Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

Mondays - DF65 1pm at Bus Stop Tuesday 1pm DF95 at Bus Stop Wednesday - IOM 1pm at Landing Jetty

Thursdays - DF65 1pm at Bus Stop Saturdays - IOM 11am at Landing Jetty

4/12/21 NOR Papamoa Lakes - Saturday December 4th starting at 11.00 to 12.30 for 65s and 1300 to 1500 for 95s

26/11/21 Your Sails in Hot Cars

25/11/21 DF65 Thursday session

24/11/21 IOM Fun Wednesday

23/11/21 Visited White Island

22/11/21 DF65 Monday great session

21/11/21 Wattle Farm Ak Sailing Video

21/11/21 Murray Roundtree Day two get a clean start

20/11/21 Wind around the compass in Tauranga

20/11/21 Road tripping two days of photos

20/11/21 Murray Roundtree Day One "Send it Hard"

19/11/21 GR's Wellington Road Trip Day One report

18/11/21 TRSC AGM attempt did not enough for a quorum

18/11/21 TRSC Notice of 2021 AGM

18/11/21 TRSC AGM Update

18/11/21 Coming Soon - My Vaccine pass

18/11/21 Bus Stop DF65 FB Video

17/11/21 IOM Fun Wednesday

15/11/21 DF65 Monday

11/11/21 Perfect Thursday DF65 Sailing

10/11/21 Fun Wednesday at the Jetty

8/11/21 On the Dragon Force 65

6/11/21 Saturday light start IOM report

4/11/21 DF65 report on Facebook

3/11/21 IOM Fun Wednesday

30/10/21Thank you TRSC Commodore Justin

28/10/21 DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

28/10/21 Kapiti North Islands DF65 called off

27/10/21 Fun Wednesday

25/10/21 Labor Monday Wet :(

23/10/21 Another Windy IOM Session

22/10/21 Ezee Bouy you tube Video

21/10/21 DF65 Thursday at the Lakes

20/10/21 Fun Wednesday under construction

19/10/21 Super Cropped Photos from Ken

18/10/21 TRSC DF65 Champs photos and results

18/10/21 more great photos from RO Ken

17/10/21 TRSC DF95 Champs photos and results

17/10/21 TRSC DF95 Champs Peter's Facebook

16/10/21 TRSC One Metre Champs photos and results

16/10/21 More IOM champs photos

14/10/21 DF65 Thursday Lakes session

13/10/21 IOM Wednesday Report

11/10/21 DF65 Monday Facebook Video

9/10/21 IOM Saturday

6/10/21 Fun Wednesday

3/10/21 Free AED Defibrillator Training Webinar or AED Training Youtube Videos here

2/10/21 IOM Saturday

1/10/21 Processing TRSC 2022 NZRYA fees

30/9/21 Windy DF65 Thursday

29/9/21 Windy IOM Session at Jetty

27/9/21 DF65's at the bus stop

26/9/21 Please Stay Safe

25/9/21 IOM Saturday at Jetty

24/9/21 IOM Proposal for Sailing at the Jetty

2021 Kapiti DF65 North Island Champs Postponed

22/9/21 IOM Fun Wednesday

21/9/21 DF95 Tuesday 95'sTry Bus Stop Tuesday

20/9/21 DF65 Monday at Bus Stop

18/9/21 Fantastic IOM Turnout today

18/9/21 More Photos and Points

13/9/21 DF65 5 hour Enduro Photos

More Photos and Prize Giving

11/9/21 IOM 5 hour Enduro Photos

Ken Launch's Corbie6 & Enduro Photos

9/9/21 DF65 Thursday Un-Lock

8/9/21 Un-Locked Wednesday IOM Session

TRSC Sailor Lets all get this $20 membership knocked out

2021/2022 TRSC Membership Renewal

Click here for new 2022 Membership Form

TRSC 2022 Memberships for 1st October 2021 - please pay now

5/9/21 IOM NCA $1 boat sticker waived for the 2022 Season.

4/9/21 Ken's Lovely Corbie 6

3/9/21 KF Deck Hole time

2/9/21 GD Lockdown Madness Build

1/9/21 Absent Sailor

31/8/21 Kf's Deck

30/8/21 KF's decks going on

29/8/21 On the Dragon Lockdown Project

28/8/21 KF's loving his lockdown build

27/8/21 Are you missing Aaron on Saturdays ?

26/8/21 Record keeping mandatory

22/8/21 KF's Lockdown woodie progress report

21/8/21 KF's Lockdown 2nd Corbie6 Project

20/8/21 Make good use of this time at Home....

19/8/21 Welcome to radio yachting Harold

18/8/21 NZ back at Covid19 Level 4 (Places of interest list is not pretty)

16/8/21 DF65 Monday at the Lakes

14/8/21 Top End of A or Top End of B?

14/8/21 Top End of A or Top End of B?

12/8/21 DF65 Thursday

12/8/21 DF65 Video One

12/8/21 DF65 Video Two

11/8/21 Perfect breeze down the lake

9/8/21 DF65 report on facebook

7/8/21 Extreme Saturday IOM Morning...

