Fear is not the enemy

Post date: Jun 15, 2015 1:50:32 AM

If fear is not the enemy then what is fear. Fear is a reaction to the unknown, a gut wrenching, cold sweat, say swear words out loud type of thing. A snake once induced foul mouth turrets in me since it had not moved and I thought it was a stick until it moved then the unmentionable spewed from my mouth. Fear can be your friend and a way of letting go of negative energy. Staying stuck in fear and not moving forward or backward is ludicrous and fear should always be acted upon to be able to either overcome it or push it aside or move forward in spite of it in order to accomplish that which fear itself will not let you accomplish. Sort of like writing, fear of reprisal, fear of rejection, fear of ridicule are all NOT reasons to write. Laugh at those fears and accept the reprisal, the rejection, the ridicule for what it really is and that is a learning lesson to get beyond and into the friendly zone. Overcoming that evil fear is what we as writers must do every day.

So write away without fear.