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It is winter – Local fields are very wet!

Please help protect our local park by carefully backing your vehicle off. Thank you! 

2024 Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

TRSC 31 years Quick History Page  TRSC Facebook Page Here



WE WILL BE THERE AT THESE TIMES - tgarsc@gmail.com

        Saturdays  - IOM 1pm Start at Landing  Jetty             

Wednesday - IOM 1pm at Landing Jetty

IOM Scoria Close Jetty - Lake Taurikura - Google Maps

Mondays - DF65 1pm at Bus Stop            

Thursdays - DF65 1pm at Bus Stop 

DF65 Lakeview Quay Bus Stop - Google Mapsll-da

 Other local sailing venues; 

Vehicles Back off Grass, Winter Soft Grass, look after our venue please !

Please help setup (& pack-up) before launching or leave.  Do your Bit !

Wash your hands before consuming food - Lakes Algal Bloom

11th July 24 - Balmy DF65 Thursday Session

10th July 24 - Challenging Wind Conditions Lead to Exciting Races

10th July 24 -  9th July 24 - IOM Frank5 - Another Week Closer :)

8th July 24 - Nice Light Monday at the Bus Stop DF65

6th July 2024  - Wattle Farms DF Weekend, Grahams's Report

6th July 2024 - TRSC IOM Saturday Session, Kens Report

5th Lake Katikati under construction Highfield stormwater pond  

4th July 24 - DF65 Perfect Winters Day Session

3rd July - Fun IOM Wednesday - Nice Breeze

2nd July - Wanted locally a 2nd Hand DF65 please tgarsc@gmail.com

1st July  - What type of IOM is this ???

29th June - A Nice Breeze for TRSC IOM winter IOM session

28 June 24 - Artificial Inteligent 2024 Buoy Bot Project 

27th June 24 - Thursday Ripper!

26th June - B to A Fun IOM Wednesday Windy Session

23 June 24 - ChatGPT told you - DF65 A verse A Plus rigs :)

22 June 24 - Not just a day for Ducks - IOM Saturday

20th June - Conditions improving at the Bus Stop DF65

19th June 24 - A Day 4 the MIST - IOM fun Wednesday

18th June 24 - Frank V being Cooked by Ken

17th June 24 - Oh No Not Again - Another light DF65 Monday

13th June 24 - Super Light Breeze for DF65 Thursday

12th June 24 - Good IOM Fleet for IOM Fun Wednesday

11th June  24 - Frank V with bottom Glassed bottom

10th June 24 - Lovely warm Monday at the Bus Stop

9th June 2024 - Ken's just Finished Planking Frank V - Sanding & Glassing next :)

8th June - Blue Sky Nice Winters IOM Saturday Session :)

6th June 24 - Very light conditions at The Bus Stop

5th June 24 - Which J of the 7 J's can drift to the finish first in Waihi?

5th June 24 - Fresh Fun IOM Wednesday session at we descend into winter sailing

4th June 24 - Lake Katikati under construction :) :) :)

3rd June 24 - Kings Birthday Monday - Phil Bourne passed away yesterday 

1st June 2024 - Nice IOM Saturday session in with a shift breeze

30th May 24 The Mighty DF65 Thursday Session

27th - Blimy it is cold at the Bus Stop DF65

25th May 24 - IOM Saturday with the Waihi Crew

23rd Mind Blowing DF65 Thursday Session

22nd May 24 - IOM fun Wednesday

20th May 2024 windless Monday df65 session

18 May 24 IOM Saturday Session

13th May 24 DF65 Sesson - Crickey

11th May - IOM Session - A cool breeze Saturday

10th May - Another Top DF65 Turnout

6th May 23 - A Bit winter DF65 Session

4th May 2023 - Strange IOM Session

2nd May 2024 - Dam winter is here... DF65 Thursday

1st May 2024 - Fun IOM Wednesday great turnout

29th Grey old day at Bus stop for another DF65 Session

27th April  - IOM Session Good Fleet

25th Light df65 Anzac afternoon session at the Bus Stop

24th April 24 Fun IOM Wednesday  - Solid A Rig

22nd April 2024 Breeze DF65 Monday Session

19th April 24 - DF65 Thursday Session at the Bus Stop

18th April - Fun IOM Wednesday with visitors from Te Puke Country Club

15th April - Wonderful sailing DF65s - Monday at the Bus Stop 

14th April - When I was young -  KF

Proposed 'Fun' interclub day at Tauriko with the Waihi IOM sailors - Pleae Talk with Pat

13th April - Small Saturday IOM fleet 

11th - Something different - Tauranga New Rescue Helicopter at work

8th April 24 - Balmy Monday DF65 Session

6th April 24 - Fun IOM Saturday Session

4th April 24 Thursday quite a nice day Df65 session :)

3rd April 24 Fun IOM Wednesday at the Lakes

31st March 2024 - Ken reflects on the last few days sailing

29th March - 2024 Burnco Marine DF65 Tauranga Club Champs at Matata

Interactive Rules Game https://game.finckh.net/situat/tit_gbr/0_titel_e.htm

28th March - A Bit Cooler DF65 session

27th March - Johns Solo IOM Session - Please watch out for Dolphins!

25th March 24 - Autumn Sailing of df65's

21st March 24 Beautifully DF65 Thursday session

20th March - Fluky IOM session at Lakes

16th March - J Class Lakes Session (facebook)

16th March - IOM Lakes Session (facebook)

14th March - Grim looking DF65 Thursday

13th March - Top End A - Windy Fun Wednesday :)

12th March 24 - Where did that Windy DF65 come from?