6/8/21 IOM NCA News

4/8/21 Windy Fun Wednesday

2/8/21 Fantastic DF65 Monday

31/7/21 Shifty Top A Rig Session

28/6/21 Fun Wednesday IOM session

26/7/21 Sunday Night Nitro NZL22 IOM Stolen in Auckland

24th&25th Up at the Ak IOM Champs

24/7/21 TRSC IOM Saturday

21/7/21 Fun IOM Wednesday

19/7/21 Wild DF65 Monday

17/7/21 Wet & Wild Saturday

14/7/21 A Good Stiff Breeze

11/7/21 IOM Traveler Series Race One in Waihi

11/7/21 DF95 Auckland Champs - Great work team

10/7/21 Local IOM Sailing at Lakes

10/7/21 Team Tauranga do well at DF65 Auckland Champs

8/7/21 DF65 even the ducks were cold

6/6/21 Fun Wednesday Session

5/7/21 Lakes DF65 Video on facebook

5/7/21 DF65 Monday on the Dragon

5/7//21 KF 2021 IOM Woodie Build leaves the workshop

4/7/21 DF65 Winter fun in Papamoa

3/7/21 Fantastic Big High Over Country - LIGHT IOM session

1/7/2021 DF65 Thursday

30/6/21 Fun IOM Wednesday

28th DF65 Thursday

27th Well Tri Part iii of trilogy Whitby

26/6/21 Light Conditions back in Tauranga

26th Well Tri -IOM

25th - Well Tri - DF65

25th,26th,27th NOR Wellington Trifactor

24/6/21 DF65 AT THE BUS STOP

24th Boys go Matata Video's on facebook

23/6/21 Cool Fun Wednesday

22/6/21 Repairs to DF Hulls "clarification"

21/6/21DF65 Double Monday report with One Very Full Lake

20/6/21 EBOP DF65 Sailing Updates

19/6/21 Perfect Top End of A

12/2/12 Blast from the past Video

2011 TRSC Jarcar all class event Video

2011 TRSC Easter Video

18/6/21 NZ Dragon Force Newsletter

17/6/21 Dragons DF65 Thursday report

16/6/21 Fun Wednesday with a quick shower or 2

15/6/21 What yacht should I Buy? Fantastic UK Video

14/6/21 Finding a DF65 hull Leak

12/6/21 Saturday IOM light session

11/6/21 Learn from one of the best BG videos

11/6/21 Waiheke Island Radio Yacht Club on facebook

10/6/21 DF65 Thursday

9/6/32 Fun Wednesday

5/6/21 IOM Saturday

3/6/21 DF65 Thursday Session Report

2/6/21 Fun Wednesday IOM session

31/5/21 A DF65 light Monday

30/5/21 Light J Class Waihi Session

30/5/21 Foiling Mini40 Day 2 Video

30/5/21 Foiling Mini40 day two

30/5/21 World Wide Pond Day

29/5/21 Foiling Video's Day One

29/5/21 a Soft Woodie Day

28/5/21 South Pacific Foiling Regatta Practice Day

27/5/21 NOR DF65 & 95 9th,10th,11th July at Wattle

26/5/21 Fun Wednesday IOM

25/5/21 Hello from IOM NCA

25/5/21 RNB Video at Westhaven

24/5/21 DF65 Monday report & photos

23/5/21 Cobble Stone laying Sunday

22/5/21 Lake Pupuke, Auckland Video

22/5/21 Light Saturday IOM Session

20/5/21 Great DF65 Thursday

20/6/21 Metre Monthly in Hamilton NOR

29/5/21 Reminder Saturday TRSC Woodie Regatta and Club Day

19/5/21 Fantastic Fun IOM Wednesday session

17/5/21 More Ak Photos and Ak RO report

16/5/21 Team Tauranga does well at Metre Monthly

16/5/21 Auckland IOM Metre monthly NOR

15/5/21 IOM Points Day

13/5/21 DF65 Thursday

12/5/21 Fun IOM Wednesday

10/5/21 Wet Hard Core DF65 Monday

8/5/21 IOM Saturday

6/5/21 Nice Wind DF65 Thursday

5/5/21 IOM Fun Wednesday

3/5/21 DF65 Monday

2/5/21Thanks Mike for local IOM and DF65 photos :)

1/5/21 Great IOM Saturday turnout

30/4/21 Brad Video's

29/4/21 Light DF65 Thursday

28/4/21 Fun Wednesday

26/5/21 Fantastic DF65 Anzac Monday Turnout

25/4/21 Video Parts of a DF65

24/4/21 Saturday Points Racing

23/4/21 TRSC Simplified Rules 2021 Revised by GD

22/4/21 DF65 Rescue at the Lakes

21/4/21 Fun Wednesday

18/4/21 Windy IOM Saturday Session

15/4/21 Wednesday is sailing day !

14/4/21 TRSC Minutes

10/4/21 Gulf Harbor 4hour IOM enduro

8/4/21 The Fun Police

7/4/21 Fun Wednesday

5/4/21 DF65 Easter Monday

3/4/21 IOM / DF95 Saturday

28/3/21 Waihi Display Day

27/3/21 IOM Traveler Series One results

25/3/21 DF65 Thursday

24/3/21 Oh no, What a day !!!

