Post date: Jul 5, 2015 4:16:52 PM

Sorry, dear writers, I do not do Facebook. If you search for me, I do not have a Facebook account that is visible. I only have an incognito one so that if my daughter posts pictures I will can connect and find them and enjoy those pictures. My mother has a Facebook account; which is why I do not use a Facebook account. I feel if an 87 year old uses Facebook, then it is well past its prime and has moved on to an audience that does not appeal to me.

Maybe, when I am 87 I'll be ready to get an account. (LOL, that is so freaking funny I can hardly stand it! Me, with a Facebook account); However, dear writers, social media can be powerful so you have to decide for yourself where you will be represented since there are so many. Facebook, Twitter, hashtags, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, etc.

I have only listed a few of the probably hundreds by now.

Get on Social Media and use if and only if it meets your needs. This is an area where only you can decide what fits with you and your needs.