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Post date: Jun 24, 2015 1:53:46 AM

In order to inform you of how this post works; what I do is use stories; mostly, true stories to not only entertain but to make my point or that I feel has some relevance and some things that I am interested in as well. Sometimes I will use pieces of relevant articles, etc. as well to spice things up or to pass on useful, relevant information to you, Dear Writers.

I have used some pictures but it is sort of difficult since I am not really a photographer although eons ago I tried with an Instamatic camera (told you it was eons ago).

Never could afford a 35 mm camera until much later in life and now just use my cell phone camera for convenience.

If you have reflections, feedback, comments, do not be afraid to use the Contact Us tab and let me know.

Thanks a bunch and tell your friends. Here's my card pass it on.