Doing only, those things that advance and enhance you; those things are the only things worth doing

posted Dec 10, 2017, 9:06 AM by David Alan Binder

Doing only, those things that advance and enhance you; those things are the only 

things worth doing

Let’s say you read the news.  How much have you acted upon what you’ve learned from the news.


Not very much.  You read so much information to see what is happening in the world and what have you done with it?

Probably just mention something that was interesting to another person who had already read it.

Not much progress was made from any of that information for you specifically.


Occasionally, you will read about a scam to avoid, a recall or something of that nature.  So once in a while you’ll find an 

actionable news item.


Usually not though.


If you spent all that time doing something worthwhile than you’d actually be making your future better for you and your 

loved ones.


How about FacePlant (this is my favorite name for it, you may call it what you like) or any other social media.

Nothing actionable there at all.  Just tons of useless information about people you may know and a whole lot of people 

you don’t want or need to know.

They are posting millions of pages on information and it is overwhelming, it has no purpose except to draw attention, PR, 

or hype to what they are doing.  But what are you doing with that information.

99.9999% of the time, NOTHING!


What a waste of our time and theirs for posting all of it.


Using time wisely makes us a better person.  Perhaps there are habits we all need to change.


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