Put a number on it

Post date: Feb 28, 2018 12:54:36 AM

Put a number on it

If your article is going to be printed it has to have a number.

And that number looks like the:

The 5 best things list…

10 Things to like about…

The 20 most horrible…

Lessons in life in 5 minutes…

Top 10 reasons to …

If you put a number on it then people know how long they are opting in for and are able to say to themselves.

Well, if there are only 5, I’ll read it,

It is only 10 so it’s worth a look,

20 aggh, that’s a lot but I’ll take a look and if I like it then I’ll read all of them

I have 5 minutes so I’ll take the time.

Oh, a top 10 list, it will be funny.

Otherwise, they may not read your article, if it is titled:

Everything you wanted to know but you don’t.

Yikes, that is a lot so I don’t have time to read it.

How to improve your life?

This will take hours and hours since my life is a mess.

Putting a number on your list in the title helps people realize they may be able to compress that small amount of information into their lives.

Sad, but true, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.