Someone else's thoughts

Post date: Jul 27, 2015 1:27:04 PM

Today, I am taking a different tack. Today, I'm referring you to a link that I believe will help you write a best seller and rather than me pretend these are my ideas (which they aren't) I will present them as they are, someone else's great ideas.

Be aware that help may arrive you to from many places and it is up to you to sort it out and do what makes sense to you. You have to believe it will help, you have to want help, and then you have to accept the help.

All of that is innate and as you trust your instinct and find your way you will know what will actually help and what won't.

And frankly, I never thought a physics department at any university would help me with writing but this site seems to be dead on.

Use this, Dear Writers, with my blessing:

I'd be interested in what you all think about the advice contained there. Drop me a line at ab3ring at juno dot com