11th March - Windy day at the Bus Stop  - Facebook report

9th March 24 - IOM Saturday Tauranga Lakes Jetty

7th March - Grey Day at the DF65 Tauranga Lakes Thursday at the Bus Stop

6th March 2024 - Windy Fun Wednesday - A  nice day

3rd March 24 - Arron does Well in the South Island Champs

2nd March 2024 - IOM Saturday

1st March 2024 - IOM Kicking Strap Rule Change

29th Feb 2024 - Interesting Day for the DF65's at the bus stop

24th Feb - Light IOM Saturday Session

22nd Feb - Grey Day at DF65 Thursday Bus Stop

21st Feb 2024 - IOM Fun Wednesday - Very Shifty 

19th More Breeze at Bus stop for Df65's

17th IOM Saturday in Tauranga

17th/18th North Shore Regatta Results, Nigel and Aaron

15th Feb - Mind Boggling at the Bus Stop DF65's

14th Feb 2024 - Fun Wednesday Nice Session

12th Feb 2024 - These are the days we Enjoy DF65 Monday

11th Feb - 1st Aid - How to Use our Clubs AMBO BAG (video)

10th Feb 2024 - Big turnout for IOM Saturday Arvo

9th - Tricky Rule - Top Mark Rounding Overlapped. Leeward boat obligations?

9th - Tricky Rule - Top Mark Rounding  & become overlapped to leeward.

8th Feb 24 - Smaller DF65 Thursday Session

7th Feb 2024 - Fun Wednesday IOM Session

5th Feb 2024 -  Wow the Temperature was up.

4th Feb - DF65 that sinking feeling... on Facebook

3/2/24 - Wet and Wild - TRSC AGM 2024 

3/2/24 - Burnsco All Classes Regatta Report, storm, photos and results 

31st Jan 2024 - Windieee DF65 Thursday Session

29th - DF65 Monday - Ak Anniversary - Heaps of Boats

25th - DF65 Thursday - What a ripper

24th Jan 24 - Windy Fun IOM Wednesday

22nd - Kinlock Pond facebook video

20th Jan 24 - IOM Saturday - Lake Alive with Sail Boats

17th Jan 24 - Fun Wednesday awesome day

13th Jan 24 IOM Saturday with a perfect sea breeze

10th Jan 24 - Very Hot day at Jetty for IOM Fun Wednesday

8th Jan 24 - DF65 Monday 1pm - Very Hot day at the Bus Stop

6th Jan - Saturday 1pm IOM session

7th Jan - NOR- Matata DF65 Blue Light - Sunday from 12 till 4pm - Let me know if you want to borrow a df65 Facebook

6th Jan - IOM Saturday 1pm Jetty

4th Jan - DF65 Thursday 1pm at Bus Stop Starts up for 2024

3rd to 9th Jan - P Class Regatta Tauranga.  Centenary Race is being planned for January 6 at 3pm.

3rd Jan - Fantastic Weather for the Fun IOM Wednesday 2024

31st Dec Great IOM Saturday Session

30th Dec DF65 DF95 sail off fun session Papamoa Ponds

30th Dec 1pm IOM sailing Lakes Jetty, hope to see you there :)

28TH FUN Thursday IOM Session and DF65 Thursday in the distance

27th FUN IOM SAILING CANCELLED sailing Thursday instead.

23rd IOM - No reindeer in site, but great IOM sailing

20th Dec - Beautiful Fun IOM Wednesday

19th Dec - IOM Worlds 2024 AUSTRALIA - NZ Registration of Interest 

16th Dec - Aaron 1st at Thailand IOM Sports Days Regatta

16th Dec  - Tricky off shore with a few new sailors

15th Ian Vickers IOM sailing in USA Results Current

14th Dec 23 - DF65 - Dusted at the Bus Stop

11th Dec - a Light DF65 session at the Bus Stop

9th Dec 23 - IOM 1pm Saturday at the Jetty

8th Dec - Geoff Smale IOM regatta report from AK North Shore

7th Dec 23 - Strong winds Thursday 1pm for the DF65s at the Bus Stop

6th Dec 23 - Fun IOM Wednesday at the Jetty

6th Dec Reminder to vote in the NZRYA AGM Ballot

3rd Dec A Bit Damps on Monday for the DF65 crew

2nd Dec 2023 TRSC DF95 Champs Peter B's report and prize giving photos.

2nd Dec 2023 TRSC DF95 Club Champs at the Bus Stop - some water photos plus results

2nd Dec 2023 TRSC IOM Saturday at the Jetty (and some 95 photos) thanks Ken

Please help setup (& pack-up) before launching or leave.  Do your Bit !

30th Nov -14 Boats for DF65 Thursday at the bus stop

29th Nov 23 - Fun IOM Wednesday at the jetty & FBVideo

27th Nov 23 -  One out of the bag,  DF65s at the Bus Stop

26th Nov 23 - Woodie Prize giving photos thank to Ro Justin & his cool phone

26th Nov 2023 -  TRSC Beautifull Woodie Regatta photos from Peter B

26th Nov 2023 - Safety Alert for all sailors and cyclists.  Share with Care Please

25th TRSC Club Champs Results and Photo

23rd DF65 Thursday report on TRSC Facebook page

22nd IOM  Awesome Fun Wednesday IOM at the Jetty

20th DF65 Non even Monday DF65 report on TRSC Facebook page

18th - Arron travels to Lake Winston with his IOM -  Murray Roundtree - Results Here

18th - IOM Saturday Rained off - No reports sorry.

16th Nov 23 - DF65 Thursday at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

15th Nov 23 - Fun IOM Wednesday at Tauranga Lakes Jetty

14th Nov 23 - Tuesday 4pm - Turtle Lake - Hamilton

13th Nov 23 - The Breeze was up for DF65 Monday Session

12th Nov 23 - DF Racing AGM Notice

11th November 23 - Notice of 2023 NZRYA Inc. AGM. 

11th Nov 23 - Cracker df65 Saturday Morning in Papamoa

8th Nov 23 - Tricky Breeze at Bus Stop.  1pm DF65 Monday report and photos

7th Nov 23 - Lake Hamilton Fun DF65 4pm Tuesday Evening Session One

6th Nov 2023 - A nice day for some DF65 fun sailing at The Bus Stop

4th Nov 2023 - NZ IOM Nationals Race Officer Report

4th Nov 23 - 1pm IOM Saturday at the Jetty, one week later after IOM Nats.

