What sorcery is this?

Post date: Jul 12, 2015 4:51:18 PM

Have you asked yourself, "What sorcery is this?"

This is where something you saw, heard or felt seemed mach different from what really happened. Even though it may have been right before your eyes there is almost a feeling like a magician pulled a trick or substitution.

Complements that are not complements can appear like this, a stranger at a distance as they come closer becomes someone you know or vice versa, there are many situations that lend to this and a story is another situation.

The writer takes you to one place and puts such a twist on it that it becomes so unique that it remains and endures in your mind and makes you think deeply.

You have this ability, since you are unique. Celebrate your uniqueness, do not conform to the multitudes since they all are forcing themselves to think alike to conform to the norm.

You may be normal but there are those subtle differences that set you apart and that you can apply to your writing.

Channel your inner psychologist, your inner space explorer, your inner action hero or super power and develop that haunting, daunting, overwhelming odds that you will have your protagonist overcome. An antagonist that has weaknesses and feelings is a rarity and a protagonist that has more than a co-dependent relationship with the antagonist can help your story exceed others.

Dear Writers, tell yourselves, what sorcery can you develop that will wow you and your readers.