Friday, elves and fairies

Post date: Jul 24, 2015 1:21:08 PM

Happy Friday, and once again I am not that happy. Dear Writers, last night while I slept, nothing happened. I know right!?! The most disappointing thing in the world, no elves came in and hand typed 10 pages, let alone cleaned anything. Fairies just did fly bys and did not stop and actually trim the lawn or anything of any kind. Even my man, Friday (Robinson Crusoe) or a friend is non-existent as far as helping me to get this done.

I have to do it myself, and thus, Dear Writers, we are stuck in this together. So I am typing while you are reading. What do the others in your household do while you are typing? This gives you purpose, a meaning that you revel in, a goal above all others that gives you fulfillment, hope, longing, visions of sugarplums and all that help you to be exactly who you are and exactly where you want to be and do and am.

This is you, Dear Writer, at a place in life where it is all starting to come together, your Abbey Road, your Mount Everest, your Andrea Dora (that wreck off of the coast of Mass. that is the divers Everest), your nirvana and your soul meet and rest and play and work together.

Do you feel it? I do, and I love that feeling every day of taking this page and writing and breathing life into it. I am the Doctor Frankenstein and this is my monster that I am proud of and happy to be chained to and want to get into it so deep that the rest of my day, and your day too, Dear Writer, is going to be wonderful no matter what happens. This is our day together. Let's do this!