2nd Nov 2023  A very hot day  DF65 Thursday 1pm Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

1st Nov 2023 - Thank you Tauranga from the IOM NCA

1st Nov - Fun IOM Wednesday Tauranga Jetty 1pm

1st Nov 2023 - 3d printer marks are the future? 3D printed radiosailyachts

26-29 Oct 202



2023 NZ IOM Nationals  Results - 18 Races PDF

Thanks to Everyone for their Help :)

Daily Videos, photos and reports below.

31st Oct - Some Friday IOM Nationals photos from Ken F

30th Oct - 20+ Videos of 2023 NZ IOM Nationals Videos Ian P, Ian V, Darryl P & Laurie H

30th Oct - Looking back we affiliated the TRSC for the 2010 IOM Nationals Tauranga

29th Oct 2023 -NZ IOM Nationals - Prize Giving photos from John Billinghurst

29th Oct - NZ IOM Nats - more photos from Marion R

29th Oct - NZ IOM National Day Three - Report and photos from John Billinghurst

28th Oct - NZ IOM Nat's Day Two afternoon Report and Photos from John Billinghurst

28th Oct - NZ IOM Nat's Day Two morning Report and photos from John Billinghurst

28th Oct - NZ IOM Nationals 2023 -More Photos from Marion R

28th Oct - DF65 Saturday morning Papamoa Ponds session from Pete 179

27th Oct - NZ IOM Nat's Day One - Report and photos from John Billinghurst

26th Oct 23 - Another fantastic day DF65'ing at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

26th Oct - NZ IOM Nationals Measuring in Tauranga Today.  Photos from John Billinghurst

26th Oct - More Measuring photos thanks to Marion R

25th Oct - Fun IOM Wednesday at the Jetty with an offshore breeze

23rd Oct - Labour Monday Pete's 2023 DF65 Five Hours Race report

22nd Oct - Ian Holt's - Wattle Farm's - Mini40 Regatta report

21st Oct - Huge TRSC IOM Club session with plenty of passing lanes today

20th Oct - Mini 40 multihulls racing at Wattle Farm Auckland this weekend.

20th Oct - Friday training -  Matata how to tune a DF65 

19th Oct 23 - Another great DF65 turnout at the Lakes Bus Stop

8th Oct - Fun IOM Wednesday with a couple of visitors :)

16th Oct - "What a Day" - DF65 fun down at the Lakes Bus Stop

16th - Tauranga Alternative IOM for sale $1800

15th - TRSC 2023 J Class Club Champs - Lake Gilmour - Waihi

15th Oct - More Waihi J Class photos & results

15th Oct - Top of the South IOM results - congrats Rob N

15th Oct - Scuttlebutt Sailing - not every regatta is a championship.

14th Oct 2023 - Another different IOM condition this spring afternoon

12th Oct - B rig change to A rig mid DF65 Session at the Bus Stop

11th Oct 23 - Solid A rig Fun IOM Wednesday at the Jetty

9th Oct - DF65 Monday - Photos of Dramatic Rescue & Some Results

8th Oct - Congrats to TRSC Arron T wins the Thailand Nationals :) :) :)

8th Oct - Wattle Farm Metre Monthly results

7th Oct - Unusual lighter spring IOM 1pm Saturday Session

5th Summer Afternoon 65'ing at the Bus Stop

4th Oct - 1pm IOM Fun Wednesday session at the Jetty

2nd October 2023 - DF65 Monday Blast at the Bus Stop

1st Oct -2023 NZRYA AGM & Election - Call for Nominations and Motions

30.9.2023 1pm IOM Sailing Tauranga Lakes with a wild Hail Storm to finish the day30.9.2023 Teaser Thailand Open IOM National Championship 202329.9.2023 RNB - Canterbury J Class Sails   - Sails and Rig packages to follow from Rob Nelson Boats28.9.2023 Funny old day DF65ing at the Bus Stop 27.9.2023 - Fun IOM Wednesday - Heavy to Light B rig Day with Bob23.9.2023 IOM Month Race Day. All Skippers Share RO Duties and Rules enforcement!22.9.23 - Roger HAMPTON Obituary (2023) Roger and Dizzy will be sadly missed at Lake Gilmour Waihi 21.9.23 - Lighter Spring DF65 Session at Lakes Bus Stop20.9.23 - B into A IOM session at the Lakes Jetty18.9.2023 - Windy DF65 Spring session at Lakes Bus Stop17th - What Is The Barging Rule? the most common foul that happens "My entire crew was really upset!” 16.9.2023 - IOM Saturday Afternoon Racing at the Jetty.  Photos thanks to Ken F16th Sept 2023 - Nice light breeze at the Papamoa Ponds Report thanks to Peter B15th Waiheke Island DF Website14.9.2023 Solid DF65 Thursday Session at Lakes13th Sep Fun IOM Wednesday A or B ?12th Toasted - Port Boat tacking in the zone at the top mark11.9.2023 Fun Spring Windy Monday at the Lakes9thSep2023 Great Spring IOM Saturday Arvo7th Spring is here please watch out for Sun Burn6th Sep 23 Good Session.  Bad Weather forecast Man.3rd Sept  We Need your help please for the IOM Nats3.9.2022 POSPONDED TRSC 5HR IOM2nd Sept Perfect Spring wind direction for IOM Session2nd DF65 Papamoa Saturday Morning Session

31st Aug Eleven DF65 had an enjoyable day

30th Aug 23 - Fun Wednesday - wind but trying conditions.

28th Aug 2023 Light DF65 Monday Session

26th IOM Saturday perfect day, great conditions 

26th heaps more iom photos, thank you Peter :)

26thAug23 - I enjoyed watching & taking photos of racing.

24thAug 23 - Fun Racing at The Bus Stop

24th -  Fantastic photo from yes-ter-year "America Dreamer"

23rd Fun IOM Wednesday 1pm Lakes Jetty

21st Aug 2023 Windy DF65 Monday at the Lakes Bus Stop

20th Thank you Ken for Letting us measure sails today at your place.

19th Aug - IOM Monthly Points day, Result /Photos here

                          & Welcome NZL83 new IOM John from Katitakti

19th Dennis sails his DF65 at Cooks Beach with 8 other locals. 