21/3/21 IOM NCA VOTE RE RUN closes 28th

20/3/21 Saturday IOM shifty sailing day

17/3/21 Fun Wednesday. Congrats Team NZ

13/3/21 Saturday IOM Results

10/3/21 Fun Wednesday IOM session

8/3/21 Monday 65df windy session

6/3/21 Perfect IOM Saturday Breeze

3/3/21 New K2 launched by the boss today

1/3/21 Monday on the Dragon

28/2/21 TRSC Members please watch these 1, 2,.3. or all 4 AED videos

(we will email you next week with more details once installed, thanks)

27/2/21 IOM Saturday perfect Sea Breeze

25/2/21 Fun IOM Wednesday

23/2/21 DF65 Monday report and photos

20/2/21 Hot IOM Saturday session

18/2/21 One dozen Thursday DF65 Sailors

17/2/21 Windy Wednesday IOM Session

16/2/21 Info on the IOM National Voting

16/2/21 National IOM AGM voting started today

14/2/21 Easterly Waihi Sunday Session

13/2/21 Tga IOM Monthly Result day and photos

10/2/21 International One Metre Radio Sailing Great Britain ( Greg Eaton, a national Judge, International Umpire PowerPoint 2021 new sailing rules)

9/2/21 Wind Vane Sailing Video

9/2/21 More Monday DF65 photos

9/2/21 Video how AC75's fly

8/2/21 DF65 Monday at Bus Stop

7/2/21 EBOP VTNZ DF65 Report

6/2/21 Heaps more VTNZ Photos and a Report

6/2/21 VTNZ 2021 Results

6/2/2021 VTNZ photos thanks to Ro Bruce Mc

6/2/21 NOR All Classes VTNZ FUN REGATTA

3/2/21 J Class Waihi Wednesday

3/2/21 Fun Wednesday Perfect Wind session

2/2/21 Dragon Force Racing NZ newsletter

1/2/21 DF65 Monday Session

31/1/21 Sunday Waihi Session

31/1/21 Whanganui Sunday Session

30/1/21 Blue Sky Changeable IOM session

29/1/21 You Tube Rules Videos

28/1/21 Waihi Fun Wednesday

27/1/21 A fantastic Wednesday afternoon summer session

25/1/21 1950's Big size Z Class Sailing

24/1/21 Sunday Whanganui session

23/1/21 Saturday IOM Sailing A or B rig ?

21/1/21 Going away racing? Remember some rules have changed

20/1/21 Weatherman said windy, however it was not...

20/1/21 More light B rig sailing photos

18/1/21 Extreme DF65 Handicap Points Racing

16/1/21 Classic IOM Handicap points day part one

16/1/21 Classic IOM Handicap points day part two

13/1/21 IOM NCA update

13/1/21 Hot IOM Fun Wednesday session

12/1/21 Whanganui Facebook Video

12/1/21 Kerikeri Videos

11/1/21 DF65 Monday

10/1/21 Whitianga Waterways Session

10/1/21 Sunday fun at Waihi

9/1/21 Saturday Tauranga session

7/1/21 Tactics

6/1/21 Big turnout for Waihi Fun Wednesday

6/1/21 Hottest IOM Fun Wednesday

5/1/21 Sail the Basics and Don't Come Last (pdf)

