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Draft Sailing Calendar 2019
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 How to find us in Tauranga   Saturdays 11am to 4pm, Wednesday 1pm to 4pm

 How to find us in Waihi         Sundays 11am to 4pm, Wednesday 1pm to 4pm

 How to find us in Rotorua     (Monday's but phone to confirm)

 TRSC FOR SALE PAGE      (###  updated 19/5/19   ###  Be in QUICK !)

 Other useful Links   

25th& 26th May 2019 Canterbury J Class North Island Champs draft Entry Form (pdf)

25th& 26th May 2019 Canterbury J Class North Island Champs draft Notice of Race (pdf)

25th& 26th May 2019 Canterbury J Class North Island Champs draft Sailing Instructions (pdf)

18th TRSC Saturday Sailing

17th DF65 at Papamoa

16th NZL IOM Class Committee

11th May Another Light Saturday session

10th May DF65's at Papamoa

8th May Fun Wednesday Photos

7th May Setting up a FS-i6 Transmitter

4th May Light Saturday Racing

3rd May  DF65 sailing report and Photos

2nd May OneTalk NZYRA newsletter

1st May Fun Wednesday photos

28th April Jared sails with us at Waihi (Waihi Leader)

27th April  Another drifting Saturday but we kept moving

26th April  DF65's out at Papamoa

26th to 28th Commodores Cup Westhaven https://www.facebook.com/WRS.org.nz/

24th April Alf is Flying on a light fun Wednesday

23rd April Kens new IOM Ian Vickers V8 Build hits the Water

20th April Tauranga Saturday Photos and results

19th April Fourteen DF65's out at Papamoa

18th April Videos of Otago IOM Champs in Dunedin

17th April Tga Fun Wednesday Photos

14th April Fun Sunday in Waihi

13th April Twenty Long Saturday Races on a Fantastic Breeze

                Johns RC Sailing Rules.  Everything you should Know.

12th April Friday DF65's at Papamoa

10th April Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

7th April  Video Catching a ride on a DF65 (not in NZ)

6th April  Very Light and Shifty Saturday in Tauanga

6th April  IOM for sale on trademe

5th April  DF65's interclub between Rotorua and Papamoa Sailors

4th April Do it your self IOM kits from Frank Russel

4th April Thursday Electrons in Papamoa

3rd April  Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

31st March No sunscreen need for Sunday fun in Waihi

30th March The keen ventured out with a wet start

27th March Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

26th DF65 out at Papamoa

24th March BOP Touring Series - Waihi - Round three photos and results

23rd March TRSC Saturday Sailing

23rd March  Obituary Trevor Lane

21st  March  Light in Morrinsville today

20th Thirty DG65 now in the region, Papamoa Island Pond

20th March - A light afternoon in Tauranga

16 March  Tauranga Lakes  Saturday Racing

                The Secret Morrinsville Sailing Pond 

10 March Results of the Day - Traveler Series Two in Rotorua

10 March Instructions how to get to Rotorua this Sunday

10 March  Maps to get to Rotorua this coming Sunday

9 March  Saturday Racing Photos

6 March  Fun Sailing in Tauranga and More Photos :)

6 March  Fun Sailing in Waihi

4 March   DG65 The Sun Weekend Sailing with Dusty in Papamoa - Papamoa DF65's TUESDAY AND FRIDAYS 1PM TO 3.30PM 


3 March   Sunday - Traveler Series One starts in Tauranga

2 March   Saturday Sailing Session Photos & Photos

1 March   Video of Foiling Mini 40 in Tauranga

27 Feb Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

23 Feb  Lighter Saturday Racing photos

22 Feb  Boat measuring thanks to Dave and Carl

21 Feb  You Tube Video "This is Radio Sailing"

19 Feb  32 sailors on 22 to 24th March hit the road for SI Champs

16 Feb  Saturday photos, results and more photos... 

             Rigging Tips Video and much, much, much, more at iomsdownunder

14 Feb  Aussie Nationals are underway, go Kiwi's... News

13 Feb  Fun Wednesday Photos More Photos

12 Feb   TRSC committee meeting to discuss nzrya letters and our clubs response

9 Feb   Saturday Session     Results , more photos & RO report


6 Feb   Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

4 Feb   NZRYA three committee members have resigned

3 Feb   Sunday Fun in the Sun at Waihi

Feb    VTNZ All Classes Regatta Photos and more Photos and Results

             Sailing Rules Windward  top mark port and starboard rounding's

30 Jan  
Fun Wednesday Session and more photos :)

             Sailing Video Mark Room at "Four" Boat Lengths Circle

26 Jan  IOM Saturday Photos and Results             

             More Saturday photos                    

             Our risk management plan requires life jacket to be warn at all times while in the Dinghy H&S Document

23 Jan    Windy Fun Wednesday

               America's Cup update video

20 Jan  Waihi Sunday session

             Sailing Rules Video - Port / Starboard

19 Jan  IOM Saturday Handicap Starts

18 Jan  A bit of NZ woody action on facebook

16 Jan  Fun Wednesday 190116 190116a

             Our Super Stars Blast from the Past Past

12 Jan   IOM Saturday 190112  190112a

               Sailing Rules Video  Only "one" turn for penalty 

10th Jan Royal Palm Beach 191010

               Kwik Twist for your side stay wire

9th Jan   IOM Tauranga Fun Wednesday More Photos

9th Jan   IOM Fun Wednesday Tauranga        

9th Jan   IOM Fun Wednesday Waihi  

6th Jan   IOM Saturday 190105

3rd Jan   Royal Palm Beach 190103

2nd Jan  Fun Wednesday 190102

29th December         IOM Saturday 181229 

 26th December        Boxing Wednesday 181226     

 22nd December       IOM Saturday 181222

 19th December        Fun Wednesday 181219

 15th December        IOM Saturday 181215

 12th December        Fun Wednesday 181212

 8th December          IOM Saturday 181208

 5th December          Fun Wednesday 181205

 1st December          IOM Saturday 181201

 28th November        Fun Wednesday 181128

 17th November        IOM Saturday 181117

 14th November        Fun Wednesday 181114

 10th November        IOM Saturday 181110

7th November              TRSC AGM Minutes 

7th November          Fun Wednesday 181107

 3rd November          IOM Saturday 181103

 31st October            Fun Wednesday 181031

 28th October           IOM Sunday 181028

 24th October           Fun Wednesday 181024

 20th October           IOM Saturday 181020

 17th October           Fun Wednesday 181017

 13th October           IOM Saturday 181013

 10th October           Fun Wednesday 181010

 6th/7th Oct              2018 BoP IOM Champs       Final Results

 5th September    You Tube Video of  Waihi Wednesday 180905 

 April                         J Class NI Champs

 Please learn these,

  -  Port boat keeps clear of starboard boat

  - Windward boat keeps clear of leeward boat on the same tack

  -  Mark rounding, Don't dive inside boats that have entered the four boat lengths circle unless you had an overlap (Please ask one of us how to work out overlap)

  -  If you have broken a rule, sail clear asap, and then take your penalty turn(s) until you have not gained advantage on the boat you infringed, thanks

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