19th DF65 Fun Sailing Papapmoa Saturday Morning

17th Windy DF65 Thursday Session at the Lakes Jetty

16.8.23 Boys to busy having IOM  fun for photos or report today :)

14th Aug 23 - DF65 Monday at the Tauranga Lakes

13th Aug 23 -  Very light IOM arvo at Lake Gilmour, Waihi

13th New Plymouth IOM Classic Day Two.  Go 34!

12th Successful session IOM Saturday at the Lake Jetty

12th IOM Classic regatta in New Plymouth.  Do David !

10th Aug Laks Bus Stop Thursday DF65 Session

9th Aug 23 - Blue Skied fun Wednesday with good A rig breeze

9th Aug - around the world explained (facebook)

8th TRSC member -  Arron has just won in Thailand (facebook)

7th Aug another fantastic df65 session at the Lakes

5th Aug Polar opposite Beautiful day out of the box.  Best wishes to Owen

3rd Aug 23 - DF65 Thursday Survival condtions for the 10 skippers 

2nd Aug - I'm sailing my IOM, rain, hail, or shine.  And we did !!!

31st DF65 Monday Report at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

29th IOM Saturday Great Fleet, Great A rig conditions

28th Matata DF65 perfect Friday arvo session

27th Too windy for DF65 A rigs at the lakes

26th July 2023 A Very Windy Fun Wednesday IOM arvo session

25th DF95 Foiling kits for sale  at  Dragon Sailing North America

24th July 2023 - Df65 Fun at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

24th July 2023 - Upwind Mark starboard rounding - Port-Starboard Tack

24th July 2023 -Seamanship - To duck some do it very early, and easy your sheets first.  (if Last second tack away to minimize damage to hull and rigs)

24th Ross's Auckland Champs Facebook Videos from Hawkes Bay Model Boat Club / TRSC.  Awesome effort and well-done Ross.

24th July 2023 - HUGE KUDOS and much RESPECT to Ian Vickers with his brand new IOM V12

23rd July 2023 - Yachting rules interpretation - I am very confused.... One Penalty turn not matching My crime?

23rd Very successfully weekend for the TRSC team at the Auckland Champs day2, well done Dennis.

22nd AK IOM Champs Day one photos, nice work Dennis :)

22nd July 23 DF65's at Papamoa

22.7.23 Ak IOM Champs - Entries     Ak IOM Champs - Current Results

You Tube Videos - Neil's Cap Cam

20th DF65 Thursday at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

19th July - North Shore both Frank's due to get measurered, thanks Bob, 10 weeks

18th July more Matata photos thanks to Chloe in the motorhomes.  thanks Chloe :)

7th July Windy TRSC Lakes DF65 Monday session at the Bus Stop

16th DF65 and Df95 Ak Champs  news / results from the Weekend at Wattle Farm

15th Gusty wind with plenty of passing lanes at the Lakes Jetty

15th Good luck to Nigel at the DF65 Ak champs today.   Auckland Champ df65 results

14th July 2023 TRSC DF65 champs at Matata, 24 boats, What a turnout, Well done GDi

13th July DF65 Thursday at Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

12th July Fun IOM Wednesday with a bit of everything...

10th July today 12 well clothed skipper on DF65 Monday Arvo

9th So you know the rules 4 ? on facebook

8th July Silly, Silly, Silly but Fun.  A wet Saturday IOM light session with lots of visitors & Frank IV hits the water after an all nighter, fantastic job, thank You Ken  :)  --->)

6th July 2023 Awesome DF65 session at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

5th July IOM Getting Smacked around in a strong Wednesday Breeze

4 July 2023 - Latest  IOM Build Report from the Workshop

3 July - DF65's Blown Away

1.7.2023 Saturday IOM Session at the Lakes Jetty



 30th June 23 - Mega thanks to NZRYA Webmaster Neil D for all his years of work!!!

29th A mixed bag for the DF65 sailors at the Lakes

28th Yes, a prevailing Westerly was back for the IOM;s :)

26th Another great session at the DF65 Monday at the Lakes

25th Another IOM Sunday arvo in the Man Cave, things are moving fast

24th June an angry sky, but the rain held off for a great IOM Saturday afternoon session.

21st June 23 - Fun Wednesday with a very shifty breeze today

19th June 23 - Bad weather forecast but some great DF65 Monday sailing anyway :)

18th Hawkes Bay another IOM Build on Facebook :)

18th Weekly report from the Build in the Local IOM Man Cave

18th Entry Form for Wattle Farm Auckland Champs for DF65, DF95& IOM

18th June 2023 - TRSC AED Heart Starter - Please do a video refresher and know how

17th June 2023 - 125 year on Christchurch model yachting Facebook Video

17th How to sail faster than the wind ?

DF65 & DF95 skippers look carefully at photo   ------------------->>>

14th Great IOM Turnout, Great Blue Sky Day, Great progress in ManCave

12th June a great Winters DF65 Monday Sesson at the Lakes Bus Stop

11th June - Blue Skied afternoon spend in Ken's Man Cave fiberglass.

10th June 2023 - Grand Central on a beautifully Blue skyed afternoon IOMing

8th June = A great Thursday for sailing DF65 at the Lakes Bus Stop :)

7 June 2023 Huge IOM turnout, great sailing, u could throw a blanket over the whole fleet. Hope to see you all again next week :)

7th We have had some question about mark rounding and overlaps.   If you are interested in the finer parts of these rules.  I found this a interesting read.

7th June 23 - Club members Alf and Pat (and a photo our new rudder mold)

6th June 23 - Man Cave Update - Great Progress :)

4th June 2023 Basic Radio Sailing Rules examples

3rd June 2023 - Please Park Cars Correctly & Great IOM Saturday Turnout,  Strong Breeze!

3rd June - For Sale 2nd hand K2 IOM with spare hull.  Worth a 2nd Look!!!

