Jonathan Cahn interview with David Alan Binder

Post date: Oct 8, 2016 7:23:38 PM

Jonathan Cahn interview with David Alan Binder

Bio from Wikipedia: “Jonathan Cahn is a pastor best known for his best-selling novel The Harbinger, in which he compares the United States and the September 11 attacks to ancient Israel and the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel. In particular, he sees Isaiah 9:10 as a prophetic warning to the United States. It was followed with The Harbinger Companion: With Study Guide.”


Why did you write the Book of Mysteries?

Cahn: First, because God is amazing and there’s no end to His wonders. So too, there’s no end to the wonders, mysteries, and life-changing revelations filled with wonder, mysteries, and life-changing revelations. And so much of these are untapped. Many of these are only revealed in the original language, others in the often lost Jewish context and background, others in world history, and others, I believe, to be revealed in their appointed time. The Book of Mysteries is the opening up, decoding, and revealing of many of the deepest mysteries of God. It is filled with mysteries never before committed to paper, and things I’ve never shared before.

Second, because I believe that the days ahead will be very challenging for God’s people, and they need to be strong, revived, refreshed, rooted, grounded, and victorious. The Book of Mysteries was just released, but we’ve been getting report after report of people’s lives being transformed, revived, even saved “as the book is also for giving to unbelievers” that it will draw them to salvation.

What is The Book of Mysteries?

Cahn: “The Harbinger is the opening of an ancient biblical mystery, so too The Mystery of the Shemitah. The reader of The Book of Mysteries will have hundreds of biblical mysteries opened up. Some of these mysteries deal with end-times as do the first books” such as The Apostasia, The House of Spirits, The Fourth Creature, The Chiasma, etc. Others are mysteries of heaven, mysteries of the ages, mysteries behind world history, mysteries of God’s Word “mysteries like as The Portal, The Secret Angels, The Day of NeoGenesis, the Mystery of Melchizedek. But it will also open up mysteries behind the reader’s life and destiny” with The Seven Mysteries of Your Life, How To Change Your Past, the Mystery of the Bride and Groom, etc.

What binds them all together, beyond the uncovering of God’s mysteries, is that each is not only the revelation of mysteries, but the call to one’s heart and life, the call of repentance, change, and transformation. In the first two books, the call was more on a national level. In The Book of Mysteries, it’s on a personal and individual level. Since each mystery contains keys and truths to apply to one’s life, to change and transform one’s life, I believe it will be a life-changing journey for the reader. Beyond that I pray that The Book of Mysteries strengthens their faith, deepens their devotion to God, and empowers them for breakthrough.

The Book of Mysteries functions on several different levels. In one realm, of course, it is the revelation of the mysteries. On another realm, it is a novel and an odyssey. On the other hand, since it is a journey of 365 days, it also functions as a daily devotional, and yet because of its uniqueness, unlike other devotionals. So it can be read straight through, or every day, or at any rate as led by the reader. This is also what was used in The Harbinger. There a prophet uncovers the revelations to the man Nouriel. Here the mysteries are opened up by a man called the teacher, to the other, his disciple.

The book uses a unique narrative to reveal the mysteries. Why did you choose that?

Cahn: In The Harbinger, I was led to open up prophetic truths through a narrative, a story, to make it easier to receive the depth of what was being unveiled. In the same way, the revelations in The Book of Mysteries are opened through a narrative. A man journeys into the desert where he meets a man simply known as ‘the teacher.’ The teacher takes the man on a one-year journey, through desert plains, mountains, caverns, tent villages, and mystery filled chambers. So the reader is, likewise, taken along the journey. Every day, the teacher opens up a new mystery, a new lesson, a new revelation. So the reader is taken along the journey as if he was the student - experiencing them as directly from the teacher - ascending mountains, entering hidden chambers, even attending a wedding of desert tent-dwellers, and each in place receiving a mystery to touch his or her life.

What is the most important thing you’d like the readers to take away from The Book of Mysteries?

Cahn: “That God is amazing” that there’s no end to His mysteries, His wonders, His awesomeness, and His love. And that we must never stop seeking Him. If we open up our lives to seek we will find. The journey is never ending.

What is one of the most important keys of spiritual truth?

Cahn: The Hebrew name for God is Elohim. Elohim is not a singular word, but plural “and yet it’s speaking of a singular reality” God. When this happens in the Hebrew Scriptures, it’s a sign that the reality behind the word is so gigantic, so awesome, so beyond, that the word cannot contain it. It means that whatever you think of God, there’s always more. However good you think God is, He’s better. And whatever we know of God, we don’t even know the half of it. We have only just barely begun. Therefore, no matter how long we’ve known Him, we must never stop” never stop seeking Him, never stop the journey” And for most believers, we have to begin it again, as if for the first time as there is so much more to find and discover.

Can you tell us about some of the end-time mysteries in the book?

Cahn: The Book of Mysteries contains many end-time mysteries and revelations for living victoriously in the last days “mysteries like” The Apostasia, The Mystery of Europa, The House of Spirits, The Seven Mysteries of the Age. Some of these pinpoint where we are in the age, especially concerning the ancient calendar of God, and the next prophetic event (and holy day) that must be fulfilled. But it also includes mysteries to encourage God’s people in the last days. One of these is called The Chiasma. It’s the revelation the pattern that God often operates in “where the end of the age is appointed to match the beginning of the age. That means that although we will see an anti-Christian world culture, and persecution” we will also see the manifestation of the Book of Acts. Thus, as end-time believers, we each have a calling to rise to the mantle of the first believers, the disciples, the apostles, and those who overcame the world.

How does this book and its mysteries apply to our everyday lives?

Cahn: “In the book, each day, the teacher brings forth another mystery of God. But it’s not just about being blown away by the mysteries of God” it’s about applying the mysteries to transform your life. So at the end of every mystery, the teacher gives the disciple a mission, a specific way to take the mystery and apply it to his life. So the mission is really for the reader to transform his or her life. I believe that if the reader goes on the journey and takes the mysteries to heart, to apply it to life, it will literally transform their lives.

The Book of Mysteries has just come out. Has anything surprised you about its impact already?

Cahn-I was being interviewed on television by a man who is known to virtually every American, believer or not. He’s been ministering for the Lord for probably half a century. He started reading on the air, the very first mystery. His eyes welled up with tears, and he shared how it changed his

What about readers who want to dive more deeply into what they learn in The Book of Mysteries?

Cahn: I hope everyone who reads The Book of Mysteries will want to learn more. In fact, it’s designed to facilitate that. At the end of each mystery are Scriptures, to go deeper, as well as a title identifies the full teaching or message that either relates to the mystery, supplements it, or opens it up in more detail and fullness. Readers can go to for those expanded messages.

If you’re looking for proof God can work in surprising ways, your conversion story packs a punch. Tell us about that.

Cahn: I was raised in a reformed Jewish home but became an atheist at the age of eight. But I soon lost faith in atheism and began a quest to find the truth, searching science, religion, spirituality, everything. One day I found a book on end-time prophecy. I began to read the Hebrew Bible we had at home and discovered that there was only one person who fulfilled the Hebrew prophecies of the Messiah Yeshua or Jesus of Nazareth. But I didn’t want to give up what I was doing to follow him. So I made a deal with God: I would accept Him when I was old and on my deathbed. But God had other plans. Most dramatically, they included my being hit by a locomotive train. I called out to God. My car was destroyed “but I didn’t get a scratch. In light of that, I decided it would be a wise thing to accept the Lord” sooner than later.