5/1/21 65/95 Jib boom holder facebook

4/1/21 Tauranga DF65 Monday racing

3/1/21 Whanganui Session

2/1/21 Tauranga's 1st 2021 Saturday IOM Session

1/1/21 Whanganui Craig's Facebook Sunday videos

30/12/20 What an interesting day

30/12/20 Dixon's everywhere - 15 Iom's today

28/12/20 DF65 Monday fun long session

27/12/20 Waihi day after Christmas Sunday

27/12/20 Light Whanganui Sunday afternoon

26/12/20 Saturday IOM Sailing Tauranga

23/12/20 Small IOM turnout but great racing

22/12/20 Papamoa Tuesday df65

21/12/20 Thursday DF65 photos

20/12/20 Waihi Canterbury J Class Racing Regatta and prize giving

20/12/20 Todays J Class Photos, Part II Photos, Part III Photos

20/12/20 JN Photos from todays J class regatta

19/12/20 Last Tauranga Saturday Session before Christmas

18/12/20 Four IOM's For Sale on Trademe

17/12/20 How to keep you cool this summer

16/12/20 Fun Wednesday Session in Tauranga

15/12/20 Papamoa DF65 Coaching 12-1 then 1 to 3 fun sailing

14/12/2020 Bus Stop, DF65 First Monthly Regatta Day results and photos

13/12/20 Whanganui Sunday Sailing Session report

13/12/20 Fun Papamoa afternoon photos

13/12/20 Minutes of the NZRYA 2020 AGM

Note We are just starting to dispatch your 2021 NZRYA Stickers ---->

12/12/20 TRSC IOM monthly Regatta Day

12/12/20 Reminder batteries can catch Fire while charging

12/12/20 or sailing (fix your leaks! ) Lithium vs Water

11/12/20 TRSC IOM Measuring

10/12/20 2021 rules chart

9/12/20 Hot in Waihi too

9/12/20 TRSC Hot Fun Wednesday photos

9/12/20 More great Hot Fun Wednesday photos

8/12/20 For Sale J Class NZL304

8/12/20 DF65 fun in Tauranga and Papamoa

8/12/20 Foiling out at the lake

7/12/20 Funny Remote Controlled Chaos

6/12/20 Waihi Sunday Session

6/12/20 Papamoa race training and social sailing

5/12/20 TRSC Saturday IOM Session

5/12/20 Westhaven 5 hour enduro race report

4/12/20 Papamoa Friday DF65 session

2/12/20 TRSC Fun Wednesday 1pm to 4pm today

2/12/20 More Fun Photos

2/12/20 Waihi J Class Wednesday

2/12/20 NZRYA Inc Subscriptions, Fee’s and Levies Vote

(ps RM = Marblehead Class of yacht)

2/12/20 DFRacingNZ SGM Stage 2 Ballot

1/12/20 Dragon Force 65 History

30/11/20 Small turnout for Waihi Sunday

29/11/20 Do you want a 2021 DF65 Intergroup Regatta ???

28/11/20 TRSC Saturday RO report and Photos

28/11/20 Westhaven IOM Woodie contest Saturday Photos

28/11/20 Westhaven IOM Woodie Results

27/11/20 Papamoa Dragon Force Friday

27/11/20 DF95 Papamoa Video Part One

27/11/20 DF95 Papamoa Video Part Two

27/11/20 Youtube Weather watch

26/11/20 DF65 Thursday

26/11/20 Lake Gilmour Waihi Weed Issue Update/

25/11/20 Wet Woodie Wednesday

24/11/20 PAPAMOA PONDS SAILING GROUP 1pm every day

23/11/20 Lighter DF65 Monday at Bus Stop

22/11/20 Awesome Waihi Sunday session

22/11/20 Good strong Sunday breeze at Papamoa

22/11/20 Papamoa Facebook DF65 Video

21/11/20 Fantastic IOM turnout in Tauranga

21/11/20 More fantastic photos

21/11/20 Saturday Race Officers Volunteers required please

20/11/20 Papaomoa and Tauranga DF65 Photos

20/11/20 TRSC 2020 Agm Minutes

20/11/20 New Calandar under construction

19/11/20 Agender before the TRSC AGM

19/11/20 Agender before TRSC AGM & a quick TRSC HISTORY

18/11/20 Regional Skipper Map and today's wet Wednesday report

17/11/20 NZ DF Racing Special General Meeting

17/11/20 NZ IOM NCA Notice of AGM

16/11/20 TRSC DF65 Bus Stop 1pm Monday Session

15/11/20 Northland Day one Results, Day Two Results & Northland Website

15/11/20 Waihi Sunday with a quick dip to cool off

15/11//20 Two Live feed facebook Movies from Sunday Papamoa DF65

14/11/20 TRSC Monthly IOM Points Race Day

12/11/20 Fourteen DF65's turned out for 1pm Thursday session today

12/11/20 NZ DF Racing newsletter

11/11/20 Waihi Wednesday Session

11/11/20 Wet Wednesday Tauranga Forecast

9/11/20 Canterbury J Class Newsletter

8/11/20 DF95 Nationals Results & Photos - Congrats to TRSC member Cliff D

8/11/20 Waihi Sunday Sailing Session

7/11/20 TRSC Saturday IOM Sailing

4/11/20 Tauranga Fun Wednesday photos

4/11/20 Waihi Cant J Wednesday Photos

2/11/20 Big turnout for DF65 Monday with new marks

1/11/20 Waihi Sailing Sunday and Bobs new Alternative

1/11-20 Whanganui Sunday session

31/10/20 TRSC Saturday Sailing Session

30/10/20 DF65 Moving Back to Bus Stop this Monday with Marks!

30/10/20 65 Nats Richard C photos on SmugMug Click Here.

28/10/20 Waihi Fun Wednesday

28/10/20 Fun Wednesday Session

27/10/20 DF65 sailing sessions on the move from Bus Stop to the Jetty

26/10/20 DF65 Nationals Report & 2576km Road trip over

25/10/20 Waihi Sunday Session

24/10/20 TRSC IOM Sailing Saturday

23/10/20 Video DF65 Friday Nats practice day

22/10/20 TRSC DF65 Thursday (Where do we want to sail ?)

21/10/20 Wind Warriors contests soon

21/10/20 WM Road Trip Day 13 to 16 Ferry Crossing to Welly next

20/10/20 IOM Pink Panther not sold on trademe

20/10/20 amendment vote IOM class rules

18/10/20 Day 12 report PRSC final days racing

17/10/20 Photos of Club Racing at Tauranga Lakes Jetty

17/10/20 Pegasus Day two report . Photos and Results

16/10/20 Christchurch Friday Regatta and results

16/10/20 Pegasus Christchurch Regatta Link

15/10/20 Roadie to Pegasus Day 9

15/10/20 DF65 Otaki Nationals local newspaper

14/10/20 Tauranga Fun Wednesday

14/10/20 Waihi Cant J Wednesday

11/10/20 Gusty Waihi Sunday

11/10/20 Best Island Nelson Video

11/10/20 Road Trip - Day Five Nelson Racing Day 2 - Regatta Results

10/10/20 Windy Saturday Session in Tauranga

10th Nelson photos from Ian G

10th W.M. Nelson Road Trip - Day One to Four updates

9th French 2020 IOM Champs

7th IOM Fun Wednesday Photos

7th Anyone using a M6 charger?