2nd June -  extremely busy boat building / boat repairing in the Fox's Man Cave at the moment

2nd June - Youtube videos of Aussie 2023 df65 Nationals

1st June 2023 - DF65 Thursday at the Lakes Bus Stop

31st May 23 Fun Wednesday iom session

31st May 2023 - Tauranga Radio Sailing Calendar -  Proposed Dates UPDATED

30th May 2023 - Do you own a catamaran?? - Two Mini 40 regattas in NZ :)

29th May 2023 IOM 3d printed molds progressing nicely, 1st layer of fiberglass on deck mold....

27th May 23 IOM Saturday at the Jetty

26th Aussie gets award the 2024  IOM Worlds :) Gladstone, Queensland 

25th DF65 Monday 1pm at the Bus Stop = What a Day !

24th Phil's 2-minute interviews on a Facebook starting with Chris from Aussie at the DF95 Worlds

24th May 2023  Fun IOM Wednesday & a photo from Norway

23rd May 2023 - Dont do there ? (Scenario 3)

22nd May Extremely light DF65 Monday Session

21st May 23 Wet and Windy ????    IOM Session today and a quick mould pick

18th May 2023 DF65 Monday at the Bus Stop  (facebook)

7th Fun IOM Wednesday

16th RMG 290 G1 & G2 manuals (trick in programming with stick to the side)

 14th Dennis S's roving  TRSC reporter  Aussie gold coast Report

14th Ocean Races dealing with waves

14th IOM Nationals Update One and Waiting list

14th DF95 Measuring time all over (facebook) Follow everthing here

13th May 2023 Brilliant IOM turnout for TRSC IOM Saturday, Get well Pete !

12th Pegusas, Christchurch Natis congrats letter :)

11th May IOM Class Rules Questions and Answers

10th May 23 Extremely Flooded & Windy Fun Wednesday session.

9th Tacking from Port to Starboard at the top Mark.  Facebook link

8th May 2023 DF65 Monday at the Bus Stop.  DF65 BOP Facebook Page

7th May FS-I6 transmitter setup on YouTube

6th May Up and down wind today but plenty of great IOM racing.

4th May 2023 Hawkes Bay Model Boat Club new facebook page

2nd May 2023 = 32 Entries already for 2023 TRSC IOM Nationals. Get in very quick before we hit our maximum limit of boats ! 

29th April 2023 IOM Saturday with 3 quick, light showers

28th April 23 NZRYA Website would like some great photos

27th DF65 Thursday at the Lakes bus stop.TRSC facebook.

26th Windy A rig Fun IOM Wednesday 

26th Windy A rig J Class Waihi

26th April -  TRSC df65 class rules discussion

25th April 2022 Wattle Farm Videos youtube

24th df65 Monday Session on TRSC Facebook page

21st corrison x your electronics on youtube

20th Sometimes life gets in the way of DF65 Thursday Sailing

19th April IOM A Rig was the right call at the Lakes Jetty

8th April 23 - Look after your LIPO Battery

17th Grey DF65 Monday at the Bus Stop

16th DF65 Nationals Day Two results and photos.

15th IOM Saturday at the Lakes Jetty

15th Wattle DF65 Nats report & Day One Provisional

15th Wattle DF65 results page here

13.4.24 df65 Thursday report and link to videos

12.4.23 Fun Wednesday :)

10th April 1pm Monday DF65 sailing at Bus Stop Tauranga Lakes

8th IOM Saturday Tauranga Lakes Jetty

6th April 2023 Light df65 Thursday arvo at the Bus Stop

5th April 2023 Fun IOM Wednesday afternoon session

4th TRSC Emergency Contact Form

3rd April 2023 - 14 keen DF65 skippers today

2nd April - Social practice session on Sunday arvo

1st April 2023 Wet / Lighter IOM Session

31st March - Sail Wars - YouTube Video - Sailing Rules

30th Stiff breeze for the DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

29th March 23 Very Windy nose diving IOM session

5th Tauranga Jetty Ten boats on  IOM Saturday

25th Great Turnout Day One IOM North Islands in the North

24th Youtube  Mould making video's of 3d printing (breakdown)

23rd Where does my IOM mast come from?

20th DF65 enjoyable Monday Session at Bus Stop

20th DF65 Monday at the Bus Stop Video

18th Perfect breeze for IOM Saturday afternoon

16th March 23 DF65 Thursday at Bus Stop could not be better :)

15th March IOM Fun Wednesday Session at the Jetty

13th March Big DF65 Turnout on Monday

13th DF65 Monday Facebook Video

11th IOM saturday with Kens new boat

9th March Cracker of a DF65 session at the Lakes

9th March Facebook Video at the Bus Stop

8th March 2023 IOM Fun Wednesday Session

5th March Set travel RMG 290-G2 (G1) thanks to G rax for putting together :) 

4th March IOM Saturday at the Jetty2nd March DF65 Bus Stop Thursday1st March Fun IOM Wednesday28th feb  Woolies27th feb Mike on DF65 heavy weather sailing video25th Feb Great Tauranga IOM Saturday sailing at the Jetty23rd Feb a Light DF65 session at the Lakes Bus Stop22nd Fun IOM Wednesday at Lakes Jetty20th DF65 Summer Monday Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop SessonDF95 Ironing the sail - Will it melt? - YouTube 

18th Feb IOM Saturday at the Lakes Jetty.  The IOM Nats are coming to TGA :)

16Feb A summer DF65 Thursday at the lakes bus stop

15th Feb 2023 Fun IOM Wednesday with a little bit of left over wind

12th Feb State of Emergency Cyclone Gabrielle smash's the North Island of New Zealand

11th Feb 2023 A Storm is coming?  Fantastic IOM Session with a strange breeze

10th A great day at Matata with the DF65

9th Feb 2023 Windy DF65 Thursday with Chop :)

8th Feb 2023 Fun IOM Wednesday perfect summer up down breeze :)

