I am an Alien

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 2:23:26 AM

I am an Alien. I am from Earth; however, do not feel any connection with Earthlings therefore I am an Alien. I am a Citizen of the Universe, first and foremost. My roots extend over time and space to another place. As an Alien I should be regarded as a one of a kind individual which no other Earthling can claim to be. This status allows me to speak for every Alien from Martians to Venetians to Mercurians to Plutonians to Jupiterians to Saturnians to Uranusians to Neptunians to every other planet in every solar system.

Thus begins the adventure and the controversy. How can one claim to be an Alien when that person has a birth certificate from earth and no possible roots or genealogy to any other race of beings? A simple statement does not make anything a fact or does it? There is no proof that I am not really an Alien switched at birth with the human. My mother or father was not aware that I was an Alien so they raised me as an Earthling. Even though I was raised an Earthling I identify with Aliens since the souls of Aliens is in my soul and my mind and my heart.

Physiologically what distinguishes an Earthling from an Alien? Without having any other Alien to run comparisons with; there is only one absolute and that is me.

This writing was inspired by current events in the State of Washington (you may infer what it is referring to).

So pick a point of view and write it, defend it, offensive it, drive it home and get it out of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just try it.