Dual Duel

Post date: Sep 18, 2017 11:32:19 PM

Dual Duel

The world is divided into two.

The division is within you.

There is the inner and there is the outer.

Together they are dual nature that you maintain.

Sometimes they duel at odds from the beginning and remain.

This dual nature of us is brought about by others opinions, impressions, Judgements and reactions.

This can contrast with our opinion, impression, judgements and reaction of us.

Sometimes they are wrong, sometimes we are wrong.

But in every case there is nothing wrong with us.

If we remain true to ourselves then it is correct, it is right and it is absolute.

There are times when we make mistakes but they are honest mistakes and ones that we would not

intentionally make.

I would never chose a path that I felt would harm me or those I love.

Yet sometimes I have.

Those are regrets but only because I know better now than I did then.

I have better information, knowledge plus the fact of history on that particular decision.

So today I have better information, knowledge and power.

I will use my power to make corrections, set new courses that will achieve my purposes in life.

If my purposes in life can change then so can I.

Dear Writers and Dear Readers, here’s to your current course in life.

It is the only course that matters, for tomorrow there may be a new course but that will be

tomorrow. Live here, live now and live deeply.

That is all you can do.