People please, please

Post date: Jul 4, 2015 2:02:05 AM

I just scanned all of my posts. People please, please help me proof read this stuff. I found two glaring typos and am ashamed. When I find a spelling error in a paperback book, hardback book, I have a difficult time believing that the individual is a professional and it really detracts from the reading.

For me the intent is not enough, I insist on accuracy and intentionally look for errors in others works. To see them in my own works is a horrible feeling that I do not want to detract from my work and take the readers attention away form my message.

I would definitely appreciate any comments, corrections or suggestions. Any tips are appreciated as well. I look forward hearing from you good readers.

Note: Punctuation errors do not bother me as much and are extremely difficult for me to catch, especially in my own work.