What is your narrative?

Post date: Jun 16, 2017 3:26:25 PM

What is your narrative?

We all have a narrative or a story that drives us and either motivates or demotivates us.

That last part is very scary!

A good question to ask is; is my narrative or story demotivating me?

Find your narrative. Find your story. One that compels you to push harder than you ever thought you’d ever dare.

Climb that Mount Everest, that champion of peaks that looms in your distance and let it propel you and force you to climb it. After all, you will and are doing this, just because you can! You need no other reason.

Or you can listen in your mind to the narrative that says; it’s too cold, it’s too hard, it’s too uncomfortable, it’s too whatever you want to insert.

It is your future; live it or squander it.

This is from Seth Godin’s blog to which I have subscribed:

Here is a partial list, in alphabetical order, of narratives light and dark that can serve as fuel to push us to do work that others might walk away from:

· Avoidance of shame (do this work or you'll be seen as a fraud/loser/outcast)

· Becoming a better version of yourself

· Big dreams (because you can see it/feel it/taste it)

· Catastrophe (or the world as we know it will end)

· Competition (someone is gaining on you)

· Compliance (the boss/contract says I have to, and even better, there's a deadline)

· Connection (because others will join in)

· Creative itch (the voice inside of you wants to be expressed)

· Dissatisfaction (because it's not good enough as it is)

· Engineer (because there's a problem to be solved)

· Fame (imagining life is better on the other side)

· Generosity (because it's a chance to contribute)

· It's a living (pay the writer)

· Peer pressure (the reunion is coming up)

· Possibility (because we can, and it'll be neat to see how it works in the world)

· Professionalism (because it's what we do)

· Revenge (you'll show the naysayers)

· Selection (to get in, win the prize, be chosen)

· Unhappiness (because the only glimmer of happiness comes from the next win, after all, we're not good enough as is)

Remember this:

· “After all, if we are not here to help each other, then what are we here for?”