What if you used Kintsugi on your stories?

Post date: May 31, 2018 10:30:09 PM

What if you used Kintsugi on your stories?

Kintsugi or as it is also called Kintsukuroi means golden repair.

This art is Japanese and it takes the repair of broken pottery to another level.

It is especially useful for the individual that is doing it over the piece of pottery.

Using lacquer that is mixed with gold, silver or platinum in powdered form and using that mixture like a glue to hold broken pieces of pottery together.

It creates two things, one, it uses your concentration and talent to mold a broken piece of pottery back together and it accentuates the “scars” of the repair since that is now part of the pottery’s history.

That very act of concentration on your part re-channels your mind into something useful and purposeful; taking your mind off those life events that may be worrying you or bothering you. Such as, divorce, a death in the family, or other such troubles.

You won’t forget, not ever, your troubles but your mind is channeled for a span of time away from that brain activity that frankly, gets you nowhere usually.

The Kintsugi technique is 400 years old. It can be a metaphor for soothing and healing ourselves.

Now let’s apply this principle to story or article writing, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.

Writing channels your mind away from those things that may worry you for a span of time. And that alone can be so refreshing and reviving and give you a new look at worries.

Those worries are still there. Those worries; however, are put into the background, are channeled to your subconscious. So many times, my subconscious has found solutions or a way to think about worries that freed my mind.

You don’t have to use lacquer or glue. You can use any medium for “repairing” your life and highlighting those scars that make you the person you have become. Without those “scars”, you’d be a completely different person with a completely different perspective.

Your full potential will be revealed BECAUSE you went through those tough times and marvelously here you still stand in spite of and sometimes because of it.

Imperfection can be a celebration of individuality.

This is a think piece by David Alan Binder. Suggested by an article on NBC News https://www.nbcnews.com/better/health/how-japanese-art-technique-kintsugi-can-help-you-be-more-ncna866471

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