What are you working on?

Post date: May 22, 2018 10:26:42 PM

What are you working on?

We are a study group. Yes, you and I. You come here to study, to learn and to grow.

I am constantly reading, listening, and informing myself from books, audios and videos; from various sources. A few of which are: life coaches (3 of them at once), a neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner, several informational sources about narcissism (about 5), assorted fictional and non-fictional books, a two charisma coaches, a philosopher, and so many more even I am astounded by the quantity.

What this means for both of us is I have scoured the world looking for new ideas, information and how to relate it all.

I take all the mountains of information, sift through it, and produce the best information possible for your consumption.

My investigations into the macabre, the occult, the unusual, the weird, the oddities, the ends of the world and beyond, yield spectacular and inspirational stories and articles.

I have read the Bible cover to cover both Old and New Testaments; plus many cross references and appendages. I have read Josephus, Steven Covey to Steven King and everything in between. Marcus Aurelius’ book The Meditations, thousands upon thousands of books. This is to perfect my art and craft; to be knowledgeable of other authors and their art and craft.

Let me help and inspire you.

Write me, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, and let’s get started.