Amy Koko interview with David Alan Binder

Post date: May 23, 2016 1:03:37 PM

Amy Koko interview with David Alan Binder


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1. KOKO, just as it sounds!

2. I currently live in St. Petersburg Florida and LOVE it.

3. The most important thing I have learned as a writer is that I am my own worst enemy. Many times I will be in the midst of a difficult section of my book and think, “What’s the point? Who’s going to read it anyway?” These are the times I have to fight myself and say “Oh, POOR YOU! Stop crying and push through!”

4. The thing I think is my weird quirk is that once I start a book I have to write the book from THAT PLACE I started. So, if I wake up and begin writing before I even get out of bed….that is where the entire book will be created!

5. Originally, my book was bought by Amazon Publishing and I was paid an advance. Later they went through some kind of upheaval, and said they were not going to be doing any memoir. They did let me keep the advance which was nice! I sold my book to another publisher, Martin Brown Publishing out of Indiana. I would definitely consider self publishing my next book. (hopefully will be completed by the end of this summer!)

6. I don’t really have too much insight on ebook, vs print, etc., as this is my first go around. I can say that my kindle sales far outweigh the paperback sales.

7. Secret tips for getting a book published? Have a very thick skin. VERY THICK.

8. Tips for getting an agent, first off DON’T GIVE UP! Secondly, research agents that are looking for the type of work you are doing. Don’t send your romance novel to the agent who specializes in self help books! Do your research, and make it part of your daily routine to send out queries.

9. The only advice I can give to new writers is to persevere. Whether it’s finishing your ms, or finding an agent, YOU have to commit and go after it.

10. The most surprising thing I learned after publishing a book, is how very little, tiny amount of money you make! We are not in it for the money folks! The other thing is marketing your book is a full time job and it never ends!

11. I have written one book and am currently trying to finish my second!

12. How to become a better writer? READ. READ. READ. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE.

13. I promote my work with twitter and Facebook. I also seek out bloggers who are my demographic, such as divorce bloggers and ask them for a shout out or even let me do a guest piece. Interviews like these help a lot!

14. The one thing I would do differently? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL EDITOR. That was a hard lesson to learn but one I won’t forget.

15. Here’s what I live by…”Never tell people your personal problems because half the people you tell don’t care and the other half are glad.” That doesn’t mean I don’t tell everybody everything. Because I do.

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