talented daughter Katie in the pairs.

The competition demands a range of mixed disciplines played over 18 ends with men's and women's singles 21-up.

Team: Singles - Adam Warrington and Christine Ford, pairs - Katie Bailey and Tristan Morton; triples - John Holroyd, Shirley Suffling & Jon Earl; fours - Elizabeth Wallace, Helen Holroyd, Bob Warters & Martyn Dolby.

Top of the table Stamford A topple Lincoln

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Stamford Men's A team confirmed its determination to regain the Lincolnshire League Division One title it won in 2017 with an emphatic 33-shot defeat of defending champions Lincoln A.

The home side mopped up 16 of the 18 points at stake, which takes them to the top of the table with 60 points from four matches - eight points clear of their Lincoln rivals who have played the same number of games.

On a surface similar in speed to their own carpet, the Lincoln players - albeit missing some of the stars who had beaten Stamford in their recent Egham Trophy clash - kept pace with the home side as both sides jostled for an advantage.

However, by the 15-end mark, Stamford began to press home their advantage with league debutant Jeff Newson's rink building an 18-6 lead while Martyn Dolby's four held a 17-8 advantage.

Elsewhere captain Paul Bailey was 17-13 ahead while Jon Earl, making a welcome return,  was neck and neck with the opposition. 

Fears that Roger Martin's quartet were struggling against Ben Wilson, were 5-20 behind and might effect the overall result, were soon allayed when they picked up 10 shots in four ends to put the aggregate result beyond doubt.

Earl's rink also came with a late flourish with a seven count on the last end, while Dolby's four took the rink honours at 28-9.

Results (Stamford names only)

Lincolnshire League Division One: Stamford A 105 (16 pts) Lincoln A 72 (2). Dave Hudson, Mal Smith, Peter Edwards, Martyn Dolby won 28-9; Richard Allam, Mick Linnell, Mick Humphreys, Jon Earl won 20-16; Alan Romaine,Jay Travis-Jenner, Adam Warrington, Paul Bailey won 21-15; Mike Ramsden, John Holroyd, Neil Wright, Jeff Newson won 21-10; Chris Ballard, Cliff Watson, Bob Warters, Roger Martin lost 15-22.


Less than week after suffering an 18 point whitewash at Spalding, Stamford men's B team gained partial revenge by beating their rivals 120-77 in their Lincs League Division Two return fixture.

They may have collected only 14 of the 18 points at stake but at least regained bragging rights in winning three of the five rinks, with captain Roger Graham, Malcolm Cullingworth, Richard Montgomery and Alan Barnes taking the rink honours with a comprehensive 35-11 win over Mick Dolton.

Spalding included late replacement skips Kevin Ekins and Andy Dunham - both members of the county's Liberty Trophy side - and it was they who took the points for their team with narrow defeats of Stamford rinks skipped by David Hefferman and Keith Rippin.

Other winning Stamford skips were Trevor Christie and Keith Gentry.

Stamford B's next fixture is at home to Skegness on December 15 (2pm).

Results (Stamford names only):

Lincs Men's League Division Two. Stamford B 120 (14 pts) Spalding 77 (4). P Linnell, J Hebden, M Hebden, T Christie won 25-16; R Graham, M Cullingworth, R Montgomery, A Barnes won 35-11; T Barwell, D Veasey, D Middleton, K Gentry won 29-15; R Blake, D Henshaw, M Hewitt, D Heffernan lost 15-17; A Lonslow, D Miller, A McNaughton, K Rippin lost 16-18.

Changes for Denny Plate tie against Boston

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Stamford captain Paul Bailey has made a handful of changes for the crucial Denny Plate third round match against Boston on Saturday, December 8 (10am), including leaving himself on the sidelines.

Jon Earl and Martyn Dolby return to skip the two home rinks with Roger Martin switching to No.3 to Jeff Newson, who moves up to skip in place of the unavailable Simon Law.

Boston are likely to be stronger than the side beaten by Stamford in a recent county league fixture but Stamford, too will have the added benefit of several replacements.

