Below are a collection of stories authored by myself.  Currently they are not published anywhere except only on this website.  I am looking for a publisher / agent in order to have these stories fully published in soft or hard cover (not just ePublished)

Additionally, I am looking for a mentor or potentially a partnership with a two way mentorship (we mentor each other).

This work is automatically protected the moment it is written down; it does not have to be "registered" for a copyright for it to be valid.  According to

"Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device."

All rights and permissions are reserved by the Author, David Alan Binder and may not be reproduced except with permission.

You Think a Think

You think a think

or so you may think

some have been taught

that to think a think

is really thinking a thought

You are on the brink

if you continue to think

and creating a link

or looping to a great think

sometimes a think may clink

into another kind of think 

or just go sideways

and like sipping a drink

right down to the bottom 

you can run out of think

when you’re sure you got’em

when thinking a great think

write it down with pencil or ink

or you may forget them

thinking and tweaking thinks

keeps the brain peaking pink

having not a clue or think

can really stink

or take a break with a wink

knowing that you will think a think

and your mind will race around the rink

Where can Puggie be? Word Count 358

Puggie is Fishie’s pet plankton.

Puggie is bored.

Puggie thinks, “I want to take a walk.”

“It is too early!  Fishie is not awake yet.”

“I know!  I’ll go by myself.”

“After all, I am big now.”

“After all, what can go wrong?”

Puggie is smart.

Puggie tries to open the gate.

“Oh no, I need help.”

Dan the Clam sleeps nearby.

Puggie asks, “Dan, I’ll throw you over the fence and you let me out, okay?

Where will Puggie go?

Fishie wakes up and looks around.  “Where’s Puggie?” asks Fishie

“I was sure she was inside.”

Fishie sees the gate open.

“Where can Puggie be?”

Fishie approaches Craw Daddy hesitantly.

(Craw Daddy is sometimes grumpy.)

Fishie loves Puggie and thinks, “This is important.”

So she uses her courage then...

So she to get his attention “Ah hem.” and then speaks up

“Hey Craw daddy” Have you seen Puggie?”

Craw Daddy shouts, “NO!”

And crawls back in his hole.

“What a grouch!” Fishie thinks “Where can Puggie be?”

Fishie sees Davey Wavey, the water spider

Fishie sees Davey walking on water and wonders, “How does he do that?”

Oh dear, I’m distracted from finding Puggie, getting back on task.

Fishie loves Puggie and thinks, “This is important.”

So she speaks up

Hey Davey!  Have you seen Puggie?

Davey says, “No.” and continues walking away on the water.

Fishie thinks “Where can Puggie be?”

Puggie has wandered around and wandered around and is lost.

So Puggie approaches some  playful proto phytoplankton and asks,

“Where’s the grotto, where Fishie lives?”

They decide to play a prank on Puggie and send Puggie in the wrong direction.

Puggie gets even more lost.  

Fishie finally finds Puggie and gives him a big huge hug Puggie

On the way back to the grotto, Fishie and Puggie have a discussion

And decide Puggie needs to play it safe and be careful of suggestions.

Sometimes the suggestions can be pranks or worse.

Fishie asks Puggie to “Please, stay in her cubby.”

They enjoy the rest of the day in the grotto on the bank of the pond.

Who knows what adventures they will have another day?

Dogtown or Cattown 387 words

There once was a Town that had lots of dogs and cats.

The dogs, Diogie, Maddie, and Mindy just called it Town.

The cats: Nipper, Napper and Natter also called it Town.

“Hey,” said Diogie, “let’s go to Town.”

“Okay,” said Nipper, “let’s go!”

Therefore, they went, but down the road, there was another town named Town.

They were so confused!

“We need a special name,” said Nipper and Diogie, “just Town is confusing.”

"We have a Mayor let's ask what they think!"  When presented with the question Mayor Maynot sat deep in thought and finally said, "An excellent proposal!"

The dogs, Diogie, Maddie, and Mindy want to name it Dogtown. 

The cat's; Nipper, Napper and Natter wanted to name it Cattown. 

"Which one, Mayor Maynot?"  The answer, "Both are an excellent proposal.  Let me think about it for a while.  This will take quite the deliberation."  And Mayor Maynot walked off thinking.

They all have a town meeting to talk it over.

First, they decide that they count the number of dogs and count the number of cats.

They will name it after the most dogs or cats.

The number of cats and dogs was exactly the same number. 

That doesn’t work!  Phooey!

Then they try to count the pennies of the dogs and the pennies of the cats.

They will name it after who has the most pennies.

The dogs have exactly the same number of pennies as the cats.

That doesn’t work!  Phooey!

Then they play the game, the cats on one side and the dogs on the other. 

Whoever gets the high score gets to name the town.

The game ended up being a tie.

That doesn’t work!  Phooey!

What were they going to do?

One of them had an idea.

They talk to each other about the idea.

That is a good idea.

They have another town meeting and all the animals come.

Dogs, cats, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, ducks and chickens all came to the meeting.

After much barking, meowing, talking, mooing, clucking, oinking, baaing and honking.

They decide on a name.

Which do you like?

Dogtown or Cattown

So, what name did they decide for the town?

All the votes were counted and all the animals agreed

that the answer was in front of their faces but they just could not see it.

They voted to name it Animal Town.

Animal Town is now a very happy town and named not just a few animals but for all the animals.

What if Animal Town had people living in it too?

Then there would have to be another vote on the name and what name would you choose?

Buffalo Bull Word Count 190

Buffalo bull wears a ring in his nose. 

What does he want, with a ring in his nose? 

It is anybody’s guess but he knows. 

Buffalo bull’s shoulder sports a tattoo. 

Why, a brown bull with a tattoo of blue. 

Buffalo bull attaches spurs to his hooves. 

What’s the deal?  Most of the herd disapproves. 

Buffalo bull puts on a Stetson hat. 

Imagine that.  Is a bulls head too fat?  

Buffalo bull’s friend rides his back, Black bird.  

That seems silly but that is what I’ve heard. 

Buffalo bull likes himself the way he is. 

Nobody’s biz; he wears it and it’s his. 

He came with one long horn and one short horn 

That is the way he was when he was born. 

You don’t have to wear a hat, boys and girls. 

You don’t have to have a ring in your nose. 

Wear what you want, that’s your kind of clothes. 

You don’t need to wear or have a tattoo. 

You are not like anyone!  You are you. 

A friend like Black bird may not come around.

Whether a friend decides to be around  

Doesn’t affect your mood remains up not down

The bull has individuality. 

Just like you have, great personality.

Dear One, You are Enough 130 words

Dear one, you are enough.

We loved you before you were born.

You are enough.

We love you now.

You are enough.

You are enough, just as you are.

Dear one, you are enough.

Little one, you sit on my lap while I read this book.

Your eager eyes look at the pictures.

My voice resonates through my body into yours.

Dear one, you are enough.

Dear one, you are enough.

Your size does not matter.

Big, little, tall, short, thin, husky.

You have enough just the way you are.

Dear one, you are enough.

You have the brains.

You have the personality.

You have the inner peace.

You have the physical stamina.

You will overcome any difficulty you desire.

You are enough.

Just as you are, you are enough.