6/10/20 Video of a light Nelson sailing session

5/10/20 Roadie and website updates

4/10/20 Whanganui Session

4/10/20 Tauranga Champs Day Two Results

4/10/20 Day two Photos

3/10/20 Tauranga Champs Day One results

3/10/20 Day one photos

2/10/20 Practice day

2/10/20 Foiling Multihull at Lakes

Tauranga Club One Metre Champs & Notice of Race

1/10/20 DF65 facebook report

30/9/20 Waihi Wednesday J's and IOM's

30/9/20 Tauranga Wednesday Arvo Session

30/9/20 More Photos and a lost Jacket

30/9/20 More Tga Wednesday photos

30/9/20 Lake Katikati Empty today :(

29/9/20 Facebook DF65 NZ BOP

28/9/20 Fantastic DF65 Seaman Ship

26/9/20 Whanganui Saturday Session

26/9/20 Beautiful Saturday Sailing Session

26/9/20 more great photos of Saturday

24/9/20 TRSC DF65 Thursday

23/9/20 IOM Wednesday at Jetty at Level One

23/09/2020 Tauranga One Metre Champs Updates, Dinner, General Info and Risk Management

22/9/20 What is Covid Level One requirements

21/9/20 Monday TRSC DF65

21/9/20 Woodie IOM Swift for sale on facebook

20/9/20 Great day in Waihi

20/9/20 Whanganui Sunday Session

20/9/20 Whakatane Sunday Road Trip

19/9/20 Saturday TRSC session

18/9/20 Westhaven Woodie

17/9/20 DF65 Thursday 1pm at Bus Stop

16/9/20 TRSC Windy B Rig Wednesday

16/9/20 Spring Blast

15/9/20 NZRYA 2020 AGM Notice

15/9/20 Water and Electronics don't mix !

14/9/20 DF65 Monday Session

13/9/20 Waihi Sunday Session

13/9/20 Whanganui Sunday Session

12/9/20 Saturday Monthly Points Day

11/9/20 Practical examples of basic rules video

11/9/20 Watching our last 12 months watchers (fixed)

10/9/20 TRSC DF65 Thursday

10/9/20 IOM Nats, Northland, Top of South updates

9/9/20 Waihi Wednesday

9/9/20 Waihi Wednesday two

9/9/20 TRSC Fun Wednesday Session

9/9/20 Wednesday J Maiden Voyage on Youtube

8/9/20 Club Member Dinghy use

7/9/20 Great DF65 Monday afternoon session

6/9/20 Whanganui Sunday DF65's & IOM's

5/9/20 Perfect conditions, 5 hour enduro results

5/9/20 More enduro photos

4/9/20 Five hour Perfect Weather forecast ! Teams entered so far...

3/9/2020 Hooked on DF65 sailing

2/9/20202 Fun Wednesday 1pm to 4pm

1/9/2020 These 3 rules get you around the track

1/9/20 Changing DF65 Rigs during Nationals ?

31/8/20 Whats happening in Thames ?

31/8/20 TRSC DF65 Monday at Bus Stop

30/8/20 Whanganui Sunday afternoon session

29/8/20 TRSC Level 2 Bus Stop Saturday session

27/8/20 Crazy DF65 Thursday at Lakes Bus Stop

26/8/20 Fun Wednesday - Great onshore breeze

25/8/20 A bit of Tauranga History

24/8/20 Anther huge turnout for TRSC DF65 Monday 1pm to 3pm

23/8/20 Very light Whanganui session

23/8/20 Light Papamoa DF65 Sunday session

23/8/20 RC Yachts at 4 boat lengths giving Buoy room

23-8-20 These guys know the Buoy Room Rule !

22/8/20 RO Report Big Saturday Session

22/8/20 TRSC Saturday Session beautiful day, big turnout

20-8-20 Please pay your 2021 membership now !

20/8/20 TRSC 1st ever damp DF65 Thursday's 1pm to 3pm

20/8/20 Papamoa DF membership list

19/8/20 3d printed Female mold - Frank 3.1 under construction

18/8/20 IOM Measuring for Tauranga Regatta in October

17/8/20 Tauranga Lakes first ever DF65 session Mondays 1 to 3pm

16/8/20 A Whanganui Sunny Sunday

16/8/20 Great Value for your first IOM on tradme V5

15/8/20 Beautiful Saturday Blue Sky Light Wind Day

15/8/20 More Saturday photos

14/8/20 DF65 Sailing this Monday 1pm to 3pm at The Lake Bus Stop

13/8/20 Can a 2.4ghz have interference ?

