Bully for you

Post date: Jul 6, 2015 4:55:50 PM

This is a hate free zone. No bullying please.

However, your stories need to have antagonists (bullies) that are real and believable and I am certain you can recall some narcissistic, outrageous individuals you have had to deal with or at the very least if you live a very sheltered life ones you've heard about.

One thing I've tried to live by is being congruent with myself. In this or that situation am I being true to me and my beliefs or would someone who knows me extremely well think I'm being ironic and acting out of character. It does not mean I can't sometimes be unpredictable or surprise someone but being true to me is important.

The same with your antagonists they need to be pretty consistent and congruent with their character. Not that they can't be kind at times in order to get what they want but one knows that they are being that way to have their way eventually.

An antagonists that uses psychological and emotional tactics that toy with others like a cat and mouse kind of really cruel way is one that has a lot of what maybe I would call a hate factor. One loves to hate them and those characters are memorable and get talked about. Hannibal Lecter comes to mind, a character that leaps out of you and there are so many quirks to that character that you instantly recognize them and the tactics he used give some nightmares or make them shudder.

These are the characters that are congruent, even with their nuances and foibles.

They are fun to write and fun to read. So write us a story with excellent, hateful or lovable characters and find a plot with some twists and you've got something that will stand out.