8th DF95 Videos from the Papamoa Session today, Facebook

7th North Harbour IOM Event Postponed6th Fun but Wet Monday DF65 5th Sunday 1pm Blue Sky Papamoa DF65 Session - Facebook5.2.2023 Multihull Sailors upcoming regattas4th Feb Lunchtime TRSC AGM Minutes typed up, just been double checked.4th Feb Burnco Regatta Kens Photos of sailing and Prize Giving4th Feb - Pete's Burnsco 2023 all classes fun regatta report from the DF65 course4th Feb 2023 Burnsco 2023 Regatta Report and Photos2nd Feb - DF65 Thursdays at the Lakes, What does the weatherman Know ?nd Feb - I'm watching this Facebook discussion with interest DF65 V5/V6 winch creep1st Feb - Finail a fully powered up B rig Fun Wednesday Session, Pitty around the Pouring Rain :)1st Feb 2023 Nice setup on wheeling your yacht to the lake - Facebook
31st Jan Lake Hamilton Domain DF65 Tuesday 4pm to 6pm fantastic evening

30th Jan 23 Ken's report and photos of today's big DF65 session

 30th Jan 23 Pete's report and photos with 20 x  DF65's on the track :)

30th Jan  23 1pm DF65 Session - Special Conditions due to Flood Lake

28th Jan 23 IOM Saturday 1pm - One Flooded Tauranga Lake

27th Matata Friday DF65 Sailing called off due to Shark in Pond

26th DF65 Windy Thursday Session at the Lakes

Carbon fiber Keel deflection testing & hull molding https://youtu.be/raPh-6PiwlI?t=868

Wattle Farm DF65 racing DF65 21JAN2023 - YouTube 

26th Jan 2023 Hailing by John Ball

26th Video of a start in today's Tauranga DF65 windy session

25th Jan Wet Start to Sunburnt feet, Great Fun IOM Wednesday

25th IOM Geoff Smale Memorial Regatta RO’s Report 

24th Jan Another great 4pm Tuesday DF65 Session at lake Hamilton Domain

23rd Very Hot DF65 session at the Tauranga Lakes

22nd Jan Great IOM turnout Lake Gilmour, Waihi

22nd Jan 2023 A Perfect  Sunny Hamilton Session Turns Rough and Wet

21st Jan Big IOM Turnout for IOM Saturday at the Lakes Jetty

18.1.23 Shifty, Light, Fun IOM Wednesday at Lakes Jetty

17.1.2023 MMBC House on the move

17.1.2023 Fantastic Waikato turnout for the 2nd Tuesday DF65 evening

16.1.2023 Monday at the Lakes, photos thanks to Harry

15th Cracker Sunday afternoon at Lake Hamilton to Start there 2023 season off

14th Busy Saturday IOM sailing at the Tauranga Lakes

14th Jan 2023 Opotiki Wharf DF65 Facebook report

13th Can a DF65 mono foil with a C rig in perfect condtions?  YouTube Video

13th Jan2023 Top DF65 racing at Matata

12.11.23 DF65 Thurs 1pm Tga Lakes, Light Winds & We welcome Kevin to the Team

11.1.2023 Fun IOM Wednesday beat the rain :)

11th Rules Tutorial Videos – Britain (mya-uk.org.uk) 

10th Jan 2023 - Hamilton's First DF65 Tuesday 4pm Session in a Cyclone

9th Jan - Brad Gibson Video on finding new sailing members

 9th Jan 23 Huge DF65 Monday Turnout, Sorry about the wind direction

8th Jan DF65 Sunday  on a Hot Papamoa Dry Summers Day

7th Jan 2023  IOM Saturday Tauranga Lakes

6th DF65 Tunning Videos Facebook

4th&5th&6th Wet ?  So have a look at these instead :)

2.1.2023 Big DF65 Monday at Tauranga Lakes

31.12.2022 Have a Happy New Year Everyone - IOM Saturday

30th Dec 22 - matata sunny session, 15 df65 boats

29th DF65 Thursday at the Tauranga Lakes Hits a home run

28th Hot Fun IOM Wednesday at the Lakes

27th Dec 2022 - 10 Tips when building your DF - Youtube

26th A fun summers day Tauranga Lakes DF65 Monday Session :) No photos sorry :(

26th Sydney to Hobart- https://www.youtube.com/user/CYCATV/videos 

25th IOM for Sale your first IOM Club boat today - DM1xm $1200 ono

24th Dec 2022 IOM's looking out for Santa.  Merry Christmas everyone

23rd Dec Magical Matata with Summer Sea Breeze DF65

23rd For Sale - DM1xm - Great deal - See Graham

22.12.2022 Hot DF65 Thursday at the Tauranga Lakes

22nd Dec A newsletter has been published on the DFRacingNZ website 

21st Dec 2022 Fun Wednesday Windy IOM Sesson

19th December - Tauranga Summer DF65 sailing over the Christmas Holidays :)

19th Napier Christmas IOM Roadie????

18th Thank you Dusty - "Dragon Yacht Supplies NZ" on DF95 Facebook

18th Dec 2022 - Grant purchases Dusty's DF business on the nzrya website

17th Dec IOM Saturday Racing at the Tauranga Lakes

6th December - Seeking DF65 interest in Hamilton Please ??? 

6th Dec Please Join the Hamilton group on Facebook DragonForce 65 NZ Waikato

14th Dec Wednesday IOM Roadie to Smale Quary, North Shore

13th DM2 IOM Slayer for sale on trademe

12th A lighter DF65 Monday at the Tga Lakes

10th Saturday IOM Great Turnout after a wet morning


8th December 2022 DF65 A Bit Puff Monday

7th Dec Fun IOM Wednesday at the Lakes & welcome back webmaster

7.12.22 Aussie Road Trip - Adelaide gate 19 

7th Dec New Plymouth Fleet Slowly growing :)

6.12.22 Aussie Roadie - The Day after the Regatta's

6th December - DF65 Monday Summer arrived in Tauranga

3rd and 4th New Zealand DF65 Nationals Report.

