Michael J.

Post date: Jul 23, 2015 1:45:59 PM

What is the difference between you and Michael J. or any other pop or rock or sport star?

They put their heart and soul into what they are doing and practice, practice, practice, practice and they practice.

How do you get even to the next level of achievement for you area of expertise, Dear Writers?

I bet you know the answer. Practice. MAN, OH, MAN! You are super smart and going to go far. Not just practice typing like the infinite monkey theorem typing out random words but actually taking the steps to get there to that point on a horizon. That point on the horizon stays on the horizon unless you take a step towards it. Nothing stops you, every day take at least one step.

If I have not received your manuscript yet, then send it. If you do not have one then type it. If you don't know any cool words then read, study, look at a dictionary, listen to conversation and find some good words. If you don't have a story then start thinking of a real life situation that you are interested in and start putting in some illogical twists. After all, Dear Reader, it can be fiction and if there is no gravity or animals grow on trees, or a planet with only oceans, or a red sun (oops that's been done), okay, a blue sun, think of something we have and change it, twist it and see where it goes.

Black rainbows, porcupines that are large as dinosaurs, something common that becomes uncommon is a story. How, when, where, why, populate your world and the best thing is to do something that moves you, Dear Writer, in a direction.

I'll be here waiting for your manuscript and I will help you, as well. Send it to ab3ring at juno dot com