Find a way, not a way out.

Post date: Dec 23, 2017 6:26:48 PM

Find a way, not a way out.

As my friend, Tim Grahl says (paraphrased), A system is worth more than goals. A system takes action items and action items propel you towards your goals. So don’t make a list of goals, make a list of action items. Thus, you will attain goals by taking action and action alone will give you a return on investment (time and work) to a goal.

Dream big. A $1000, no dream bigger than that. How much do you want to make in a year? Then take that figure and divide by 12 and then take actions so you get paid 12 times a year to equal what you want to make in a year. Maybe you need to break it down further. Then take the yearly figure and divide by 50 (yes, plan for two weeks off a year-it happens) now you have a weekly figure to attain. Make it hard and shoot for Pluto and maybe you’ll make it to Mars or Saturn or further.

Make a mantra. Repeat your POSITIVE mantra everyday twice a day and you will believe it. If you can’t say, I’m an author (substitute here you ultimate goal). Then say, I’m beginning to believe that I am an author. Your brain will begin to believe and gives you the impetus to accelerate through to the, I am an author, phase.

Visualize it, mantra-ize it, believe-ize it, positively then do the required actions.

Inactivity is a killer. So bet active.

This is your own little mini-course on realization of big dreams.

Heck, what made me get my Bachelor’s degree while I was an adult, with four kids and a job and teaching Sunday school and being an Assistant Scout Master was this one phrase. If so and so can do it then I can do it. In my case, it was Janice, a woman from my work who was a clerk and became part of the IT department doing technical work. If she can do it, anyone can do it, even me. LOL!!!

Dear Readers and Dear Writers

If you find a way then you will. If you think of a way our then you will. Decide which you will do and get on with it and do it!