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Tauranga Draft Sailing Calendar 2018 (updated 04/2018)                                                                        

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Expected Behaviour                   Overlapped Mark Roundings

Please be careful when parking at our venues, to prevent cutting up the grass, drive slowly on the grass especially in the wet and approach from the roadside only - do not take long journeys across the grass. No more than 2 cars deep and no closer to the houses than the driveway entrance for the park. Thanks.

Steve Walters is still knocking 20% of until the end of May.

I was talking to Graham R - about costs etc - I have some shorts of mast tubes 

here - they make great booms - and I have all the fittings to suit - I use the 11mm 

on my V10 - Ok its not as lite as the arrow shaft - but it is stronger when you have 

that little hook up with other boats or marks.!

The lengths are around the 450 - 550 mm range - cost is only $5

Also a lot of people were slow to take up the 20% so we will run it thru May also -

Still lots of fittings here .

Playing by the Rules

Results Page             Please check your RO Duty Days                 

26th May                 IOM Saturday 180526

23rd May                 A few mad sailors turned up and promptly disappeared when the rain arrived

19th May                 IOM Saturday 180519

16th May                 Fun Wednesday 180516

12th May                 Sailing abandoned due to lack of wind and persistent showers

9th May                   Fun Wednesday 180509

6th May                   Pre2000 Event Day2

5th May                   Pre2000 Event Day1

2nd May                  Fun Wednesday 180502

28th April                 IOM Saturday 180428

25th April                 Fun Wednesday 180425

21st April                 IOM Saturday 180421

18th April                 Windy Brigs for the dozen sailors that came down for a blast, tight racing in shifty conditions with a few C rig blasts.

14th April                 IOM Saturday 180414

11th April                 Fun Wednesday 180411

April                         J Class NI Champs

7th April                   IOM Saturday 180407

4th April                   Fun Wednesday 180404

25th March              BoP Touring Champs Round 3 180325

11th March              BoP Touring Champs Round 2 180311

4th March                BoP Touring Champs Round 1 180304

21st January            Marblehead CS1

20th January            VTNZ All Classes TGA 25th Aniversary Regatta


2nd December          Wooden Boat Regatta 171202

5th November          2017 BoP Champs day 2

4th November          2017 BoP Champs day 1


For any older or other results and photos please contact the webmaster, tgarsc@gmail.com

From the excellent Blog: Racing Rules of Sailing - Look to Windward

 A good basic set of rules that can help teach the RRS in its simplest form.


Ten Racing Rule Commandments:


 1) Port keeps clear of starboard.

 2) Windward keeps clear of leeward when overlapped.

 3) When on the same tack a boat astern keeps clear of a boat ahead.

 4) A boat Tacking keeps clear of one that is not tacking.

 5) Avoid collisions. Racing Rules are defensive to prevent collisions not offensive racing tactics.

 6) If you gain right of way or change your course, give the other boat time (room) to keep clear.

 7) The inside overlapped boats at four boat lengths from the mark are entitled to room to round the mark.

 8) A boat that is backing-up or not racing must keep clear.

 9) If you have broken a rule, always get well clear as soon as you can, and then take your penalty turn.

 10) It is better to give way, than to spend hours in a protest room.