Home - Dave Hudson, Mike Humphreys, Peter Edwards, Martyn Dolby.
               Wayne Aspinall, John Holroyd, Adam Warrington, Jon Earl

Away - Paul Dalliday, Bob Warters, James Harford, Tristan Morton.
             Richard Allam, Tony Scarr, Roger Martin, Jeff Newson

Sleaford next for seniors in Double Rink

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After an explosive start in which they led 21-1 overall after just five of the 18 ends, Stamford A finally overcame local rivals Spalding by 20 shots in their second round National Over 60s Double Rink clash on Tuesday.

Spalding never recovered from trailing Martyn Dolby's rink 0-15 at the five end stage in Stamford while at Spalding, Jeff Newson's quartet led 6-1 against John Needham.

Dolby was pegged back to 17-12 by Maurice Elding after 14 ends but finally crushed their resolve with sevhen shots in the closing stages. For Newson, a 17-3 lead with the match out of Spalding's reach was finally trimmed to 18-9.

Stamford play Sleaford A home and away on Tuesday, December 11 (10am).

Result (Stamford names first):
EIBA Over 60s Double rink: Spalding 22 Stamford 42. Home- D Hudson, M Owens, P Edwards, M Dolby beat D Overton, M Doulton, R Perkins, M Elding 24-13; away - B Warters, T Scarr, Roger Martin, J Newson beat J Laud, B Davis, G Wright, J Needham 18-9.


County Men's Bowls League champions Lincoln A visit Stamford A on Saturday aiming to seek revenge for the only defeat they suffered last season in their winning campaign.

Hoping to finish the season unbeaten they were turned over by a Stamford side whose chances of defending the title they won the previous season had already evaporated.

The two teams are still the main challengers for 2018-19 championship - Lincoln having won their first three home fixtures to head the table with 50 points, while Stamford are also unbeaten with 44 points from three away fixtures. Eighteen points are at stake on Saturday.

Stamford will have some tried and tested combinations skipped by Martyn Dolby, Roger Martin and captain Paul Bailey and also fresh ones including new members Jeff Newson and skip Trevor Collins paired with Mike Ramsden and Neil Wright.

John Holroyd also hopes to be fit to skip Mick Humphreys alongside Richard Allam and Mick Linnell.

Performances will also give Bailey an insight Into selection for next week's crucial Denny Plate match against Boston.

Stamford A (v Lincoln A 1.10pm): A Romaine, J Travis-Jenner, A Warrington, P Bailey; C Ballard, C Watson, B Warters, Roger Martin; D Hudson, Mal Smith, P Edwards, M Dolby; M Ramsden, N Wright, J Newson, T Collins; R Allam, M Linnell, M Humphreys, J Holroyd. Res K Rippin, M Cullingworth, R Montgomery.


Such is their perceived strength in depth and competition for places, that for the first time, Stamford have entered two teams in the EIBA Masons Trophy - double rink competition for women aged 60 plus.

Played home and away simultaneously on Friday, December 7 (10am), Stamford A play March, while Stamford B play local rivals Spalding.

Stamford A ( v March) Home - R Roberts, F Rogers, P Birch, M Bloxham; E Wallace,  M King, M Andrews , G Edwards.

Stamford B (v Spalding) : Home -  J Brennan, M Broadbelt, S Suffling, C Ford; Away - J Want, S Henshaw, C  Warters, D Mackie.

FOOTNOTE: The Stamford women's team to play Church Gresley (home and away simultaneously) in the Yetton Plate on December 8 (11 am) has been announced as: Home - J Want, J Robinson, C Warters, D Mackie; R Roberts, F Rogers, P Birch, M Bloxham; away - J Brennan, P Jones, S Suffling, C Ford; E Wallace, M Holroyd, H Holroyd, G Edwards. 


Louise Harris and Helen Holroyd from the Stamford Indoor Club head to Rugby Thornfield on Sunday for the final England Under 25 women's trial to select four rinks to compete in the British Isles International series in Belfast in February.

