Nothing worse than weeds

Post date: Jun 17, 2015 1:42:29 PM

Everything requires maintenance it seems even a nice yard of grass has lots of maintenance. Mowing, crab grass, dandelions, flower beds, tree trimming, bush cutting, etc. It all takes time and sometimes pretty hard work sometimes light mindless work. When I am mowing or pulling weeds I find it a good time to think about other things, work out events that have happened in the family or come up with story ideas or embellishments for existing stories.

Put that time to good use and take those mindless tasks and while you are doing them perform some mind tasks. Think of new directions you can push or pull your characters in, or something entirely unusual for them to encounter, take the mundane and flip it into the exciting. Maybe next time instead of saying, "Geez, look at the length of the grass, I gotta mow." Maybe you'll say, "Good, time to mow the grass and put my mind into my writing."