4.12.22 Aussie Roadie - DF65 South Aussie Sunday Champs - NZL 104 1st

3.12.22 Aussie Roadie - DF95 South Aussie Saturday Champs AUS 68 2nd

2.12.22 Aussie Roadie - Friday Practice Day and DF65 Lightview Handicap Racing

1st Dec Tauranga Df65 Thursday Session

1.12.22 Aussie Roadie - Thursday First Practice Day in Aussie

28th Papamao Dinghy Stolen, please help us get it back!!!  Thanks

28th Big Bullets at the Bus Stop Df65 session

27th Nov Tauranga One Metre Monthly results and report

26th Nov IOM Saturday Sailing

24th It going to be DF65 Breezy

23rd November 22 Windy Fun Wednesday IOM Session

20th Wellington IOM Murray Roundtree results

19th Nov Big IOM Winds at the Lakes this afternoon

16.11.22 Fun IOM Wednesday

15th Learn one thing Tuesday - When is ‘Tacking too close’ too close? from John Ball

14.11.22 DF65 Monday at the Bus stop and Correct DF Sail Number

13th Unfortunately a Wet Waihi Scale model boat day :(

13th DF95 National results from Christchurch

12th Small TRSC IOM Saturday turnout while other play in Auckland

12th Westhaven Woodie Mission by 4 keen TRSC Sailors

12.11.2022 Video of NZL52 grabbing the start at Westhaven Today

11th 2022 DFRacing NZ AGM 

10th Every direction DF65 Session at the Bus Stop

10th - Used once df65 for sail here in Tauranga, be very quick !

9th Nov - IOM Fun Wednesday / Final Woodie Practice

8th - Learn One Thing Tuesday - Hitting a Mark, some examples or John's RC pdf 

7th Nov 22- Monday DF65's - Easterly at The Bus Stop

6th Nov Kinlock You Tube Sailing Video

5,11,22 Guy Fawkes IOM Saturday Session

5th IOM worlds finial results pdf

4th Nov - A big turnout fo DF65 Friday at Matata

3rd NZRYA AGM Notice and Voting

3/11/22  TRSC news paper writeup in 1993

2nd Nov 22 Fun Wednesday at the Tauranga Lakes

2nd More IOM World Videos

1st IOM worlds drone footage (watch the first red boat at the first top mark)

31st updated IOM worlds live you tube link day2 or IOM Worlds Website with Results tab

30th Labour Weekend spent in Hawera Boat Display Weekend

29th Day One IOM Worlds Youtube video feed tonight 9pm

29th IOM Saturday at the Lakes

28th TRSC DF95's and AGM Date Here Soon ?

28tth Practicing for the Westhaven Woodie regatta 

27th A really great day 65ing at the Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

26th Oct 22 Fun IOM Wednesday at the Lakes

25th Learn One Thing Tuesday - What is Barging on the Start Line? (PDF Link)

24th Dennis went well at the October Metre Monthly at Wattle Farm

24th October 22 - Extremely Windy and Fun DF65 Sailing at the Lakes

23.10.22 DF65 North Island Championship Day Two results.  Race Officer Report

22.10.22 Three IOM's from Napier Road Trip to TGA for our Saturday IOM session today.  Awesome effort!

22nd October 22 DF65 North Island Championship results. Day One Road Trip report here

20th Windy DF65 session at the Lakes

19th October 2022 - TRSC 2023 members

17th DF65 Monday at the Lakes with new Buoys. Thanks Nigel and the Burnsco DF65 Boys at Burnsco Marine :)

16th TRSC J Class Club Champs Photos and Results - 14 Boats Rocking & Rolling in Waihi

14th IOM GRB40 for only $500 with extras :)

12.11.2022 Fun Wednesday at the Lakes

11th Oct For Sale IOM - Great first IOM Club boat - DM1xm

8.10.2022 Perfect Weather for an IOM Saturday Arvo session

8th Ken launching Jarrod in Waihi new J Class. This new Voice steering J class will be ready for this Sumer :)

7th Oct 2022 Windy DF65 Friday Session

6th Oct 2022 New Zealand Radio Yachting Association Inc Annual General Meeting

4th Oct Spring B Rig Fun IOM Wednesday

2nd Oct 2022 Christchurch Mini40 Regatta Day 3 YouTube Video

The Call Book for Radio Sailing 2021 - 2024 Click Here

28.9.2022 IOM Fun Wednesday

26.9.2022 DF65 Tauranga Club Champs Results

26th More DF65 Champs Photos from Ken

26th Even More DF65 Champs Photos

26th Still more DF65 Champs Photos :)

24th Heaps of One Metre Photos thank to Ken

24th TRSC OM Champs Photos

24th One Meter Tauranga Champs Results

24th One Meter Enduro Winner takes all, congrats Colin

24.9.2022 Aaron at the Thailand IOM Nationals

22.9.2022 Fun Wednesday :)

17.9.2022 Big IOM Turnout Today :)

15th and 16th DF65 Facebook reports

14th Fun IOM Wednesday

12.9.2022 full on DF65 Monday

11th IOM on trademe a rig

11th IOM on trademe a and b rig

10th Some Wet Weather DF65 setup reading & Settings

10th More wet reading - What do Aussie DF65 sailors want?

10th A Saturday for the Ducks & most staying home by the fire

7th September 2022 Fantactic IOM Fun Wednesday Turnout

3rd Sept 22 IOM Saturday session

1 Sept 22 Spring is HERE!!!!!  another DF65 session

31st August 2022 Good turnout for IOM FUN Wednesday

29th Tauranga 2022 DF65 5 hour Race Race Winners

29th Kens on the water DF65 5hr photos

28th Aug 2022 Fantastic IOM sailing day in Waihi

27th Aug A Great turnout to Tauranga 2022 IOM 5hr Race

25th DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

24th Aug Fun IOM Wednesday

20.8.2022 great Saturday IOM Session

17th Aug IOM Fun Wednesday

15th A Light DF65 Monday at Lakes

13.8.22 Saturday - A good IOM Fleet today

11th Aug 22 A Chilly but windy DF65 blast at the Lakes

10th More Refection's on IOM Fun Wednesday

8th Refection's on Mondays Light 65 session

6/8/22 Another light IOM Saturday session

5th Spring is around the corner at Matata Friday

4th Aug 22 Light DF65 Thursday in Tauranga

3rd August 2022 - IOM Fun Wednesday

1st August 2022 - Fantastic turnout for DF65 Lakes Monday

30th July IOM Saturday

29th Please Look After Our Grass Venues

28th Tauranga Lakes Thursday DF65's

3rd / 24th IOM Ak champs IOM final results

23rd Winter will soon be over, Saturday IOM drifting

22nd July Matata Friday Magic

21st July The Secrete Seven at the Tauranga Lakes

20th July 2020 Lithium and Water dont mix (facebook)

