“Measure yourself by what you have…Not by what you don’t have” David Alan Binder

Post date: Jan 14, 2018 5:45:19 PM

“Measure yourself by what you have…Not by what you don’t have” David Alan Binder

Bucket lists measure what you don’t have.

Envy is a measure of what you don’t have.

Gripes measure what you don’t have.

Longing measures what you don’t have.

Jealousy is a measure of what you don’t have.

“The best measure of you is you.” David Alan Binder

Say, “I once was this and now I am this.”

Or say, “I now know this that I didn’t know.”

If you think about it there is so much that, you know now from just a few years ago. (Let alone eons ago.)

How far have you come? Did you ever think you would become what you are now back when you were a little girl or boy?

What do you have now?

How many bedrooms is your house?

In my youth, there were three bedrooms. One for the boys, one for the girls and one for the parents.

My children have shared rooms until we could afford for each of them to have their own room.

My father rarely owned a brand new car. I can remember only one or two. Long after us kids were gone he was able to get one. Since they were divorced. My mother rarely owned a brand new car. Only two.

Neither of my parents ever bought or built a brand new house. Heck, neither have I.

Never needed to. Always kind of wanted one, but never able to swing it. How does that affect me? Doesn’t affect me at all. It does not diminish me or who I am.

I am comfortable.

Of course, there never is enough money, but we manage what we have and are able to do somethings that others have done and a few things others have not.

It is not about how much I have. It is about the quality of my life, and of my experiences and whom I chose to share them with. That is most important.

If you are sharing your life with someone, a friend, a family member, someone else who does not deserve you or mistreats you or takes you for granted. Then GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE. They deserve to miss you. Your presence is a gift. Make sure that the people you spend time with are deserving of you.

You are the most precious person I know. You are the most likable, the most wonderful, the most awe inspiring person in the world.

It is about time you felt this way about you.

With that being a given (your awesomeness, your wonderfulness) now you can hold your head up and say (without being pretentious or puffed up or filled with a showy, arrogant pride). “I am a good person. I have worked so hard. I have come so far. Yes, I have so far to go, since I am constantly learning, I will get there. The journey must be enjoyed or why take the journey.

Love you, Dear Readers and Dear Writers. You are the constant in my life. Thanks for making me a constant in yours.

Here’s to growing more in this new year. Here’s to realizing that each action, each step is making the next dream come true. Without those steps, those actions, we stagnate.

Actionable, systematic, progress is one bite at a time (or if on new regimen then perhaps one bite less). Increase your intake of knowledge, busy is floundering. Small quiet steady one item at a time is progress.

Successiveness is built by a continuous unhurried pace. A deliberate movement towards where you want to be tomorrow, next month, next year.