Back to School

Post date: Aug 30, 2015 4:43:47 PM

Back to School

For a lot of the nation it is back to school. If you are one of them, then maybe you should be.

I’ve been in a program that I developed myself called, “Learn for Life”. I jokingly have been known to say at work, “Well, I have learned something today so now I can go home.” I figured that anything that furthered my knowledge and was useful then it was important and I should reward myself.

However, since I obtained my BS degree while as an adult all while holding down a full time job, raising 4 children (with the wife of course), teaching Sunday School, being involved as an Assistant Scout Master and being involved in dragon boating. That was a very active schedule and sometimes sacrifices were made or commitments were skipped but it was a juggling match that somehow I got through. I learned a lot during those times and then did a similar juggling match years later when I obtained my Master’s Degree although the children were grown and some other commitments were reduced it still took some skills to get through it.

This level of expertise and commitment has led me to thoroughly believe in lifelong learning and that one can always further one’s knowledge on many interesting subjects without attending college.

Now you can benefit by studying whatever subject you desire and becoming a master of all, many or a few. With the internet and the knowledge available there it is unlimited. You can waste your time or use your time wisely. That is up to you.

Let’s wisely get together and help each other. From each of you I plan on learning your process, how you think and how you put together your ideas and then make suggestions and comments and learn from you while you learn from me.

See, we can help each other, Dear Writers. That is the best of all worlds and our commitment to lifelong learning.

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