Post date: Jul 6, 2015 4:08:32 PM

There are two types of maintenance;

1. One because out of necessity something has broken and must be repaired.

2. One because you are preventing a break down.

Writing may need some maintenance. Something you have written does not work. There is a part that is not pulling its weight and needs repair. This way of writing may be due to an error you caught or someone else caught; the good thing is it was caught.

Writing may need some preventive maintenance. There are places in a story that typically go wrong; a character may be all bad and not have any redeeming traits (which nearly all people do) so knowing this you intentionally pre-fix those flaws in a character that otherwise would have broken your story.

All of these are good and that's why I'm here. I'll help you not only maintain your story but also let you know what is right about it. A free check up if you will that let's you know what is working and what is not. All of this without any repair or check up bill (no fee required).

You send it to me (see the Blog labelled SUBMISSIONS and the subsequent one called "It's all about you..." and you will find the submission rules and the why you should is very readily apparent.

I promise that I will not, I do not, ever steal your work. It is very safe with me and no other person will be privy to our private chats about your work.

Dear writers, this helps both of us, since I become better with practice and you become better with another pair of loving eyes to look over your work.

A win-win situation for all of us. Think about it and as always contact me at ab3ring at juno dot com.