Post date: Jun 17, 2017 8:46:54 PM


“Malleability is the quality of something that can be shaped into something else without breaking, like the malleability of clay.

Malleability — also called plasticity — has to do with whether something can be molded. Clay (or Play-Doh) is the best example of something with high malleability; it can be sculpted into almost anything, so it's very malleable. A cinder block has no malleability at all; it can't be shaped into anything. Wet cement has great malleability, unlike dry cement. A person could also express malleability, if he or she is wishy-washy and can easily be molded by others.” Quoted from:

Have you ever read the rules on writing?

They cannot be broken; except by a writer who does not know how to use them.

A writer who knows how to mold a story, script or scene around them can make them malleable.

A sculpt your story. Define it by the rules you keep and the rules you break.

Thus begets individuality. Individuality can be for the masses or it can be for one person.

Your voice. There is only one like it and there may be those just waiting; have been waiting for months, perhaps years for just the voice you produce.

Dear Writers and Dear Readers, it cannot be emphasized enough:

· “After all, if we are not here to help each other, then what are we here for?”

o Feel free to quote, repeat, tweet, Face Plant (my words), or express any version of this you dare. Please, dare.