What motivates you?

Post date: Jan 4, 2018 11:37:24 PM

What motivates you?

I ask authors in my interview, “What saying do you live by?” This says a lot about a person; and what may inspire them or motivate them. I pay attention to that.

However; mantras, sayings and other motivation without correct interpretation are meaningless. Different people interpret and ascribe meanings based upon where they are in their life. If you’ve only known abuse, your interpretation lens is different. If you’ve only known love, your interpretation lens is different.

This may be why my siblings (a half-brother and one on my fathers side), two half-sisters, and a stepbrother) see my stepmother in a different light than I do since they were treated differently as children than I was. My lens is different from theirs and my experience is no less important than theirs is. It is personal to each of us. Thus, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, your experience is different from ours. You are the interpreter of your experiences through your lens.

I also have a half-brother on my mother’s side as well, who never knew his father. His lens of never having a father will never ever be even close to my lens of having known my father (at least every other weekend), compared to possibly your lens who may have seen your father most every day of your life.

“It’s not about making a Dollar; it’s about making a Difference”*

This is a powerful sentence and applies (I believe) to some writers. They are interpreting stories from their own perspectives.

“You need white space to create”*

White space can be quiet to some, noise to others. Thriving is individual, some enjoy crowds (a friend who grew up in New York loved crowds), and some who grew up elsewhere may enjoy other venues more than some others.

“Manage your first hour of the day (if you are checking your phone then you are the whim of others and they are controlling your actions) and the last hour of the day and the rest manages itself.”*

This is about you controlling your destiny and your actions and your thrust. You “sell your sovereignty”* when you check your cellphone.

“Reasons reap results”*

What motivates each of us is important and we reap the results of those motivations.

Social media is a toilet. Flush it out of your life. – David Alan Binder

“You lose yourself when you keep up with others.”*

“Social depression is real.”* Something to consider this when using FacePlant and others similar to it.

“Digital dementia”* is a memory loss specifically related to smartphones. Why memorize when you can Google it? Because your memory muscles need a work out to stay powerful and strong. Challenges are fantastic and encourage us to thrive. You’ll have more information at your brain tip if you remembering rather than Google.

The two most powerful words in the English language are “I am…”* since whatever words you put after ‘I am’ determine how you think, how you act, what you do and don’t do. Is ‘I am’ your limiter or does it make you limitless? The real power is YOU get to decide; no one else determines that for you.

“Your do don’t list is more important that your to do list.” This sets you up for automatic decisions that help you throughout life. Possibly: Don’t check your phone during certain times.

“I don’t have problems, I have puzzles.”* This one statement shifts your brain into a different mode. Puzzles can be solved. Problems seem insurmountable. Shift your focus and you shift what you are able to do.

“You are either a thermometer or a thermostat.”* You can either be a thermometer by simply measure what is out there. Always monitoring and never doing anything about it. Or you be a thermostat by taking action and changing things to what you want them to be. Set your standards and head towards those standards and move towards them.

*These one-liners above come from Jim Kwik. One of the newest people I listen to on YouTube.

Jim Kwik, you may learn more about him at http://jimkwik.com/