Replace “I Should” with “I Choose”

Post date: Jan 18, 2016 4:56:39 PM

Replace “I Should” with “I Choose”

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and I am still working on this. I am beginning to focus on the benefits of using choose instead of should. (This is also replacing “try” with “beginning to” since “beginning to” is positive a very positive statement and attests to a step in the right direction rather than “try” which is stagnant and mired.

Tell yourself what is important and use the reframing perspective. I should lose weight which will be changed to, it is important to me to lose weight. This adds emphasis, as well as positivity. Important things have greater value to us and therefore are easier to implement.

Should is a lecture word. It focuses on what we are not doing and not what we are doing or what is important to us. Using proper wording make sentences into solutions; and lets us focus on the solutions and not be distracted by the problems in our life.

One website likes the words, “I will” although it still seems too in the future and not right now in the present which is where we are living.

I know I have written previous articles on this subject on my blog and it is extremely important to me to reinforce it. Repetition is the mother of skill; and what you do repeatedly makes you into the person you envision.

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