18th Another Wet Light DF65 Monday

18th Justin's Fast V8 for sale on trade me

17th Magic IOM Day in Waihi

16th July TRSC Saturday IOM Sailing - V11 Launching

16th July Auckland DF65 Results TRSC Wins Gold and Silver :) :)

15th America IOM Boat owner Stats

14th Wet DF65 Thursday

11th July 2020 A wet Monday Df65

11th July 2022 A wet Monday DF65 

10th July 2022 Giving Mark Room

7th July DF65 Thursday Session

6th IOM Fun Wednesday Session

5th July 2022  BG Mindset Video

4th July 2022 DF65 Monday Light afternoon session

4th July Do you need any Parts?  RNB in town Monday

3th Lake Gilmour Waihi Sunday Big IOM afternoon Session

2nd July 2022 - Saturday IOM sailing report

30th DF65 Thursday at the Tauranga Lakes

27th Very Windy DF65 Monday session at Lakes

26th June 2022 - IOM DM2 Slayer on Trademe

25th Light start Saturday IOM Session

24th Friday 24th Matata df65 Festival

23rd DF65 Thursday at the Lakes - Rescue One

22nd Lake Gilmour Waihi Session thanks Jim

22nd June 2022 Fun IOM Wednesday

21st Voice Steering Cracked - No more bottle necks :)

20/6/2020 Wow DF65 Monday at the Lakes

20th June 2022 - A couple more DF Specials from Dusty

19th Our commodore Justin went well in his I21OM in the Waikato

18th Colin and Justin over in the Windless Waikato day one

18th Wet Tauranga Saturday - Voice Steering Attempt 4

16th June - DF65 Thursday Fantastic Action photos Pete

15th June  Fun IOM Wednesday 

12th June - Voice Steering Plan C

10th June The Men who Stare at Boats writeup

8th June Fun Wednesday IOM session

5th June Voice Steering Mkii sailing in the Lilly Pads

4th June Saturday Good IOM turnout

2nd June Thursday Facebook DF65 at the Lakes

1st June  Wednesday IOM

Follow Kapiti IOM contest on now at FaceBook

28th May IOM's Saturday 1pm at the Lakes Jetty - under construction

27th May Bruce Farr DF Interview

26th May DF65 Thursday at the Lakes Bus Stop

25th May Fun IOM Wednesday at Lakes Jetty

24th May 2022 - Busy Sanding

23rd May DF65 Ripper Monday at the Lakes Bus Stop

22nd May Voice Steering Mkii - Made it Out of the Rabbit Hole

21st May Saturday IOM Report

19th May DF65 Thursday at the Lakes Bus Stop

18th May Windless Wednesday IOM Report

16th May DF65 Monday

15th Wattle Farm Auckland IOM Metre Monthly

14th IOM Saturday 1pm the Lakes Jetty (report under construction)

12th DF65 Thursday 1pm the Lakes Bus Stop

11th May 22 Fun IOM Wednesday 1pm one out of the box

11th May update Voice Steering Mark II - Down the Rabbit Hole

9May22 DF65 Monday Very Light Session

7th Saturday  IOM sailing at the Tauranga Lakes Jetty

7th Graham and Justin go North to Westhaven IOM 5 hour race

5 - 5 -2022 Df65 Thursday at the Bus Stop

4/5/22 IOM Fun Wednesday everyone away :(

4/5/22 J Class Voice Steering Mk1 Test Sail One :)

2/5/2022 DF65 Monday at the Lakes

30th April 2022 IOM Saturday afternoon at the Lakes

28th Df65 Thursday at the lakes, sorry no report today

27th IOM Fun Wednesday at the Lakes

25th Tauranga Lakes Monday DF65 session

24th Waihi Sunday J Class Sailing

23/4/22 More IOM photos thanks to Bruce

23rd TRSC IOM Points day at the Tauranga Lakes Jetty

21st  DF65 Thursday at the Lakes Bus Stop

20th April 22 IOM Autumn Fun Wednesday

19th April - Voice Steering Mk One is under construction 

18th April Easter Monday DF65 at Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

17th Hitched a ride to Papamoa Sunday 65 sailing

17th Waihi Lake Gilmore Weed update

17th Reminder thanks to you guys we have a Defib that can save a life

16th April 22  IOM Saturday at the Lakes

15th April - DF65 Afternoon Trip over to Matata :)

14th Lovely Thursday at Tauranga Lakes Bus Stop

13th IOM Fun Wednesday

12th April 2020 - Is Voice Steering a model yacht Possible ??  

                                             Youtube Video Here

11th DF65 Monday at the Lakes

9th Saturday IOM Session at the Lakes

6th Fun IOM Wednesday at the Lakes

6th April Seventeen Papamoa DF65 sailors meet with the council

5th April 2020 A Fun day at Papamoa

4th April 2020 Lakes DF65 Monday

Reminder IOM Saturday time change ; 

Now arrive and setup 12.30, 1st starts race 1pm

3rd April DF65 nz newsletter

2nd April 2022 IOM Saturday at the Jetty

31st DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

30th Fun Wednesday IOM session

28th Monday Df65 report

10th April metre monthly in Auckland

26.3.2022 A Perfect IOM A Rig day

24.3.2022 DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

22nd March Great Sailing at Lake Gilmour Waihi

21st March IOM Slayer For Sale

19th March Saturday IOM Sailing after lunch?

17th March TDC - The Lakes - Survey Form

17th March Cracking DF65 Thursday at Lakes

16th March Fun Wednesday IOM Session

14th DF65 Tauranga Lakes Session

12th Sorry awesome cameraman was away

10th DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

9th March IOM Fun Wednesday Session

7th March Lakes