It’s so Logical!

Post date: Aug 31, 2015 1:44:24 PM

It’s so Logical!

If one has an analytical brain it is really a no brainer. Figure out the equation or formula for whatever you are seeking and voila, results.

Seems reasonable but each of our brains work differently and when you are working with people one cannot measure, cut and put together into neat little piles or niches.

First issue is male or female. It is pretty common knowledge that the female is predominantly emotional and the male is predominantly logical. There are numerous articles on this, here is one:

Go to to read the article:

“Gender & the Brain: Differences between Women & Men”

Go to to read this article:

“The Difference Between the Male and Female Brain”

This illustrates men’s ability to compartmentalize while women are not as adapt at it.

Another article I've heard or read about is one that states that why men generally know directions and how to get from point A to B a little better than women is that men were hunters and had to know how to get the meat from their kill back to the home base and that is why their inner orientation is better.

NOTE: No one get bent out of shape here, these are all generalities and your results may differ. People may follow general principles or guidelines; however, everyone is an individual is different and some may be higher in one characteristic than others.

There is a good and distinct possibility that I think differently than you and that something that I bring to our discussions may help you and vice versa.

Do not think of these Write Coaching sessions as purely one way, my knowledge streaming to you only. I plan on pulling your knowledge out of you and that way we can both be better for it.

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