12/8/20 Level Two TRSC at Bus Stop Great Sailing Venue

12/8/20 More Wednesday photos

12/8/20 Auckland IOM Monthly Sunday on 16th is postponed due to Covid

11/8/20 Neil's KZ56 IOM first registered 30/6/1990

11/8/20 More great videos from Neil at Kerikeri

11/8/20 Check out the For Sale page at Westhaven

10/8/20 Restoring Older IOM's and Proposed Waihi Handicap Regatta 16/1/21

9/8/20 TRSC Club email

9/8//20 Good turnout in Waihi today

9/8/20 31kph wind gust s in Whanganui

9/8/20 Papamoa DF65's

8/8/20 TRSC Monthly Points Saturday with a perfect wind

8/8/20 More KF photos from Saturdays fun points day

8/8/20 Ken's new Alternative build got wet this week ...

8/8/20 and Gr's Mr Stein got wet too ...

7/8/20 TRSC New Look Website.... Main Change Info

6/8/20 A quick look at next years rules RRS 2021-2024 here

5/8/20 Fantastic Weather and Great Turnout in Tauranga

5/8/20 Wednesday session at Lake Gilmour Waihi

2/8/20 Perfect Weather for Sunday sailing in Waihi

1/8/20 Another month not in Lockdown :) Windy Saturday Afternoon :)

31/7/20 Good progress on the J Class - John N

30//7/20 Team NZ pushing the limits, a bit like us ...

29/7/20 Fun Wednesday Sailing Photo in Tauranga

29/7/20 Fun Wednesday Photos in Waihi

29/7/20 Fun Wednesday Video in Waihi thanks to John N

28/7/20 Want to building Steinlager or fisher & paykel ketch,

Here is a package deal, 5 yachts & 2 power boats

all for sale together !

27/7/20 GR's October South Island Road Trip again ...

26/7/20 Perfect day for Twenty DF65's at Papamoa

26/7/20 Whanganui Session

26/7/20 Watching our TRSC website watchers

26/7/20 IOM Mold's, see Ken or Graham, must pick up

25/7/20 Fun Saturday session in great conditions today

24/7/20 1973 "A Class" facebook video

23/7/20 Steve Roberts Waihi Beach passed away Monday

22/7/20 History of One Metre's

21/7/20 IOM North Island Video's

21/7/20 IOM North Island write up

21/7/20 IOM North Island results

20/7/20 Frank Mkiii laid up, deck and frames fitted

19/7/20 Whanganui Sunday Racing

18/7/20 Light drizzly Tauranga Saturday Session

18/7/20 North Island's Briefing this morning at Kai Iwi Lakes

16/7/20 Protect our Waterways Algal Bloom so please Clean & Dry

16/7/20 RC Trailblazer Canada Video

15/7/20 Plan B – Step by step IOM rigging and setup guide

14/7/20 Clever Pig - Be a Good Sport by David Dellenbaugh

13/7/20 Yes solid plastic 3d printed IOM's are allowed :)

12/7/20 20 Second Video of Sunday Waihi Group Fun

(thanks Isobell Mc)

12/7/20 Sunday fun in Whanganui

11/7/20 First TRSC Points Scoring day after lock down

7/7/20 Papamoa Come have a go sailing DF65's

6/7/20 Frank under goes heart surgery

5/7/20 Light Sunday Whanganui Session

4/7/20 July Tauranga Saturday Sailing

3/7/20 Gary launch's his new Woodie Alternative i dun no

2/7/20 Play to Sail (maybe u could set this up here in NZ?)

1/7/20 July 2020 Windy A Rig day Tga with great turnout :)

30/6/20 A few IOM tuning tips

29/6/20 Where is my old hull? (2018)

28/6/20 Whanganui Sunday Session

27/6/20 John B explains the Start

26/6/20 DF65 Nationals Date Changed 24th / 25th October :)

So we can now make them too, on our way home from the IOM Nationals down south, great news, thanks :)

Papamoa Dragons (other df65 venues)

and df65's for sale

25/6/20 Brads top IOM tips (eg alternative rake settings)

24/6/20 Yes a B Rig Windy Day :) :) :)

24/6/20 Fantastic to be on the B Rig again :)

23/6/20 2020 FRD set up guide (Frank Russel)

22/6/20 Whanganui Sunday Session

21/6/20 Auckland Champs Day Two a sailors view

21/6/20 Auckland Champs report and photos

21/6/20 Auckland Champs youtube video one

21/6/20 Auckland Champs youtube video two

20/6/20 Auckland Champs Day One a sailors view

19/6/20h Ken & Graham enjoyed the Fat Boy Regatta a sailors view

19/6/20 Wattle Farm Fat Boy Write up

19/6/20 Fat Boy regatta report

19/6/20 a few morning photos from Ken

18/6/20 New Plymouth has a Fantastic Lake :) !

18/6/20 John B explains the weather mark

17/6/20 Another Light Fun Wednesday

16/6/20 3d printing fantastic for prototyping IOM's

15/6/20 Boats Overlapped Video

3rd & 4/6/2020 TRSC Club Champs

Please fill in our Survey for 2020 TRSC Champs

19/5/20 TRSC boys heading to IOM Fat Boy and Classic on Friday

13/5/20 Saturday afternoon in Tauranga

12/5/20 Newspaper Katikati Storm Water Pond writeup 12/5/20 Sun Live Katikati Storm Water Pond

12/5/20 Oceania Cancelled however 2020 IOM Nat's are go

12/5/20 p.s. IOM Nats & DF65 Nats same weekend, Why ???