Louise's brother Stephen - a member at both Stamford and Spalding - will be playing simultaneously in the final England men's under 25 trial on adjoining rinks.


The new combination of Neil Wright and Helen Holroyd made an impressive debut in the EIBA mixed pairs competition, defeating Grantham's Margaret and Richard Barratt 20-10.

They are at home to Ruby Hill and Matt Whyers in the next round while Paul and Katie Bailey face Lauren Finbow and Jordan Philpott.


With an eye on next week's Yetton Plate match with Church Gresley, Stamford women face Boston at home on Wednesday (10.30am) with a team almost unchanged from that which took maximum points from Sleaford in the last Lincs (Trudy Bates) A League match

Stamford (v Boston) : J Want, M Holden, C Warters, D Mackie; R Roberts, J Dye, S Henshaw, P Birch; J Lonslow, M Andrews, P Jones, H Holroyd; F Rogers, S Gentry, E Wallace, G Edwards; M King, A Lea, S Suffling, C Ford.


After a run of good results, the prospects of Stamford regaining promotion from the second division of the Lincs Over 60s League will be severely tested when they visit Skegness on December 6 (10.30am).

However, captain David Heffernan has pulled together another experienced side which he hopes will deliver and maintain pressure on promotion rivals Lincoln B who trail league leaders Stamford by eight points but with a game in hand.

Stamford (v Skegness): D Howarth, T Weaver, A March, Richard Martin; A Lonslow, D Miller, D Heffernan, T Christie; T Barwell, J Bourne, T Mackie, M Owens, R Blake, D Veasey, K Rippin, J Little; A Romaine, D Henshaw, D Bruce, K Vinter.


Stamford Indoor Bowls Club in South Lincolnshire stages its annual Under 18 Junior Open singles tournament on Sunday, March 10 with a prize pot of £150. It aims to attract a maximum of 32 of the best young talent nationwide.

Entry for the competition costs £5 and will be played to a sets format with a guaranteed three matches. Players must be under 18 on the day of the event and forms can be downloaded from the junior section of the Stamford IBC website (


Spalding fielded two of their international stars - Jordan Philpott and Graham Smith - to set up a comprehensive Lincs Men's League Division Two defeat of Stamford B on Sunday.

But while Philpott's rink took an 18-1 lead against Keith Gentry and finally won 25-16, Trevor Christie quartet fought hard against Smith and only lost 22-18, conceding four in the last two ends.

Stamford B have a chance for quick revenge, entertaining Spalding in the reverse fixture on Sunday (2pm).

Results (Stamford names only):

Lincs Men's League Division Two: Spalding 108 (18 pts) Stamford B 73 (0). A Lonslow, D Miller, A McNaughton, D King lost 12-23; R Blake, D Henshaw, D Heffernan, M Owens lost 12-15; P Linnell, T Mackie, M Hebden, T Christie lost 18-22; T Barwell, D Veasey, M Hewitt, K Gentry lost 16-25; D Howarth, R Graham, R Montgomery, A Barnes lost 15-23.


Northants Federation A team will play Huntingdonshire away on Sunday (10am) in the next series of Derbyshire Trophy matches while the Northants B team travel to Lincoln and District IBA to take on Lincs.

With the return of Tristan Morton, the A team will be re-shuffled to accommodate the England international. 

He will be joined by Bob Warters at lead and Mick Humphreys with Roger Martin playing alongside his namesake Brian Martin in Jeff Newson's rink. Nick Wilkie returns to replace Stephen Harris who is unavailable.

Says team captain James Harford: "I am happy with the continued support from my team and especially how Brian Martin stepped up to the standard we have set after a late start to his indoor season at Peterborough."

Northants A v Huntingdon: P Dalliday, J Harford, S Law;N Wilkie, T Scarr, M Dolby;B Martin, R Martin, J Newson; B Warters, M Humphries, T Morton 

The B team is as follows: Les Sharp, Ray Keating, Mick Linnell; Brian Bassam, Dick Noble, Graham Agger; Richard Allam, John Holroyd, Jon Earl; Malcolm Squires, Cliff Watson, Peter Brown.

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