Mistakes in creating website

Post date: May 20, 2015 8:24:37 PM

Today I'm going to tell you a true story. I started this web site and registered the domain name www.davidalanbinder.com; then I had to create content but did not know how to create a web site / blog / etc. So all of my internet research said you have to create content for your domain name; however, I do not have lots of money to throw at this project (it is easy to see that it is simple and has been added to as I was able between my life and my real work). Finally I talked with a attorney at work that had a website for a BSA troop him and his son were involved in. I asked him how did you do that and he said Google Sites. So then I pursued creating a google site but could not do that with the domain name above that I had registered since Google had to have proof that it was mine. So it was easier to just register another domain name through Google Sites and it is sites.google.com/site/dalanbinder and created this site. It took me 4 months to get the two married up. Yep this takes a lot of time and requests and trying again and again.

So guess how many posts I've made to this Blog. It looks like I've made 4 posts right? Wrong! I've made 7 posts to this blog and it doesn't add up since I did not know how to add posts I just kept changing the first post. I know right, really stupid and dumb mistake but, NO, it is not stupid or dumb just a question of persistence. I just kept trying and doing and blogging until I figured it out. This is how one learns by the seat of the pants method. Sit your butt down and do something even it if it wrong or not quite right until voila you get it right!

I've told you this true story to help you not let yourself be your own obstacle. Don't be afraid of doing something wrong just do it. People did not understand my poetry (this includes my wife). I asked here why don't you understand my poetry and she said it is written in code. Your own code and you understand it but you have to give the reader the code. That was the best advice ever. So now when I write poetry I not only write for myself but for my readers giving them understanding and insight into the meanings that are transparent to me. My stories have evolved somewhat a different way but that is a story for another day.

Thanks for reading and don't let you hold you back. Persevere!