11/5/20 June IOM tuning guide

10/5/20 Wednesday Great to see our Team back on the water

8/5/20 Neil D's NZ iom youtube Videos

7/5/20 Whanganui Sunday Session

7/5/20 IOM how to start a race video

7/5/20 This is Radio Sailing Introduction Video

Hello Sailors

No more social distancing required as of midnight Monday 8th June 2020

We can all burst our bubbles and our TRSC calendar can go back to Normal :)

We would love to see back at the Tauranga Lakes Jetty Saturdays and Wednesdays at 1pm for a drift around with old friends

6/5/20 Another Social Sail at Bus Stop, V Good Breeze :)

6/5/20 Westhaven this morning (facebook)

5/5/20 new NZ NCA IOM Registration & Measuring Overview by Ian V

5/5/20 What you should know about green/blue Lake Algal

4/5/20 DF65 Found sailing down Tauranga Harbour

3/5/20 June Social Wednesday Sail at Bus Stop

3/5/20 Otago Radio Yacht Club back on the water too (facebook)

2/5/20 June David launching the first IOM on there new Lake at Katikati today :) :)

2/5/20 June Heavy Rain overnight - Lake Katikati Overflowing...

31st May Have you got $700K. Lake Katikati is on the way..

31st May Sunday Blat at Lake Gilmore, Waihi

29th Friday 1pm Social Sail at the Lakes, photos and report

29th Friday Social Sail More photos

29th Level Two Sign in form. PDF

28th BG Top Tips

26th To TRSC commodore DH, NZ IOM NCA meeting Agenda 20.06.20

25th May 2020 - Covid 19 under control so we can go sailing ?

25th TS2 Wanted in Whangarei

24th Waihi's Baz Kemps passed away

20th Papamoa DF65's

20th Peter testing RC Land yacht in Raglan today (FB Video)

19th 1st Video TRSC meeting minutes

18th Need a holiday? Mediterranean? Sailing RC Masterclass

17th 1st Whanganui session

13th Lake Katikati another step Closer :)

13th Its been a while since i went diving ;)

12th Sports at Level Two

12th JN's Footie ready for float testing

9th Some Covid Projects in Thames

5th Mini40 fails to fly far

3rd Building an IOM? Some great info here

3rd Westhaven / RNB tuning videos

2nd Thruppy's Covid hull progressing well !

2nd May FB Video of KF's LY Driveway Test

26th Not enough wind to test your LY ? FB 26th GR's LY Stats

26th Only 12 hours left to finish your RNB LY (FB)

25th RC LY Spin FB video

24th Lakes Health Warning

24th BW Secret is out

24th Need help designing your Land Yacht

22nd GR History and RC Land Yacht on FB

21st Ken's Covid Landyacht

18th JN also building a footy :)

18th Lipo's and Life's

17th April - Kens Woodie Land Yachts under Construction

17th April Racing Rules quiz's

16th April MOH announcement - What Level Three could look like next week for under 60's and people with no underlying health problems. You can do activities that are local. You should drive as short a distance as you can, activities which you can do safely, and which do not involve interacting with other people, or equipment touched by other people. You can do recreational activities by yourself or with people from your extended bubble.

16th April Canterbury J Class Chin Wag see DH's report

16th April GD's new woodie hull looking great

13th April Good old days in P's and R's

13th April Back then - Cherub and Fin Fun

12th April Keelers, Trailer Yachts


11th Local 3d printer projects

10th April IOM NCA update

10th April - Half way, please stay home, stay off the water, and lets beat this. Local Knowledge?

9th April Denniston 2 gets a new lease on life

8th Customs import rules

7th April Cedar J Class underway

Once upon a time

when i was a wee lad I sailed...

6th April R Class, X Class, Idle...

31st March A Bit of TRSC History

31st March The winter on 2012 we had heavy rain

29th March Ice Yacht, Land Yachts..

27th March 2010 IOM Nats

31st March Great Big Boat Drone video The Ocean Race

27th March Music - Queen Remake - Wash your hands because it really matters

25th March IOM European Championship-2004 Video

24th March Nine hours of video 2017 IOM racing to keep occupied

24th March Cool keel alignment ideas

23rd March New Zealand goes into Self Isolation in 48 hours

22nd March TRSC Traveller Series Two in Tauranga

22nd March TRSC Lunchtime Toolbox Meeting - Covid19

22nd March Whanganui Session

21st March Thruppy runs a challenging Saturday

20th March Big DF65 turnout at Papamoa

20th March WaikatoRSC Covid Plan

19th March - interesting read about one cause of weed and algae

18th March Weird Wednesday, two winds from two directions

17th March Updated simplified Sailing Rules in word and PDF by Gary D

16th March Rob Nelson IOM Tips Video Two

16th March Rob Nelson IOM Tips Video One

15th March Results for Lake Morrisinvile for traveler series One of Three...

15th March Light day down in Whanganui

14th March V8's everywhere. Lovely fun Saturday

12th March What do you want for 2020 DF65's?

11th March Lighter Wednesday Fun Sailing

9th March The boys do well down at Christchurch Canturbury J Class

8th March Photos of the Morrinsville Lake Photos

8th March Whanganui Session

7th March TRSC Saturday Session

4th March Fun Wednesday

3rd March Lipo Rescue Video

2nd March 2021 NCA IOM outcome

2nd March wooden V8 moving forward fast

1st March Wanganui Drift Around

29th Feb Light Leep Year Saturday Session

28th Feb - The Wooden V8 Mold is turning into a boat?

26th Feb - Fun Wednesday

25th Feb - Build your own 2.4ghz Arduino Transmitter & Receiver (Jaycar?)

22nd Feb - First 2020 Damp Saturday

19th Feb - Fun Wednesday Session, perfect breeze

18th Feb - 3d printed One metre J Class under construction

18th Feb - First 2020 TRSC Committee meeting - Minutes here soon...

16th Feb - NZL IOM NCA – Notice of AGM 16th February 2020 Voting Closed

16th Feb - Whanganui Report

16th Feb - Protests

15th Feb - Saturday Points Recorded with Perfect Winds

12th Feb - Fun Wednesday in Tauranga

12th Feb - J Class's in Waihi

11th Feb Katikati Lake has Started - Highfields storm water pond -

https://sunlive.co.nz/news/234256-highfield-stormwater-pond-conversion-progressing.html- https://www.nzherald.co.nz/bay-of-plenty-times/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503343&objectid=12308063

10th Feb Papamoa DF65 Mark Rounding Coaching Day

9th Feb Frank sails at Lake Virginia in Whanganui

8th Feb Fun Saturday in Tauranga

5th Feb Fun Wednesday photos

4th Feb DG65 / 95 Papamoa Newsletter

2nd Feb Windy Whanganui Session down South

1st Feb RNB VTNZ Sailors Report




1 Feb VTNZ ALL CLASSES REGATTA Notice of Race All Classes Fleet Racing

A Sponsor of the All Classes regatta this Saturday "Radio Yacht Supplies" in Mount Maunganui, thanks Antony

A Sponsor of the All Classes regatta this Saturday "Morrinville Motel" thanks Neil

29th Jan - Fun Wednesday photos here :)

26th Jan - Whanganui Session

25th Jan - Very Hot Day forcast and was.....

24th Jan Thanks Dave for Measuring five IOM's this afternoon

23rd Jan DF65s at Papamoa

22nd Jan Fun HOT HOT HOT Wednesday

19th Jan Whanganui Session best in Months

18th Jan Very light month race Saturday

17th Jan Video from Nelson Sailing Session

15th Jan Fantastic Turnout on Fun Wednesday

14th Jan DF65 out at Papamoa

12th Jan HUGE summer turnout in Tauranga today :)

11th Jan Neil and Bob racing at Morrinsville Dam

8th Jan A Rig on fun Wednesday

5th Jan Whanganui Summer Sailing

4th Jan Top Top Top End of B Rig Saturday ....

1st Jan 2020 Hot Hot Hot Wednesday

29th Dec Whanganui session

28th Dec Fun Saturday session in Tauranga

21st Dec Great Saturday but Weird Wind Directions

21st Dec More Great Saturday Photos

20th Dec Dragon Force Sixty Five Papamoa Friday

19th Dec Need a Windex for the top of your mast ?

18th Dec Extremely Windy Wednesday

16th Dec Frank Mkii, meet World

15th Dec DG65's at Papamoa

15th Dec Whanganui IOM Sailing

14 Dec Fantastic Race Day in Tauranga

11 Dec Light Fun Wednesday in Tauranga and Waihi

10th Dec AGM minutes will be posted here soon...

10th December 2019 Notice of AGM Tauranga Radio Sailing Club AGM

7th Dec Fun Saturday with a few lighting bangs...

5th Dec DF65 Friday

4th Dec YouTube in between the marks Video (DF65 repair info)

4th Dec Big Huge Fun Wednesday Session

1st Dec Whanganui has another fantastic day

7th Oct TRSC Champs that's a Wrap so what is next ?

7th Oct Photos from our sponsors website RNB www.robnelsonboats.nz

RNB Facebook

6th Oct TRSC Club Champs more photos 6th Oct TRSC Club Champs Day Two Photos and Results

6th Oct TRSC Club Champs even more photos thanks Ken :)

5th Oct 2019 Tauranga Radio Sailing Club - Club Champs Day One Photo and Results

5th and 6th Oct 2019 NOR Tauranga Club Champs

BBQ Breakfasts, get together Dinner at Oak Tree & closed off at 42 Entries

7th Sept 2019 Five Hour Endurance NOR and Photos, Perfect Weather, Great Company...

Please learn these three simple rules as soon as possible to make sailing around the course with us more enjoyable ...

- Port boat keeps clear of starboard boat

- Windward boat keeps clear of leeward boat on the same tack

- Mark rounding, Don't dive inside boats that have entered the 4 boat lengths circle unless you had an overlap (Please ask one of us how to work out overlap)

- If you have broken a rule, sail clear asap, and then take your penalty turn(s) until you have not gained advantage on the boat you infringed, thanks

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